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Toyota BT Levio LWE160

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Load Capacity:
1600 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
205 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Specification Detail Value
Model LWE160 Included
Start up With pin code Included
Castor wheel Polyurethane Included
Border Steel Included
Horn Standard horn Included
Smart package Telematics hardware included Included
Handle Standard Optional
Fork width Width over forks 550 mm Optional
Fork length 1,150 mm Optional
Fork wheels Single Polyurethane Optional
Drive wheel Polyurethane Optional
Energy package Lead-acid battery Exide 225 Ah BFS with charger 30A Optional



Harness Unrivalled Precision with the Toyota LWE160

The Toyota LWE160 will help you navigate the path to peak productivity.

In the fast-paced logistics and material handling world, precision is the cornerstone of success. So, if this is what your business is after, know that the Toyota LWE160 powered pallet truck (PPT) offers just that. Its curt engineering allows it to quickly and accurately move around modern warehouses and delivery centres. Your search for the ultimate in precision handling and logistical efficiency comes to an end here at Locators. When you choose the Toyota LWE160, your operation’s capability improves. You are investing in a future where all movements are calculated, and actions are deliberate. This powered pallet truck doesn’t just carry your load. It brings a new level of thoughtfulness to your workflow, seamlessly integrating into your daily tasks’ rhythm. This makes precision a reality and makes logistics a smooth and reliable process.

The Toyota LWE160 shines as a beacon of efficiency in a marketplace where every second counts. The BT Powerdrive System drives your operations, saving energy and performing as well as it does. Here, efficiency is not just a feature; it’s the very essence of the machine. This powered pallet truck is 20% more energy efficient and meets the industry’s eco-conscious standards. Therefore, it doesn’t just meet the eco-conscious standards of today’s industry. It sets new benchmarks for competitors to aspire to. The core of the Toyota LWE160’s design is an uncompromising approach to safety. With its intuitive controls and automatic shut-off mechanism, it delivers a user experience that is as safe as it is smooth. Each command, each manoeuvre, brings with it the peace of mind that only the highest safety standards can provide. The LWE160 doesn’t just make your workforce safer; it improves your work efficiency.

When it comes to business, stability is not just about maintaining balance. It’s about providing a dependable foundation for growth. The Castorlink System on the LWE160 guarantees stable transportation for heavy loads. So you can keep your operations grounded and your ambitions lofty. The LWE160 is always there for your business, even as the industry evolves. In this era of digital interconnectivity, the Toyota LWE160 stands out with its smart truck capabilities. It seamlessly connects with Toyota’s I_Site fleet management system and provides in-depth analytics. This helps improve operations and plan for the future. Selecting the Toyota LWE160 is not just a choice; it’s a strategic alignment with excellence and precision. We are moving towards a future where every task is done perfectly, every process is improved, and every goal is achieved with great precision. So remember, the LWE160 isn’t just a piece of equipment.

It’s your partner in sculpting a legacy of productivity and success.



The Benefits of The Toyota LWE160

The Toyota LWE160 powers performance and delivers dependability.


    1. Unmatched Efficiency

      The Toyota LWE160 is excellent at saving energy and running for longer with less power. Benefit from a leaner energy bill and a greener footprint without sacrificing performance.

    2. Enhanced Stability

      Steadiness meets industrial strength in the LWE160’s innovative design. Navigate uneven surfaces confidently, knowing your load is secure and your path is stable.

    3. Intuitive Operation

      Simplicity is the gateway to productivity, and the LWE160’s user-friendly controls are a testament to this truth. Operators can easily perform precise movements, simplifying training and operation.

    4. Safety as Standard

      The LWE160 doesn’t just enhance your workflow; it prioritises operator safety at every turn. With automatic shutdown and electronic braking, peace of mind is part of the package.

    5. Smart Connectivity

      Stay ahead with the smart technology of the LWE160, ready to integrate with Toyota’s I_Site fleet management system. Harness the power of data to streamline your operations and maintain your competitive edge.



Master Every Move with Toyota LWE160

The Toyota LWE160 provides effortless control with exceptional outcomes.

Mastering material handling demands equipment that works with you intuitively and efficiently. The Toyota LWE160 is engineered for those who command excellence at every corner, turn, and aisle. It’s a standout in material handling for its innovative efficiency. It is the epitome of Toyota’s commitment to performance, safety, and ergonomics, making it a vital player in any operation. This section is crafted to showcase the seamless integration of this machine into your business. It outlines exactly how its features best translate into real-world advantages. The Toyota LWE160 is a powerful machine for professionals who value reliability and control.

Let’s explore how it can enhance your performance through innovative design and technology . . .


Precision Handling

With the LWE160, precision is at the heart of every movement. The BT Powerdrive System provides responsive control. It helps ensure operators can navigate even the tightest spaces confidently and easily.


Operational Safety

The design of the LWE160 puts safety at the forefront. Electronic braking and automatic switch-off features ensure it responds immediately to your needs. Better still, it does so while prioritising the well-being of your team.

Energy Efficiency

Toyota leads the way in energy-efficient technology, and the LWE160 is a shining example. Its electric motor and optimised energy consumption set a new standard for the eco-conscious workplace.

Smart Technology Integration

Embrace the digital age with the LWE160’s smart capabilities. Connect with Toyota’s I_Site for real-time insights, ensuring that your operations are as smart as they are robust.

Reliable Performance

When the pressure mounts, the LWE160 rises to the occasion. With its durable build and dependable electric motor, you can expect consistent performance daily.


The Toyota LWE160 doesn’t just promise; it delivers with unwavering certainty from a heritage of excellence. Each component and feature is a testament to the meticulous engineering that Toyota is renowned for. This powered pallet truck won’t just work hard to improve your operations. Its responsive drive system and intelligent onboard technology will revolutionise your workplace. This quiet warehouse champion is ready to change how you handle and optimise your materials. The Toyota LWE160 is more than a piece of machinery. It’s a cornerstone upon which businesses can build lasting operational success. It represents a synergy of form and function, delivering not just by its tangible features but also by the confidence it instils in its users. The LWE160 is the companion that keeps pace and pushes to ensure every task is an opportunity for excellence. With Toyota’s LWE160 at the helm, your operations are set to sail smoothly into the future.

Leave inefficiencies and downtime behind thanks to its innovative design and unparalleled performance.



Discover The Features Of The Toyota LWE160

The Toyota LWE160 will transform your operations with unmatched efficiency.

The Toyota LWE160 is a partner for businesses that need efficiency without compromise in a fast-paced industry. This electric-powered pallet truck doesn’t just offer innovation. It combines it with reliability to enhance your operations.

Its design philosophy centres around empowering users with a combination of . . .

🟧 | Power
🟧 | Precision
🟧 | And intelligence

The Toyota LWE160 is not just crafted to meet but exceed the demands of contemporary warehousing and logistics. This solution is at the front of material handling. It combines strength, sophistication, and simplicity to reshape logistics. All so it can ensure your business can navigate the complexities of modern supply chains with ease and agility. The LWE160 is essential for efficient and safe operations in your industry.

Here’s how it doesn’t just do the job but sets a new standard for what you can expect from your material handling equipment . . .


Unwavering Durability

The Toyota LWE160 stands as a testament to durability in material handling. The durable frame of this machine is made to withstand tough warehouse and distribution centre conditions. The strong product promises long-lasting reliability and service, ensuring your investment pays off.


Cutting-edge Drive Experience

The Toyota LWE160 has a motor that drives innovation and provides a smooth experience. Coupled with the precision of electronic speed control, the pallet truck delivers power and agility. So you can keep productivity high without compromising on the control required to navigate through tight spaces.


Operator Safety & Comfort

Safety is paramount, and the LWE160 excels in this arena. It has features such as the electronic braking system and the Click-2-Creep function. These enhance control and minimise risk during operation. The ergonomic design helps operators work efficiently and comfortably all day without strain.


Smart Operations

Beyond muscle, the LWE160 is endowed with intellect. As a smart truck, it is ready to integrate with the Toyota I_Site system. It can provide it with access to data analytics that can help inform any strategic decisions. This connectivity can streamline operations, enhance maintenance scheduling, and improve your fleet management.


Configurability for Customisation

The Toyota LWE160 recognises that no two operations are the same. You can customise it a lot, like changing how it works or adding special features for cold storage. This flexibility ensures that the LWE160 can adapt to the unique demands of your business. All while providing you with a tailored solution that maximises efficiency.


The Toyota LWE160 is not just a piece of machinery. It’s a statement of excellence, a commitment to quality, and a testament to the power of innovative engineering. Including it in your operations is a bold move towards better performance, safety, and future technology. However, with every load it lifts and every aisle it navigates, the LWE160 doesn’t just move your products. It moves your business forward and proves to be an invaluable asset in an ever-evolving industry. It’s more than a powered pallet truck; it symbolises where your business is headed.

With it under your roof, you’ll soon head towards a future of unrivalled efficiency, safety, and growth.