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Manitou MLA-T 516-75 H

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Fuel Type:
IC Engine Power Rating:
74.3 hp
Static Tipping Load with Forks Straight:
2732 kg
Static Tipping Load with Bucket Straight:
3536 kg


The Manitou MLA-T 516-75 is a compact telescopic wheel loader that combines the best of both worlds: the strength of a telescopic boom and the agility of an articulated chassis. This unique combination provides the operator with the maneuverability required for working inside buildings and the extra reach necessary for modern farms.

Similar to its larger counterpart, the MLA 7-75, the MLA-T 516-75 prioritizes comfort and performance. Its hydrostatic transmission delivers power and smoothness, allowing for seamless operation in various situations.

The telescopic boom design offers true 360° visibility, ensuring the operator can work with productivity and safety in mind. This enhanced visibility allows for better control and precision during material handling tasks.

The operator station is designed for maximum comfort, with full adjustability to cater to individual preferences. The MLA-T 516-75 meets modern comfort standards, ensuring that the operator can work for extended hours without discomfort.

In summary, the Manitou MLA-T 516-75 is a compact and versatile telescopic wheel loader, offering the advantages of both a telescopic boom and an articulated chassis. It provides the maneuverability needed for indoor work and the extended reach required for agricultural tasks. With a focus on comfort and performance, this machine is designed to enhance productivity and safety in various applications. Whether on construction sites or modern farms, the MLA-T 516-75 excels in delivering efficient and reliable material handling capabilities.

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