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Rack Inspection & Maintenance

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Rack Inspection & Maintenance

Our inspection service ensures your warehouse remains a safe working environment. Our SEMA approved inspector will help to ensure that your storage equipment is in good order. Plus, we also offer training for your staff to carry out their own weekly or monthly assessments too.

The challenge

To keep your staff safe and to have an auditable trail to show you maintain your racking correctly it is good practice to have your racking inspected regularly by an independent, competent person.

Typical Applications

The Locators Solution

Inspections carried out by a SEMA Approved Inspector

Locators employ a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI). With years of experience in the industry, our inspector is certified to carry out inspections on adjustable pallet racking systems.

The inspector carries out a detailed visual inspection and issues a report. This details the damage and it’s location and identifies what needs to be done to remedy the situation. The report (and previous ones) can be shown to the HSE in the event of an accident to show you had it inspected (and have done regularly).

Should you ask us to we can also quote for the repairs which you can choose to order against to rapidly make your warehouse safe again.

Rack Maintenance

When damage has been identified to your racking, it is important that remedial work is carried out to ensure your system is safe to continue using. Recommendation is to replace damaged components rather than to repair as effective quality control is difficult on cold formed materials. It is essential that when replacing racking components that the correct materials are used.

Rack Awareness Training

We provide inspection training for your staff to help them to identify and report damage that may have occurred between the annual inspections.

To enable you to competently carry out interim inspections we offer a concise and informative training program conducted at your site. Delegates will learn how to correctly identify damage, evaluate the risk and formally record any issues using documentation that we provide.

We will also carry out a practical inspection in your warehouse and help you identify the manufacturer(s) of the racking, and the types of damage to be aware of with the type of system(s) installed.

Why Locators?

We have been designing all types of storage systems for over 30 years and we have the experience to make your warehouse more efficient and productive. We have a proven track record for facilitating growth by providing improved capacity and efficiency.

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