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Manitou 1350RT

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Fuel Type:
Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised:
3670 mm
Dump Reach - Full Height:
592 mm
Overall Length with Bucket:
3076 mm


The Manitou 1350 RT track loader is a compact and robust machine, equipped with the reliable IdealTrax system, making it the perfect choice for working in challenging terrains such as sand, mud, and uneven ground.

With its improved performance in excavation, grading, and earth-moving work, the 1350 RT track loader excels in various material handling tasks. Its compact design allows it to operate in confined spaces, providing the versatility needed for performing daily tasks on construction sites, farms, and other job sites.

One of the standout features of the 1350 RT track loader is its quick attachment change-out capability. This allows you to switch between different attachments within minutes, further enhancing its versatility and making it a solution for a wide range of tasks in both agriculture and construction.

Whether you need to move materials in challenging terrains or tackle earth-moving projects in tight spaces, the Manitou 1350 RT track loader is up to the task. Its reliable performance and compact design make it a valuable asset for various applications, offering efficiency and productivity on the job.

In summary, the Manitou 1350 RT track loader boasts a compact and robust design, paired with the IdealTrax system for excellent performance in challenging terrains. Its versatility in excavation, grading, and earth-moving work, along with the ability to change out attachments quickly, makes it suitable for a variety of tasks in agriculture and construction. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient track loader, the 1350 RT is an excellent option to consider.

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