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Toyota BT Reflex RRE140B

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Load Capacity:
1400 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
8500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts


Feature Description
Simple, Effective Reach Truck Ideal for straightforward applications, providing efficient and reliable performance.
Easy to Use Intuitive controls and ergonomic design make operation simple for drivers.
Adjustable Operator Compartment Customisable seating and controls enhance operator comfort.
360° Steering Allows for smooth driving and fast work cycles.
Car Pedal Layout Traditional automotive-style pedal layout for familiarity.
Automatic Parking Brake Engages automatically to improve safety and convenience.
Single Function Levers Simple levers ensure precise control over truck functions.
Adjustable Floor Adaptable floor height for optimal ergonomic positioning.
Duplex Telemast — Panoramic View Clear visibility for easy operation at all lift heights.
Triplex Hilo Mast — Clear View Offers an unobstructed view for safe, accurate load handling.



Transform Your Material Handling with The Toyota RRE140B

Empower your warehouse with the Toyota RRE140B, the reach truck designed for modern warehouses.

Warehousing needs have evolved, and the Toyota RRE140B BT Reflex reach truck is crafted to address those new challenges. It’s perfect for facilities managing diverse inventory sizes and navigating tight storage spaces. This truck has precise controls and 360° steering. These features help make manoeuvring smooth and efficient, even when handling heavy loads. Need to retrieve pallets or reach high storage shelves? No matter which it is, the RRE140B ensures operators can move swiftly through aisles while maintaining safety.

This reach truck stands out with its ergonomic operator compartment. It gives drivers a comfortable and fatigue-reducing environment to focus on productivity. Adjustable controls, an overhead guard, and an intuitive pedal layout provide an optimal environment for long shifts. The truck has a high-visibility mast. Plus, operators can use it to confidently manage loads up to 1,400 kg at a maximum lift height of 4,800 mm without risking stability.

Incorporating the Toyota RRE140B into your workflow can redefine how you handle materials. It’s a simple way of ensuring efficient stacking, retrieval, and overall warehouse management. Better yet, the electric drive system reduces emissions. So you can create a safer workspace while optimising operational costs. There’s only one truck to reach out to when tackling complex warehousing challenges.

Rely on the Toyota RRE140B to transform your operations with precision and reliability.



The Benefits of The Toyota RRE140B

Leverage the power of the Toyota RRE140B BT Reflex reach truck to revolutionise your warehouse operations.

    1. Enhanced Productivity

      The Toyota RRE140B speeds up workflow. It lets operators handle materials faster and safer. Its advanced lifting capabilities and fast reach speeds mean less time per task. So you can boost your overall productivity.

    2. Superior Safety Features

      This truck has state-of-the-art safety systems that protect the operator and the cargo. Features like automatic speed reduction and stability control help prevent accidents. They help make it a reliable choice for busy warehouses.

    3. Cost-Effective Operations

      The Toyota RRE140 B’s energy-efficient electric motor reduces overall operational costs. This not only cuts down on power consumption but also minimises the need for frequent maintenance.

    4. Operator Comfort

      Comfortable operators are productive operators. The Toyota RRE140B has an ergonomically designed operator compartment. Its adjustable seating and controls help reduce fatigue and improve focus during long shifts.

    5. Environmental Responsibility

      This electric reach truck supports your sustainability goals. By operating on electricity, the Toyota RRE140B minimises emissions within your warehouse. So you can help contribute to a healthier environment for your workers and goods.



Simplify your logistics with the precise capabilities of the Toyota RRE140B BT Reflex reach truck.

Integrating the Toyota RRE140B into your operations begins with understanding your unique needs. At Locators, our experts will start by assessing your current warehouse setup. We’ll look at the types of goods you handle and the challenges you face in material handling. This initial analysis will help us tailor a solution that not only fits but enhances your operational workflow.


Expert Consultation

Our team of experienced professionals will discuss your specific requirements. From there, we can demonstrate how the Toyota RRE140B can meet them. We provide insights into optimising your site layout to take full advantage of the truck’s capabilities. This will include everything from aisle width to stacking strategies.


Customised Training

Once the correct configurations are identified, we ensure your team is fully trained to operate the Toyota RRE140B. Our training sessions cover everything from basic operations to advanced safety protocols. This way, we can ensure that your staff is prepared to use the reach truck safely and efficiently.


Ongoing Support

If you want it after implementation, Locators offers support and maintenance services. This way, we can help you ensure that the Toyota RRE140B operates at peak performance. We’ll undertake regular maintenance checks and keep up to date on the latest handling techniques.


Choosing the Toyota RRE140B through Locators means more than purchasing a reach truck. It’s about investing in a partnership that provides support and expertise for your growth and capacity.

With Locators, you’re ready to handle anything in the fast-changing world of warehouse management.



Toyota RRE140B FAQs

Have a question about the Toyota RRE140B? You may find your answer below.


1. What makes the Toyota RRE140B reach truck ideal for modern warehouses?


The Toyota RRE140B BT Reflex reach truck is built for versatility and efficiency. It has a high lift capacity and is excellent at manoeuvring in tight spaces. It also has advanced safety systems that keep both operators and goods secure.

2. How do Locators enhance the functionality of the Toyota RRE140B for clients?


We offer customised solutions, including layout planning, operational training, and ongoing support. These services ensure that the Toyota RRE140B fits into your processes well. Plus, they help improve productivity and safety.

3. What training options are available for the Toyota RRE140B?


Locators provides comprehensive training programs tailored to your team's needs. We cover everything from basic operations to advanced handling techniques. This way, you can ensure all your users can operate the truck safely and efficiently.

4. How does Locators' support stand out from other providers?


Our support goes beyond sales. We take a proactive approach to maintenance and respond promptly to service requests. We also provide updates on the latest material handling practices, ensuring your equipment works at its best.

5. Can the Toyota RRE140B be customised to fit specific warehouse needs?


Yes, the Toyota RRE140B offers many mast and battery options. It also has adjustable controls to fit different operational demands and operator preferences. This makes it a flexible choice for diverse warehouses.