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Kärcher Scrubber Drier B300

The diesel-powered ride-on combination machine B 300 R I Diesel with side scrubbing deck sweeps and scrub vacuums in a single pass. For maintenance and deep cleaning of large surfaces.

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Working Width:
1350 mm

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The side scrubbing deck mounted on the right side of our ride-on combination machine B 300 RI Diesel, an extra large roller brush and a 300-litre water tank make this machine ideal for thorough cleaning of large surfaces. Excellent suction is provided by the wide and curved squeegee, whilst high container emptying ensures easy and convenient disposal of the waste. The side scrubbing deck is spring-mounted to prevent possible collision damage. It extends the working width to about 1,300 mm and also allows cleaning right up to walls and edges. This diesel-powered machine enables time-saving scrub vacuuming and sweeping in a single pass, is extremely robust and therefore also suitable for the toughest jobs. Operators also benefit from the raised seat position as well as easy and convenient handling.