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Toyota BT Reflex RRE120B

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Load Capacity:
1200 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
8500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts


Feature Description
Low-intensity reach truck For straightforward applications
Easy to use Intuitive controls for hassle-free operation
Adjustable operator compartment Comfort-enhancing compartment tailored to the operator’s needs
360° steering Allows for fast work cycles and smooth driving
Car pedal layout Traditional, familiar car-style pedal configuration
Automatic parking brake Enhanced safety with automatic application
Single function levers Simple controls for efficient truck operation
Adjustable floor Customisable floor height for optimal operator positioning
Duplex Telemast — Panoramic View Clear visibility with the Duplex mast configuration
Triplex Hilo mast — Clear View Enhanced operator visibility with the Triplex mast design



Boost Productivity with the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex Reach Truck

Transform your warehouse operations with the precise Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex.

Effective warehouse operations hinge on precision, speed, and reliable equipment. Fortunately, the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex provides precisely that. It’s designed for businesses seeking to optimise productivity while reducing operational costs. This reach truck’s compact design and tall mast let operators manage tight spaces while handling varying pallet sizes. Its efficient setup increases storage density without sacrificing ease of movement.

This BT Reflex reach truck has advanced features like 360° steering for smooth manoeuvring. It also has adjustable operator compartments for long-term comfort. Plus, its powerful electric motors enable faster travel and lift speeds. Such features contribute to shorter cycle times so that you can streamline your picking and storing processes. With it under your roof, your team will be empowered to handle loads quickly, precisely, and safely.

Toyota understands that every warehouse has unique demands. That’s why the RRE120B is engineered with flexibility and adaptability. So, know that whether you’re handling delicate products or heavy goods, this BT Reflex reach truck is dependable. It’s time to invest in the Toyota RRE120B. It’s time to invest in a winning solution.

Ensure your warehouse stays agile and productive for years to come.



The Benefits of The Toyota RRE120B

Discover how the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex Reach Truck drives superior warehouse performance.


    1. Enhanced Space Utilisation

      The Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex is designed to operate in tight spaces. Its compact footprint and excellent manoeuvrability allow you to maximise storage density. So you can make the most of every square metre in your warehouse.

    2. Increased Productivity

      This reach truck delivers exceptional speed and precision. Fast travel and lift speeds mean more tasks can be completed per shift, boosting your overall throughput and reducing time wasted.

    3. Superior Energy Efficiency

      The Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex uses advanced electric motors that are not only powerful but also energy efficient. Lower energy consumption means reduced operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

    4. Operator Comfort & Safety

      The Toyota RRE120B has ergonomic controls and an adjustable operator compartment. These features ensure comfort and safety during long shifts — and a comfortable operator is productive and safe. After all, they have fewer accidents and better efficiency.

    5. Reliability & Durability

      Toyota’s engineering excellence guarantees that the RRE120B BT Reflex reach truck is built to last. Dependable performance reduces downtime due to maintenance. So you can ensure your operations continue smoothly and without unexpected interruptions.



Streamlining Operations with the Toyota RRE120B

Experience advanced operational efficiency with the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex reach truck.

When choosing the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex reach truck, you aren’t just purchasing a piece of equipment. You are investing in a comprehensive solution to enhance your warehouse operations. Our approach focuses on smoothly adding this advanced machinery to your existing systems. Incorporating it in a controlled manner will not only maximise productivity but boost efficiency.


Technology Integration

Our team will ensure the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex integrates with your warehouse management systems. This synchronisation improves inventory tracking and reduces the likelihood of errors. So you can benefit from a more efficient operation flow.


Customised Training

We provide tailored training sessions for your staff. By grasping the full capabilities of their new equipment, your team can operate the Toyota RRE120B more effectively. This will ensure safety and maximise its potential to enhance productivity.


Ongoing Support

Our commitment extends beyond the initial purchase. We offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your reach truck performs at its best. This service minimises downtime and extends the lifespan of your investment.


By choosing the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex, you are not just improving your operational capacity. You are also ensuring that every aspect of your material handling is optimised for success. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and support necessary to achieve a significant return on your investment.

Let us help you transform your warehouse into a model of efficiency and productivity.



Toyota RRE120B FAQs

Have a question about the Toyota RRE120B? You may find your answer below.


1. What kind of applications is the Toyota RRE120B BT Reflex best suited for?


The RRE120B excels in warehouses requiring precision handling and fast movement in tight spaces. It's ideal for stacking, storing, and picking tasks where high reach and agility are crucial. Its 360° steering and compact design offer unmatched versatility across warehouse layouts.

2. How does the Toyota RRE120B improve warehouse efficiency?


Its compact design and 360° steering enable smooth manoeuvrability. Meanwhile, its rapid lift speeds reduce cycle times. The adjustable operator compartment and easy controls help operators work comfortably and accurately — boosting productivity.

3. Is it suitable for different operator skill levels?


Yes, the RRE120 B's adjustable compartments and ergonomic controls accommodate new and experienced operators. Tailored training sessions help workers master the reach truck's advanced features. This enables faster onboarding and safer operations.

4. How does the Toyota RRE120B minimise operating costs?


The reach truck has an efficient electric motor. It also has a low-maintenance design and a regenerative braking system. These features cut energy use and extend part life. They help lower operating costs while ensuring reliability through demanding shifts.

5. What kind of support do Locators offer for the Toyota RRE120B?


We provide comprehensive support. This includes regular maintenance, technical assistance, and access to original spare parts. Our dedicated team ensures your equipment remains reliable, productive, and safe. So you can reduce downtime and extend the reach truck's lifespan.