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Manitou MHT 11250 ST5

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Load Capacity:
25000 kg
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
1060 mm
Max Outreach:
6000 mm
IC Engine Power Rating:
211 hp


Introducing the powerful MHT 11250 telescopic handler, capable of handling substantial loads with ease. With an impressive 25-tonne capacity and a maximum lifting height of 11 meters, this machine is a true heavyweight in the world of handling. Powered by a robust 211 hp engine and equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, the MHT 11250 ensures precision and efficiency, enabling the safe handling of heavy and bulky loads on any type of terrain.

The MHT 11250 is designed for adaptability, featuring 4-wheel drive and steering, allowing it to navigate diverse terrains with confidence and safety. A wide array of attachments can be installed, including forks, positioner, hook and winch, bucket, basket, tyre clamps, cylinder clamps, and pipes clamps, making it a versatile solution for various tasks.

Comfort is paramount, and the MHT 11250 delivers a superior experience for operators. Its ergonomic panoramic cab provides a spacious and pleasant working environment. Easy Step access, JSM joystick, and a color touch screen further enhance the user-friendly interface, ensuring intuitive operation and seamless control.

In conclusion, the MHT 11250 telescopic handler stands as a robust and versatile workhorse, capable of handling heavy loads with precision and safety. Its adaptability, comfort features, and cutting-edge technology make it an indispensable asset on any worksite, transforming handling operations into efficient and seamless processes. For heavy-duty lifting needs, the MHT 11250 is the ultimate solution that guarantees exceptional results and an elevated working experience for operators.