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Toyota BT Reflex RRE160B

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Load Capacity:
1600 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
8500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts


Technical Specification Product Features
Car pedal layout Reach truck for straightforward applications
Automatic parking brake Easy to use
Single function levers Adjustable operator compartment
Adjustable floor 360° steering allows for fast work cycles and smooth driving
Duplex Telemast — Panoramic View N/A
Triplex Hilo mast — Clear View N/A



Achieve Operational Excellence with the Toyota RRE160B

Maximise efficiency, safety, and productivity with the innovative Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex.

Running a warehouse efficiently means keeping operations smooth, safe, and productive. For this reason, the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex reach truck is essential for modern material handling challenges. Built with the demands of busy warehouses, it delivers speed, precision, and versatility. It handles simple pallet tasks and complex loading tasks.

The RRE160B BT Reflex values operator productivity and comfort. It can help your team achieve more with less effort. The adjustable operator compartment offers a customisable working environment. Meanwhile, ergonomic controls and 360° steering ensure a seamless driving experience. These thoughtful design features translate to faster work cycles and safer manoeuvring. This is especially true in areas of high-density storage.

Its exceptional engineering makes this reach truck a versatile powerhouse— one that’ll keep your business moving when the going gets tough. Its energy-efficient electric drive, advanced safety features, and intuitive controls minimise downtime and lower total cost of ownership. By choosing the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex, you empower your team with a high-performing asset.

This reach truck increases throughput, reduces accidents, and ultimately drives profitability.



The Benefits of the Toyota RRE160B

Discover how the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex reach truck elevates warehouse efficiency and safety.


    1. Increased Productivity

      The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex speeds up material handling processes with its fast travel and lift speeds. This allows warehouse operations to meet tight deadlines and improve throughput.

    2. Operator Efficiency

      The ergonomic design prioritises operator comfort, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency. Adjustable controls and a seated operating position ensure enhanced comfort and productivity.

    3. Advanced Safety Features

      The reach truck is equipped with automatic parking brakes and a system of active stability. These safety features prevent accidents and help protect both operators and goods from harm.

    4. Energy Efficiency

      The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex has an electric motor and a regenerative braking system. Designed for energy efficiency, it cuts costs while shrinking your business’s carbon footprint.

    5. Versatility in Use

      The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex can handle a variety of material sizes and types thanks to its adjustable forks and high lift capacity. This versatility makes it suitable for many industries.



How the Toyota RRE160B Transforms Warehouse Efficiency

Explore how the Toyota RRE160B can revolutionise your warehouse operations today.

The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex reach truck is designed to meet the critical needs of modern warehouses. It doesn’t just offer unmatched efficiency and safety. This reach truck is engineered to handle diverse material handling tasks with precision and speed. So you can ensure your warehouse operations are seamless and productive. Integrating it into your space streamlines workflows, reduces downtime, and enhances overall safety.


Seamless Integration

The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex is compatible with various warehouse configurations. Its compact design and advanced steering capabilities make navigating tight aisles and complex layouts easy. This adaptability ensures that your operations stay flexible and efficient. Better yet, it works no matter your warehouse’s size or design.


Enhanced Control & Visibility

The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex is equipped with advanced control systems. It provides operators with precise handling and superior visibility. The clear-view mast options enhance safety. They offer an unobstructed view of the load and the area around it. This level of control and visibility helps reduce the risk of accidents and improves handling accuracy.


Cost-Effective Operation

The Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex is energy efficient, cutting costs while maintaining high performance. The electric drive and regenerative braking system lower energy consumption. It helps contribute to significant cost savings over time. This efficiency also supports your sustainability goals by reducing your operations’ carbon footprint.


Reliable Support & Service

We offer full support and maintenance services to ensure your Toyota RRE160B stays in great shape. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing timely and effective service. We’re on hand to help minimise your downtime and maximise the lifespan of your equipment. With our support, you can trust that your investment will continue to deliver exceptional performance.


Choosing the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex means investing in a solution. One that boosts productivity, improves safety and lowers costs. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. This commitment ensures that your warehouse is efficient and reliable.

Experience the transformation with the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex and take your warehouse efficiency to the next level.



Toyota RRE160B FAQs

Have a question about the Toyota RRE160B? You may find your answer below.


1. What makes the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex different from other reach trucks?


Simply put, the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex is the ideal choice for demanding warehouse environments. It has advanced ergonomics, energy efficiency, and excellent safety features. Yet, more importantly, it's designed to maximise productivity and comfort.

2. How does the RRE160B enhance safety in warehouse operations?


This model has Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) and automatic parking brakes. Together, these significantly reduce the risk of accidents and enhance overall safety for operators and warehouse personnel.

3. Can the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex handle different types of warehouse layouts?


Yes, the RRE160B is exceptionally versatile with its compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability. These make it suitable for a variety of warehouse layouts, including those with narrow aisles and high storage densities.

4. What are the energy efficiency features of the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex?


The RRE160B features an energy-efficient electric motor and regenerative braking system. This helps reduce overall energy consumption and lower operational costs. Plus, it helps support sustainability initiatives in material handling as a whole.

5. Where can I get support and service for the Toyota RRE160B BT Reflex?


Our business provides comprehensive support and maintenance services for the Toyota RRE160B. Our prompt and reliable service solutions, supported by expert technicians, ensure minimal downtime.