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Toyota BT Levio LWE250

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Load Capacity:
2500 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
205 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Specification Detail Value
Model LWE250 Included
Start up With pin code Included
Fork wheels Bogie Prime Included
Castor wheel Prime Included
Border Steel Included
Horn Standard horn Included
Smart package Telematics hardware included Included
Handle Standard Optional
Fork width Width over forks 520 mm Optional
Fork length 1,150 mm Optional
Drive wheel Polyurethane Optional
Energy package Lead-acid battery Exide 225 Ah BFS with charger 30A Optional



Empower Your Efficiency with the Toyota LWE250

Unleash optimal performance and reliability with every move of the Toyota LWE250.

Success in material handling and storage depends on efficient and reliable equipment. Enter the Toyota LWE250 powered pallet truck. It’s a vehicle that epitomises strength, endurance, and precision in every operation. The LWE250 is a machine that’s not just built but engineered to empower businesses to move materials with unparalleled ease. Companies today face many challenges — from managing operational costs to ensuring workplace safety. The Toyota LWE250 directly addresses these concerns. This system can carry up to 2,500 kg and is operated by pedestrians. It is designed for busy places that need agility and precision. The LWE250 is not simply an investment in equipment. It’s a commitment to streamlining your operational processes and boosting productivity.

Moreover, in a world where time equates to currency, the LWE250 ensures that your business keeps progressing. This powered pallet truck has consistent travel speeds, even with or without a load. It also has an advanced electromagnetic service brake and a turning radius for sharp, accurate manoeuvres. With this truck, your workflow will not be interrupted, and your time will be optimised. The fingertip controls, and Click-2-Creep function are designed to meet the operator’s needs. They make it easy for the operator to control the machine. The assurance that comes with the Toyota LWE250 extends beyond its operational capabilities. Safety is at the forefront of its design, with features such as automatic switch-off and the BT Castorlink System. These offer exceptional stability, safeguarding not just your goods but your people too. The storage compartments and built-in charger make it easy for operators to reach everything they need for work.

However, the Toyota LWE250’s sophistication doesn’t end with superior control and safety. It embodies smart technology, designed to be a connected vehicle that informs and evolves with your business. Integrating the Toyota I_Site fleet management system allows for real-time tracking and management. The system provides insights that lead to improved operation, maintenance, and overall efficiency. When you choose the Toyota LWE250, you choose a partner who understands your business’s material handling needs well. It’s not about replacing a fleet; it’s about elevating it. This partnership adds value and shows your commitment to efficiency and progress with a reliable piece of equipment. Choosing this pallet truck shows that your business values performance, innovation, and improvement.

In the relentless pursuit of operational excellence, the Toyota LWE250 is not just an option — it’s the definitive answer.



The Benefits of The Toyota LWE250

Discover the pinnacle of power and precision in material handling with the Toyota LWE250.


    1. Unmatched Load Management

      The Toyota LWE250 easily handles significant weight, boasting a 2,500 kg load capacity. Its robust design ensures that heavy lifting is streamlined and secure.

    2. Precision in Motion

      Navigating tight spaces is effortless with the LWE250’s precise control system. The Click-2-Creep feature ensures the pallet truck moves with finesse, even in the most compact areas.

    3. Operational Safety

      Safety is paramount. The Toyota LWE250’s electronic braking system and automatic shut-off enhance operator security. These critical features mitigate risk and ensure a safer working environment.

    4. Effortless Efficiency

      With consistent travel speeds when loaded or unloaded, the LWE250 maximises time effectively. Efficiency is at its core, reducing downtime and accelerating productivity.

    5. Smart Operation

      Integrating cutting-edge technology, this powered pallet truck is a smart vehicle. As such, it’s capable of connecting to the Toyota I_Site fleet management system. Real-time monitoring translates to smarter, data-driven decisions for your business.



Streamline Operations with the Toyota LWE250

Achieve effortless integration and control for advanced handling.

The Toyota LWE250 is perfect for businesses looking to escalate their operational efficiency. Its design is a thoughtful amalgamation of power, precision, and ease. It’s a powered pallet truck that’s specifically tailored to meet the demands of intensive work environments. However, the LWE250 isn’t just a tool; it’s the gateway to transforming your operations. Each feature is meticulously engineered to enhance the user experience and drive productivity. Focusing on intuitive control and seamless integration, it can perform in a way that feels like an extension of the operator’s intent. Doing so makes complex tasks simple and heavy loads manageable. The LWE250 promises a revolution in your handling operations. It combines a suite of innovative features that push the boundaries of what you expect from a powered pallet truck. It embodies Toyota’s commitment to quality, durability, and technological advancement. It offers an unrivalled blend of performance and user-centric design. From the moment the LWE250 is introduced, it becomes clear that it’s built not just for today’s tasks but for the challenges of tomorrow.

Here’s how it offers flexibility and scalability in a sleek, robust package . . .


Intuitive User Experience

Every aspect of the Toyota LWE250 is designed with the user in mind. Fingertip controls allow for easy operation. Plus, the Click-2-Creep function provides controlled, slow movement when precision is crucial.


Advanced Stability Systems

The innovative BT Castorlink System enhances the stability of the LWE250. This system ensures that loads are secure and smooth, providing peace of mind on uneven surfaces.


Optimised Energy Use

Efficiency isn’t just about speed; it’s also about energy use. The Toyota LWE250’s AC drive technology ensures that energy is utilised effectively. It offers more extended operation periods and reduced electricity costs.


Seamless Maneuverability

Need to navigate narrow aisles or turn in tight spaces? Its compact dimensions and tight turning radius allow seamless movement throughout the workspace.


Maintenance Simplified

Maintenance needs are minimal, but the LWE250 is designed for easy access to all components when necessary. This design philosophy ensures that maintenance is quick and does not disrupt your workflow.


The Toyota LWE250 is more than just a piece of equipment. It’s a pivotal addition to your business, crafted to drive operational excellence and support growth. It’s a testament to the synthesis of ergonomic design and technological innovation that Toyota is renowned for. By choosing the LWE250, you’re not just optimising your current operations. You’re investing in a future where efficiency, safety, and performance go hand in hand. This powered pallet truck is poised to redefine industry standards. It’s setting your business to achieve streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity.

It’s time to achieve greater success in the competitive material handling landscape with Locators.



Unleash the Potential of Toyota LWE250

Elevate your business with the unmatched efficiency and reliability of the Toyota LWE250.

The Toyota LWE250 represents the pinnacle of material handling innovation. It’s a strategic asset designed to catapult your operational capability into a new era. Every aspect of the LWE250 is built with your business needs in mind. It offers a synergy of strength, agility, and reliability unmatched in the powered pallet truck sphere. This machine is not merely an addition to your fleet but a cornerstone upon which the efficiency of your operations can be built. When the Toyota LWE250 becomes part of your workflow, you embrace a future where peak productivity is the norm. It embodies Toyota’s ethos of excellence, a beacon of performance that brightens every corner of your operation. With its robust design and cutting-edge technology, the LWE250 is a formidable force.

Here’s how it’s ready to take on the rigours of any task with unparalleled grace . . .


Relentless Performance

At the heart of the Toyota LWE250 is a powerful and efficient electric motor designed for constant, demanding use. This is where robustness meets endurance. It’s how it provides the relentless performance needed to keep your operations moving smoothly, day in and day out. Expect a workhorse that charges through daily tasks without faltering. The LWE250 will ensure your productivity never dips.


Exceptional Durability

Built to withstand the rigours of heavy industrial environments, the LWE250 showcases durability. Every component, from its polyurethane wheels to the robust chassis, is crafted for longevity. This durability means less downtime, fewer repairs, and a longer life for your investment. It’s the kind of resilience that gives you peace of mind, knowing that the LWE250 is a pallet truck that endures as much as it performs.


Precision in Motion

With pinpoint precision, the Toyota LWE250 handles the most delicate of manoeuvres. It ensures that every move is calculated and safe. The truck’s design facilitates an ease of handling that promotes accuracy in every task. No matter whether it be navigating narrow aisles or positioning heavy loads. The precision of motion turns complex tasks into simple, safe, and swift actions.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t just an add-on; it’s integrated into the fabric of the LWE250’s design. With its advanced battery technology and energy-conserving drive system, the LWE250 operates at a lower cost. It consumes energy judiciously without sacrificing performance. This efficiency is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to sustainability and your bottom line.


Adaptable to Your Needs

The true beauty of the Toyota LWE250 lies in its adaptability. Whether you’re handling goods in a bustling warehouse or a cold storage facility, the LWE250 is up to the challenge. The truck can be customised to meet your needs with different settings and options. It’s not just a machine; it’s a customisable solution designed to fit seamlessly into the tapestry of your workflow.


Embracing the Toyota LWE250 is a statement about where your business stands and where it intends to go.

It doesn’t just meet the industry standards — it sets them with . . .

🟧 | Superior performance
🟧 | Enduring resilience
🟧 | And unmatched efficiency

The Toyota LWE250 represents a synergy of strength, sophistication, and simplicity. It’s ready to propel your operations into heightened productivity and reliability. As the day ends and the warehouse lights dim, the LWE250 remains prepared for the next day’s challenges. It’s not just a relentless companion in the quest for operational superiority. It’s a beacon of innovation in the material handling sector and a wise choice for businesses looking forward to a future defined by success. Locators are by your side to provide unparalleled support and expertise. The journey towards optimising your operations with the Toyota LWE250 begins here.

Join us in transforming the material handling landscape, one pallet at a time.