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Manitou MHT 10200 ST5

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Load Capacity:
20000 kg
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
9700 mm
Max Outreach:
5400 mm
IC Engine Power Rating:
211 hp


Introducing the formidable MHT 10200, a telescopic handler that takes heavy lifting to the next level. With an incredible 20-tonne capacity and a maximum lifting height of 10 meters, this model is a true force in the world of handling. Powered by a robust 211 hp engine and boasting a hydrostatic transmission, the MHT 10200 ensures precise movements and delivers optimal performance, allowing for the safe and efficient handling of heavy and bulky loads on any type of terrain.

Versatility knows no bounds with the MHT 10200, as it can be equipped with a wide range of attachments, including forks, positioner, hook and winch, shovel, man basket, tyre grippers, cylinders, and tubes. This flexibility enables seamless adaptation to diverse tasks across various industries.

Uncompromising comfort is a priority in the MHT 10200, with its panoramic and ergonomic cab providing operators with a spacious and pleasant working environment. Easy Step access, JSM joystick, and a color touch-screen display enhance the overall user experience, making operation effortless and intuitive.

In summary, the MHT 10200 telescopic handler is an exceptional heavy-lifting solution, designed to handle demanding tasks with precision, safety, and comfort. Its impressive capacity and versatility make it an indispensable asset on any worksite, revolutionizing handling operations and ensuring exceptional results every time. When it comes to heavyweight lifting needs, the MHT 10200 stands out as the ultimate choice, empowering operators and guaranteeing a seamless and productive handling experience.