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Toyota BT Reflex RRE140H

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Load Capacity:
1400 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
1100 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts


Product Features
High-lifting reach truck for demanding applications Intelligent energy packs with lithium-ion battery solution (option)
Ergonomically designed driver compartment offering many intuitive features Driver interface with easy-to-read touchscreen display
Connected smart truck as standard with I_Site N/A


Technical Specification
Adjustable fork width Automatic deceleration
Automatic parking brake Clear-view mast
Clear-view overhead guard Electronic braking system
Electronic regenerative brakes (motor) Electronic speed control
Optimised Cornering Control (OTP) Optimised Reach Control (OTP)
Optimised Speed Control when mast reached out (OTP) Integrated sideshift
Tilting forks 360° progressive steering
Access Control (PIN codes) Adjustable Control console
Creep speed function Drive motor temperature warning
E-bar Electronic controller temperature warning
Emergency cut-off Lift motor temperature warning
Mini-joystick electronic controls Pedals as in a car
Electronic steering Split control panel
Steering direction indicator Adjustable seat
Adjustable steering wheel Manually adjustable floor
Driver detection system Driver-adapted programmable performance
Low step-in Storage compartments
Easy access for maintenance Fault diagnosis facility
Historic fault log Battery discharge prevention system
Battery status indicator Smart truck with telematics hardware



Revolutionise Your Warehouse with the Toyota RRE140H

The Toyota RRE140H Reach Truck can help you streamline your warehouse logistics with precision and power.

Warehouses are dynamic environments where time, space, and safety are critical. In response to these challenges, the Toyota RRE140H BT Reflex reach truck provides the edge your operations need. It has a high-lifting capability and an innovative energy management system. This reach truck ensures smooth material handling and maximises efficiency.

Operators are at the heart of our design. The ergonomic cabin, with its intuitive touchscreen and adjustable controls, is a testament to this. The clear-view mast not only improves navigation but also reduces strain and fatigue. This layout empowers the operator, enabling them to handle more pallets per shift with pinpoint precision. It’s a promise of productivity and safety, ensuring your worker’s well-being.

What truly sets the RRE140H apart is its smart technologies. The I_Site system is a beacon of performance tracking in the industry. It offers actionable insights that help you minimise downtime and optimise fleet performance. When combined with Toyota’s smart safety features, your team gains a reliable, powerful tool. These include automatic deceleration and Optimised Cornering Control (OTP) for secure and efficient operations.

Confidently manage inventory flow and make your business thrive.



The Benefits of the Toyota RRE140H

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and safety with the Toyota RRE140H BT Reflex’s advanced features.

    1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

      The Toyota RRE140H features a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery system. It reduces energy consumption and minimises operational costs, resulting in a greener and more cost-effective warehouse.

    2. Superior Ergonomic Design

      Operators will appreciate the comfortable, ergonomically designed cabin. It has easy controls and a clear touchscreen. This reduces operator fatigue and boosts productivity.

    3. Advanced Safety Features

      Safety is key, and the Toyota RRE140H is equipped with automatic deceleration and electronic brakes. These features ensure that operations run smoothly while protecting both staff and inventory.

    4. Intelligent Connectivity

      The integrated I_Site telematics system provides real-time data and insights. This connectivity allows for proactive maintenance and performance optimisation. So you can keep your operations efficient and downtime minimal.

    5. Precision Handling

      Its clear-view mast and improved cornering control offer unmatched precision in material handling. This ensures quick, accurate manoeuvring. Thus, the Toyota RRE140H can improve your warehouse’s flow and cut handling errors.



Maximise Efficiency with the Toyota RRE140H

The Toyota RRE140H BT Reflex reach truck empowers workforces with its cutting-edge solutions.

Choosing the Toyota RRE140H is the first step towards revolutionising your warehouse operations. At Locators, we know that integrating such advanced equipment into your workflow can seem daunting. That’s why our dedicated team are on hand to help ensure a smooth transition and continuous support.


Seamless Integration

We start by assessing your current setup. This will help us find the best strategies for adding the Toyota RRE140H. Our experts will tailor a plan to minimise disruption to your daily operations and ensure your new reach truck is up and running as soon as possible.


Training & Support

Post-integration, we provide comprehensive training for your staff. Our training sessions are designed to make operators proficient in utilising all features of the Toyota RRE140H. This includes everything from safety protocols to advanced system operations. It helps ensure they are confident and ready to maximise productivity.


Ongoing Maintenance

Locators don’t just leave you with a new truck and a manual. We offer ongoing maintenance support, easy access to spare parts and expert advice to keep your Toyota RRE140H in peak condition. This proactive approach prevents downtime and extends the life of your investment.


Embracing the Toyota RRE140H BT Reflex reach truck with Locators means more than just upgrading your equipment. It’s about enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of your warehouse operations.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you transition smoothly and reap the benefits of your new Toyota BT Reflex reach truck.



Toyota RRE140H FAQs

Have a question about the Toyota RRE140H? You may find your answer below.


1. What makes the Toyota RRE140H ideal for my warehouse operations?


With its electric drive, the Toyota RRE140H is designed for high efficiency and precision. Its advanced ergonomics and smart connectivity ensure it can handle tough warehouses. These features help you cut costs and boost productivity.

2. How will Locators integrate the Toyota RRE140H into our current system?


Locators provide a comprehensive service. This includes an assessment of your current setup, tailored integration plans, and full training for your team. We'll ensure the Toyota RRE140H will seamlessly complement your operations and enhance your workflow without disrupting your business.

3. What are the safety features of the Toyota RRE140H BT Reflex reach truck?


This model has an electronic braking system, automatic deceleration, and Optimised Cornering Control. These features ensure the safety of both operators and goods and greatly reduce accidents.

4. Can Locators provide ongoing support for the Toyota RRE140H?


Absolutely. Locators offer ongoing maintenance support, access to spare parts, and expert advice. Our proactive service minimises downtime. It also keeps the reach truck in great shape, extending its operational life.

5. What differentiates Locators from other reach truck providers?


Locators stand out because of our personalised approach to client needs. We also offer comprehensive support and have expertise in advanced material handling solutions. We not only sell equipment but also provide an end-to-end solution. A solution that includes integration, training, and after-sales support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.