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Manitou 1650RT

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Fuel Type:
Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised:
4008 mm
Dump Reach - Full Height:
641 mm
Overall Length with Bucket:
3205 mm


If you’re in need of a compact track loader for your landscaping or earth-moving project, the Manitou 1650 RT track loader is an excellent choice. This latest generation machine offers improved performance and a range of capabilities to meet your project requirements.

The 1650 RT track loader’s compact design and robust structure enable it to handle various tasks, including digging, loading, unloading, and material transportation on all types of terrain. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for a wide range of projects, from landscaping to earth-moving tasks.

To further enhance productivity, the 1650 RT track loader is compatible with several high-end attachments. This compatibility allows you to customize the machine for specific tasks, maximizing its efficiency and flexibility on the job site.

Manitou track loaders are renowned for their reliability, and the 1650 RT track loader is no exception. Its sturdy construction and dependable performance ensure that you can rely on it to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

To truly appreciate the capabilities of the Manitou 1650 RT track loader, consider taking the opportunity to demo the machine. Seeing it in action will showcase how it can handle multiple operations with ease, providing a cost-effective solution for your material handling needs.

In summary, the Manitou 1650 RT track loader is a powerful and compact machine that excels in landscaping and earth-moving projects. Its improved performance, versatility with attachments, and reputation for reliability make it an excellent choice for various material handling tasks. To explore its capabilities firsthand, don’t miss the chance to see the 1650 RT track loader in action through a demonstration.

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