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£450 p/m
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Load Capacity:
1400 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
205 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Specification Detail Value
Model LWE140 Included
Castor wheel Polyurethane Included
Start up With pin code Included
Smart package Telematics hardware included Included
Horn Standard horn Included
Border Steel Included
Drive wheel Polyurethane Optional
Handle Standard Optional
Fork width Width over forks 550 mm Optional
Fork wheels Single Polyurethane Optional
Energy package Lead-acid battery Exide 150 Ah with charger 20 A Optional
Fork length 1,150 mm Optional



Transform Your Material Handling with the Toyota LWE140

The Toyota LWE140 can help elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency.

The Toyota LWE140 isn’t just another electric pallet truck; it’s an investment in your business’s future. When navigating material handling and storage, choosing the right equipment can make a difference. You need a solution that is not only reliable but also elevates your operational efficiency. That’s where the Toyota LWE140 comes in. This BT Levio-powered pallet truck is designed to meet the diverse needs of light-duty applications. It’s easy to operate, meaning your staff can get more done in less time. The LWE140 has unique features, such as Click-2-Creep and fingertip controls, for easy and efficient travel. Saving time also means saving money, and this forklift allows you to maximise both.

Your operators won’t just find it a breeze to manoeuvre this truck in tight spaces. It will improve your productivity and reduce errors and accidents. However, sustainability is also a critical angle to consider. The LWE140 is electrically powered, making it a greener choice for your business. Toyota’s energy-efficient design ensures a long-lasting product backed by its reputation for quality. Long-term means fewer repairs, lower maintenance costs, and reduced operational expenses. One standout feature is its Smart Truck capabilities. With telematics hardware as standard, these trucks can easily be connected with I_Site from Toyota. This system offers real-time insights into battery management, geolocation, and shock monitoring.

It’s not just about moving goods from point A to point B; it’s about doing it in the most innovative, most efficient way possible. When you opt for the Toyota LWE140, you’re choosing a partner that understands your needs and offers a product that can meet them. Locators are not just supplying you with a piece of equipment. We’re offering a comprehensive solution for your material handling requirements. The Toyota LWE140 is a great example of what can happen when efficiency, technology, and quality are combined. It’s not merely about doing the job but about doing it better, faster, and smarter. Isn’t it time you upgraded?

Choose the Toyota LWE140 and elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency today.



The Benefits of the Toyota LWE140

Unleash the power of efficiency with the Toyota LWE140, where performance meets profitability.


    1. Boost Productivity with Click-2-Creep

      The Click-2-Creep feature makes manoeuvring in tight spaces a walk in the park. Your operators can easily navigate, making the most of every minute on the clock.

    2. Elevate Sustainability with Electric Power

      Go green without sacrificing performance. The Toyota LWE140 has an electric drive that helps the environment and keeps your operations smooth.

    3. Take Control with Fingertip Operations

      Get unparalleled control at your fingertips. Your team can easily operate the Toyota LWE140 with simple controls, reducing errors and increasing safety.

    4. Maximise Insight with Smart Truck Capabilities

      Knowledge is power, and the Toyota LWE140 comes with telematics hardware as standard. Stay ahead with real-time data on battery management, geolocation, etc.

    5. Reliability You Can Count On

      When you choose the Toyota LWE140, you’re choosing robust engineering backed by Toyota’s reputation for quality. Benefit from reduced downtime and dependable performance that lasts.



Achieve Operational Brilliance with the Toyota LWE140

The Toyota LWE140 is an intelligent choice for elevating business success.

Adding the Toyota LWE140 to your material handling operations is like putting a powerful engine in a well-tuned vehicle. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about doing so with maximum efficiency, unparalleled control, and an eye on sustainability. The electric pallet truck is carefully designed to handle different material handling challenges. From warehouse floors to logistics centres, the Toyota LWE140 proves to be a formidable asset. The device encapsulates everything your business needs for both operational success and future-proofing.

Here’s how it’s not just an investment but a cornerstone for your business to build upon . . .


Easy Manoeuvrability

Navigating tight spaces is often a bottleneck in material handling. The Toyota LWE140 eliminates this issue. The Click-2-Creep feature lets operators move quickly, like smaller, less capable equipment.


Sustainability Factor

In an era where sustainability is no longer an option but a requirement, the Toyota LWE140 is ahead of the curve. This truck runs on electricity, so it’s perfect for your eco-friendly business. It performs well and doesn’t produce pollution, making it favourable for any enterprise.


Unmatched Control

Control is paramount in any operation, and the Toyota LWE140 doesn’t disappoint. Fingertip controls allow for easy operation, ensuring each task is executed precisely. This level of control minimises errors, keeping your operations running like a well-oiled machine.


Smart Truck Capabilities

Information is invaluable in today’s fast-paced business environment. The Toyota LWE140 is not just a workhorse; it’s a smart horse. Equipped with telematics hardware, it provides you with real-time data to make informed decisions. Whether it’s battery management or geolocation, you’re always in the know.


Durability & Reliability

Your material handling operations are only as good as the reliability of your equipment. Engineered with Toyota’s guarantee of quality, the LWE140 is a long-term asset. It’s durable, requiring less maintenance and reducing overall operational costs.


The Toyota LWE140 serves as a lynchpin for operational effectiveness. It won’t just help your business adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Its capabilities extend far beyond simple material handling tasks. With this electric pallet truck under your roof, it will ingrain itself as a critical component in your overarching business strategy. Ideal for small warehouses or extensive operations, it adapts to your needs and gives helpful info using smart technology. It is also durable and energy efficient, which lowers the total cost of ownership.

In a world where every decision can make or break your business, opting for the Toyota LWE140 is choosing . . .

🟧 | Unparalleled quality
🟧 | Effectiveness
🟧 | And intelligence

Elevate your business to unparalleled heights by making the smart choice today.



The Unbeatable Features of the Toyota LWE140

It’s time to unveil your new blueprint for material handling mastery.

The Toyota LWE140 is not just another piece of equipment in your logistics arsenal. It is a transformative force designed to take your material handling operations to new heights.

The machine is perfect for modern businesses because it has . . .

🟧 | An ergonomic design
🟧 | State-of-the-art technology
🟧 | And Toyota’s engineering

Whether you’re running a small warehouse or a sprawling logistics hub, this electric pallet truck delivers on every front.

Here’s what it offers to revolutionise how you approach, execute, and excel in your material handling tasks . . .


Safety Measures

The Toyota LWE140 has an advanced electronic braking system for safe operations. The system responds instantaneously to user commands. It gives you the confidence to operate the machine in even the most demanding conditions.



The Toyota LWE140 shines when it comes to adaptability. You can adjust the machine to meet your specific needs using its programmable performance feature. This machine can fulfil your needs for fast lifting or gentle movements for delicate cargo.


Energy Efficiency

When you opt for the Toyota LWE140, you’re making a sustainability statement. Its highly efficient battery ensures you squeeze the maximum performance out of every charge. This is a machine that not only keeps your operations running smoothly but also significantly lowers your energy costs in the long run.


Cold Storage Compatibility

Working in extreme conditions requires a machine that can take the heat, or rather, the cold. The Toyota LWE140 can be customised with a cold storage specification. This makes it a robust and reliable choice for those demanding cold and frozen storage applications. This ensures that even when the environment is at its most challenging, your operations remain seamless.


Convenient Storage

Efficiency is also about having what you need at your fingertips. The Toyota LWE140 comes with built-in storage compartments. Having the things you need close by can make a big difference in your productivity.


The Toyota LWE140 is far more than a utility machine — it catalyses organisational transformation. This truck is in a class of its own because it has many fantastic features. It’s safe, can adapt to different conditions, is very efficient and can work in extreme environments. It combines technology and usefulness, making it essential in advanced material handling systems. If you want to exceed industry standards, consider using the Toyota LWE140 in your operations.

This fantastic machine can improve your abilities and change what you can do with materials.