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Toyota BT Pro Lifter LHM230P

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Load Capacity:
2300 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
200 mm


Specification Detail Status
Model LHM230P Included
Handle Standard handle Included
Steering wheel Powerthane Included
Fork width 520 mm Optional
Fork length 1150 mm Optional
Fork wheels Single Nylon – Standard Optional



Elevate Your Operations with The Toyota LHM230P

Transform material handling into a strategic advantage with the Toyota LHM230P.

In today’s competitive business landscape, efficient material handling is not just a necessity. Now, it’s a strategic imperative. The Toyota LHM230P stands at the forefront of this evolution. It offers a harmonious blend of power and precision that redefines operational efficiency. The LHM230P is a leading product from Locators, the South’s foremost material handling and storage system company. It’s engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern warehouses and distribution centres.

This hand pallet truck is not merely a tool; it’s a business ally. Its robust 2,300 kg load capacity ensures heavyweight performance. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design prioritises operator comfort and safety. In environments where every second counts, the LHM230P excels in swift, effortless manoeuvrability.

Advanced features, like the Quick Lift and overload limitation, are tailored to productivity. Yet, in addition to enhancing your efficiency, they will protect your infrastructure. Embracing the Toyota LHM230P means embracing a future. This simple hand pallet truck will help you overcome operational hurdles and grow. Make a conscious choice for reliability and innovation. Align your business with the pinnacle of material handling efficiency.

The Toyota LHM230P isn’t just about moving goods; it’s about moving your business forward.



The Benefits of The Toyota LHM230P

Maximise Efficiency with Every Move Using Toyota LHM230P.


    1. Ease of Operation
      Operating the Toyota LHM230P is intuitive and straightforward. This reduces training time and increases workforce adaptability.
    2. Enhanced Worker Safety
      The ergonomic design of the Toyota LHM230P reduces the risk of strain-related injuries. Its user-friendly structure promotes safer handling practices in your workplace.
    3. Exceptional Load Capacity
      With a robust load capacity of 2,300 kg, the Toyota LHM230P can handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly. This capacity ensures versatility across various operational needs.
    4. Improved Productivity
      The Toyota LHM230P features a Quick Lift function, streamlining the lifting process. Fewer pump strokes are required, making operations more efficient and time-saving.
    5. Environmental Commitment
      The Toyota LHM230P is designed with environmental considerations in mind. Its sustainable features align your operations with eco-friendly practices, enhancing your green credentials.



Streamline Your Workflow with Toyota LHM230P

Experience effortless handling and enhanced productivity with Toyota LHM230P.

The Toyota LHM230P is more than just a hand pallet truck; it’s a catalyst for operational excellence in your business. Its design and features are crafted to address the practical challenges of material handling.


Start Assistance Technology

The Toyota LHM230P introduces an innovative connection between the tow bar and steering wheels. This unique mechanism significantly reduces the effort needed to initiate movement. Therefore, even with heavy loads, it makes the truck easier to operate.


Quick Lift Function

Efficiency is vital in fast-paced environments. The Quick Lift function reduces the number of pump strokes needed for lifting. This feature not only speeds up operations but also reduces wear and tear on the equipment.


Overload Protection

Safety and durability go hand in hand with the Toyota LHM230P. The overload limitation feature protects both the truck and your flooring from damage due to overloading. It’s fundamental in helping ensure a longer lifespan and safer operations.


The Toyota LHM230P’s innovative solutions enhance efficiency and safety in material handling. Its advanced features and robust design provide a reliable and user-friendly experience. By choosing the Toyota LHM230P, you’re not just selecting a piece of equipment.

You’re investing in a smoother, more productive future for your operations.



Discover the Technical Superiority of Toyota LHM230P

Precision engineering for unparalleled performance with Toyota LHM230P.

The Toyota LHM230P stands out in the material handling industry. It’s a stout piece of equipment that offers an unmatched blend of innovation and reliability. However, it’s not just about what this hand pallet truck can do but how it elevates your business above the competition.


Advanced Specifications

As mentioned above, the Toyota LHM230P boasts a 2,300 kg load capacity. This demonstrates its prowess in effortlessly handling substantial weights. Its dimensions and lift height are optimised for varied operational needs. This helps ensure versatility in different warehouse and storage environments.


Customisable Options

What sets the LHM230P apart is its adaptability. With options for different fork lengths and widths, it caters to specific requirements. This makes it a flexible solution for diverse material handling tasks.


Sustainability & Innovation

Locators are committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions. The LHM230P’s design reflects this ethos. It contributes to sustainable practices in material handling without compromising on performance.


The Toyota LHM230P from Locators isn’t just another hand pallet truck; it’s a statement of quality and innovation. By choosing the LHM230P, you’re not only getting an exceptional piece of equipment. You’re also partnering with a company that prioritises sustainability, customisation, and technological advancement.

Elevate your operations with a tool that’s built for tomorrow’s challenges.