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Kärcher KIRA B 50 Autonomous Scrubber Dryer

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Compact, long-lasting, effective


Proven roller brush technique with pre-sweeping function and side brush, 55 cm working width, area performance of up to 2,300 square metres per hour, 160 Ah lithium-ion battery: the compact and manoeuvrable cleaning robot is on par with a conventional scrubber dryer while impressing with utmost efficiency and is therefore sure to make a useful and productive addition to any cleaning team.

The machine is suitable for floor cleaning, not only in environments where space is limited, but also over large areas, making it ideal for use in the transport sector (airports, stations, logistics warehouses), retail units and shopping centres, healthcare settings (hospitals, care facilities), public buildings (schools, universities, museums, sports halls) or in industry for cleaning production and manufacturing halls.


Floor cleaning is time-intensive, and qualified personnel are scarce. The Kärcher KIRA B 50 cleaning robot is the ideal solution and addition to any cleaning team. While it cleans medium and large areas efficiently, just like a scrubber dryer, it does so fully autonomously. Your cleaning team can use this time to focus on more complex cleaning tasks. That’s good for business – and even better for your team.


Consistently outstanding cleaning results within a scheduled time period, with predictable resource consumption and therefore costs than can be planned for: that is what characterises the KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer robot.

The water volume used, detergent dosing and cleaning speed can be precisely preset, meaning the cleaning fleet can be deployed based on speed. This not only ensures a high level of cleaning quality. It also saves both resources and money.


Floor cleaning is generally time-intensive and requires a lot of personnel. The autonomous KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer makes it possible to perform cleaning tasks in parallel by taking care of cleaning the floors while the cleaning team can devote their attention to more complex tasks at the same time.

This allows people and machines to work hand in hand in an extremely productive manner – and with virtually no manual rework required thanks to the side brush for cleaning right up to the edge and the integrated pre-sweeping function.


Maximum autonomy during floor cleaning is made possible by the optional docking station for cleaning robots from Kärcher. Filling the fresh water tank, draining and rinsing the waste water tank or charging the powerful lithium-ion battery:

whenever the KIRA B 50 requires any of the above it simply docks itself at the docking station, where all its needs are taken care of automatically. The tasks can also be performed manually, of course, and several docking stations can be utilised to optimise processes for very large areas.


All functions of the scrubber dryer robot as well as all settings are easy to operate via the large touch display thanks to the intuitive menu and user guidance which does not require any technical knowledge.

Users receive targeted support in the form of graphics and clear instructions in all situations, from setting up and starting the autonomous cleaning process to activating cleaning units, through to the manual cleaning mode. Setting up several user profiles with different levels of authorisation and even different languages also poses no problem.


The scrubber dryer robot can clean autonomously or function as a manual scrubber dryer.

In addition, it is possible to only specify sections of a total area as cleaning surfaces or to adapt the cleaning plan or cleaning sequence to the daily requirements.


Integrated laser scanners, 3D and ultrasonic sensors as well as a powerful on-board computer ensure an optimum 360° detection of the surrounding areas, quick reactions and reliable navigation. The autonomous scrubber dryer also reliably detects changes in the surroundings as well as obstacles and independently initiates the appropriate evasive manoeuvres.

Additionally, an integrated light concept informs people in the area about the cleaning robot’s behaviour. The robot is safety certified in accordance with CSA_22.2 No. 336-17 and IEC 60335-2-117 for use in public areas. For the purposes of documentation and monitoring, the KIRA B 50 sends status messages to mobile devices, creating detailed cleaning reports in the corresponding web portal.