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The challenge

Warehouses must always be safe working areas. Personnel need to be protected from falling items and from hazards caused by machinery. Additionally, there is often a need to secure products within an area. Anti-collapse mesh and partitioning is a versatile product that can resolve many of these safety and security issues within a warehouse.

Typical applications

Pedestrian aisles to rear of racking
High value secure store
Bonded storage areas
TAPA A security segregation
Segregation of personnel from dangerous machinery

Our solution

Anti collapse mesh
The use of anti collapse mesh fixed to the rear of a racking system is recommended and is good health and safety practice to contain stored items safely. This is particularly relevant when there is a single run of racking positioned away from a wall and there is a risk of load spillage to the rear. Mesh is also used to make pedestrian walkways safe when there is a risk of items falling from the racking system.

Mesh partitioning
Free standing mesh partitioning systems are very versatile and can be used to divide areas or create cost effective bonded or secure storage enclosures. These systems can be supplied in many modular configurations and options include full mesh or a combination of mesh and solid panels. Pedestrian or vehicular access doors can also be incorporated into the design.

Mesh machine guards
Mesh guards can also be used for the protection around machines. We offer a comprehensive range of straight or round corner mesh machine guards which are designed to comply with the 2009 Machinery Directives 2006/42/EC.

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