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Toyota BT Lifter LHM230

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Load Capacity:
2300 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
200 mm


Specification Detail Status
Model LHM230 Included
Handle Standard handle Included
Fork width 520 mm Optional
Steering wheel Nylon – Standard Optional
Fork length 1150 mm Optional
Fork wheels Single Nylon – Standard Optional



Elevate Your Business Efficiency with The Toyota LHM230

The Toyota LHM230 is synonymous with dependable material handling.

In the dynamic material handling world, time is as valuable as the cargo, and the Toyota LHM230 emerges as a pivotal asset. This hand pallet truck is not just a tool; it’s a partner in efficiency. The LHM230 is made by Toyota, a name synonymous with reliability. It exemplifies the blend of sturdiness and ease essential in fast-paced environments.

Every aspect of the LHM230 is designed with your business in mind — from its robust build capable of handling 2,300 kg loads to its ergonomic design ensuring operator comfort. This truck is engineered for productivity. Even in the most compact spaces, the ease of manoeuvrability makes it a vital component in any warehouse or storage facility.

Furthermore, the LHM230 stands as a testament to sustainability in the industry. It’s certified by the Toyota Industries Corporation’s ECO label. This isn’t just an investment in a piece of equipment; it’s an investment in the future of your business operations. So you can have a reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious approach to material handling.

The Toyota LHM230 equals streamlined operations, where every lift and move is a step towards greater business success.



The Benefits of The Toyota LHM230

The Toyota LHM230 will redefine your material handling excellence.


    1. Unmatched Durability
      The Toyota LHM230 is engineered for longevity and will stand firm against wear and tear. Its robust design ensures it remains a reliable workhorse in your fleet for years.
    2. Optimal Ergonomics
      Featuring an ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue, it’s clear that operator comfort is paramount with the LHM230. This design element translates to increased productivity and reduced risk of operator strain.
    3. Precision Handling
      Precision is vital in material handling, and the LHM230 excels with its smooth control mechanism. This allows for accurate and safe manoeuvring of loads, enhancing operational efficiency.
    4. Environmental Responsibility
      Commitment to sustainability is evident in the LHM230, as it proudly carries Toyota’s ECO label. This certification reflects its reduced environmental impact, aligning your operations with eco-friendly practices.
    5. Customisation for Specific Needs
      The LHM230 offers versatility through its customisable configurations. It caters to diverse operational needs and will meet your material handling requirements.



How to Master Material Handling with the Toyota LHM230

The Toyota LHM230 will enhance your operational capability.

At Locators, we understand that the key to enhancing your operational efficiency lies in the tools you employ. The Toyota LHM230 is a prime example of this philosophy in action.

Here’s how it provides a solution that directly addresses your material handling challenges . . .


Ease of Use

The LHM230 is designed for ease of operation. Its lightweight yet sturdy frame ensures both manoeuvrability and durability. It allows operators to navigate even the most compact spaces effortlessly.


Safety & Reliability

Safety is paramount in material handling. The LHM230’s controlled lowering mechanism and robust build reduce the risk of accidents. This helps ensure a safer workplace and consistent operational reliability.


Adaptability to Various Environments

Whether your operations are in a bustling warehouse or a compact storage unit, the LHM230 adapts seamlessly. Its versatile design and multiple wheel options ensure optimal performance. They are effective across different surfaces and conditions.


Maintenance & Support

With Locators, you gain more than just a pallet truck. Our team provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your LHM230 operates at peak efficiency. This contributes to minimal downtime and maximised productivity.


The Toyota LHM230 is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive solution offered by Locators. It brings together ease of use, safety, and adaptability. It also includes dedicated support.

This hand pallet truck enhances your operational capability and drives your business forward.



Elevate Industry Standards With The Toyota LHM230

The Toyota LHM230 is the competitive edge in material handling you’ve been after.

The Toyota LHM230 is a strategic investment in operational excellence in material handling. So, keep reading if you are still looking to position your business distinctly for success.

Here’s how the LHM230 sets you apart from competitors . . .


Leading-Edge Design

The Toyota LHM230 stands out with its advanced design. Engineered for precision and durability, it provides a level of reliability unmatched in the industry. So you can ensure your operations are always running smoothly.


Customised Solutions

Locators offer customisable options with the LHM230 and can tailor it to your business needs. This flexibility allows for a perfect fit into your operational structure. It allows you to enhance your efficiency in a way that generic models cannot.


Unrivalled After-Sales Service

Our commitment extends beyond the sale. With Locators, you gain access to exceptional after-sales service. This ensures that your Toyota LHM230 remains in peak condition. So you can safeguard your investment and operational continuity.


In essence, the Toyota LHM230 is not just a product but a comprehensive solution for your material handling needs. It’s an amalgamation of advanced design, customizability, and dedicated support. These all collectively amalgamate to give your business a competitive edge in a demanding industry.

Choose the Toyota LHM230 and embrace a future of enhanced efficiency and market leadership.