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Manitou M 50-4 ST5

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Load Capacity:
5000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Length to Face of Forks:
3748 mm
Number of Drive Wheels:


The M 50-4 rough-terrain forklift is thoughtfully designed to excel in activities conducted on challenging terrains or areas with obstacles. With the advantage of 4 drive wheels and a generous ground clearance of 43 cm, this truck ensures remarkable maneuverability, making it highly adaptable in all circumstances. It confidently navigates difficult terrain with ease.

To cater to various ground contexts, the M 50-4 offers a selection of tires, allowing you to optimize productivity and performance based on specific working conditions.

The suspended cab, accessible from both sides, provides a spacious and comfortable driving position, equipped with ergonomic controls for ease of operation. Additionally, the high driving position offers a 360° panoramic vision, significantly enhancing safety for the operator and promoting a clear view of the surrounding environment.

The M 50-4 rough-terrain forklift empowers operators to efficiently tackle materials handling in challenging terrain, ensuring smooth operations, and maintaining a safe working environment. With its versatility and advanced safety features, this forklift is a reliable partner for productivity and safety in demanding work settings.