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Toyota BT Reflex RRE160H

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Load Capacity:
1600 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
1100 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts


Product Features
High-lifting reach truck for demanding applications Intelligent energy packs with lithium-ion battery solution (option)
Ergonomically designed driver compartment offering many intuitive features Driver interface with easy-to-read touchscreen display
Connected smart truck as standard with I_Site N/A


Technical Specification
Adjustable fork width Automatic deceleration
Automatic parking brake Clear-view mast
Clear-view overhead guard Electronic braking system
Electronic regenerative brakes (motor) Electronic speed control
Optimised Cornering Control (OTP) Optimised Reach Control (OTP)
Optimised Speed Control when mast reached out (OTP) Integrated sideshift
Tilting forks 360° progressive steering
Access Control (PIN codes) Adjustable Control console
Creep speed function Drive motor temperature warning
E-bar Electronic controller temperature warning
Emergency cut-off Lift motor temperature warning
Mini-joystick electronic controls Pedals as in a car
Electronic steering Split control panel
Steering direction indicator Adjustable seat
Adjustable steering wheel Manually adjustable floor
Driver detection system Driver-adapted programmable performance
Low step-in Storage compartments
Easy access for maintenance Fault diagnosis facility
Historic fault log Battery discharge prevention system
Battery status indicator Smart truck with telematics hardware


Reach Higher with The Toyota RRE160H

Experience unmatched efficiency and performance with the Toyota RRE160H.

The Toyota RRE160H BT Reflex reach truck is vital for any warehouse seeking to enhance efficiency and productivity. Designed to handle demanding applications, this advanced reach truck offers a load capacity of 1,600 kg and a lift height of up to 7,000 mm. Its ergonomic design prioritises operator comfort, ensuring long hours of fatigue-free operation.

Thanks to its intelligent energy packs, the RRE160H exemplifies safety. These include lithium-ion battery options that provide extended run times and quick recharging. The main result equates to far less downtime and more operational efficiency. But that’s not all. The BT Reflex has advanced safety features designed to protect your team and reduce the risk of accidents, including automatic deceleration and a driver detection system. With the Toyota RRE160H, you can feel confident in the safety of your operations.

Investing in the Toyota RRE160H means investing in a reliable, high-performing machine that understands your needs. It’s not just a machine; it’s a partner that adapts to your requirements and anticipates dangers in your workspace. Its smart interface and telematics hardware offer real-time data and diagnostics. By utilising these appropriately, you can further optimise your performance and maintenance. Choose the Toyota RRE160H for a seamless, efficient, and safe material handling experience tailored to your business.

Drives your business forward with the help of Locators and Toyota today.


The Benefits of the Toyota RRE160H Reach Truck

Experience superior performance and efficiency with the Toyota RRE160H reach truck.


    1. Enhanced Efficiency

      The Toyota RRE160H reach truck is designed for high-lifting tasks. It reduces the time and effort required for material handling. Its electric drive system ensures smooth and quick operations, enhancing overall productivity.

    2. Superior Safety

      Safety is paramount with the RRE160H. It features automatic deceleration and a driver detection system. These help ensure the well-being of operators and reduce the risk of accidents in your warehouse.

    3. Ergonomic Design

      The RRE160H is built with the operator’s comfort in mind. Adjustable seats, steering wheels, and control consoles help reduce fatigue. Together, these features allow for longer, more comfortable shifts.

    4. Advanced Technology

      Stay ahead with the RRE160H’s smart interface and telematics hardware. Real-time data and diagnostics help you monitor performance and maintenance needs. So you can ensure your equipment is always in top condition.

    5. Cost-Effective Operation

      The Toyota RRE160H features intelligent energy packs. These include lithium-ion battery options for extended run times and quick recharging. This reduces downtime and operational costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your warehouse.



How the Toyota RRE160H Can Elevate Your Warehouse

Empower your operations with the Toyota RRE160H BT Reflex reach truck.

At Locators, we are committed to helping you optimise your warehouse operations with Toyota’s BT Reflex reach truck range. We understand the critical role efficient material handling plays in your business. That’s why we strive to provide a solution that enhances your workflow, maximises safety, and boosts productivity.


Optimised Operations

The Toyota RRE160H is designed for high-performance material handling. Its advanced technology and ergonomic features ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently. With a high lifting capacity and fast lifting speeds, it handles demanding tasks effortlessly. So you can keep your workflow strong and uninterrupted.


Expert Support

Our team provides comprehensive support and expertise. From selecting the correct configuration to maintenance and training, we ensure you get the most out of your RRE160H reach truck. We offer tailored advice and ongoing support to keep your equipment performing at its best.


Custom Solutions

Every warehouse has unique needs. We offer customisable options for the Toyota RRE160H so that it can meet your specific requirements. Whether you need particular attachments or custom settings, we can adapt the RRE160H to fit into your operations seamlessly.


Reliable Performance

The RRE160H is built for reliability and durability. Its robust design and intelligent energy management keep your operations running without interruption. The lithium-ion battery options provide extended run times. These batteries also offer quick recharging, which reduces downtime and increases productivity.


Safety First

Safety is at the core of the Toyota RRE160H’s design. These features include automatic deceleration, driver detection systems, and electronic braking. Together, they help ensure a safe working environment. These advanced safety measures protect workers and reduce risks. All while promoting a safer and more efficient workplace.


Investing in the Toyota RRE160H reach truck means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Let us help you transform your warehouse operations with this state-of-the-art equipment. Experience the difference with Locators and the Toyota RRE160H. Our commitment to quality and service ensures that your investment will yield long-term benefits.

Empower your warehouse today with the Toyota RRE160H and see the impact on operational efficiency and safety.


Toyota RRE160H FAQs

Have a question about the Toyota RRE160H? You may find your answer below.


1. What makes the Toyota RRE160H unique?


The Toyota RRE160H combines advanced technology with robust design. Its high lifting capacity, ergonomic features, and smart energy management ensure great performance.

2. How does the Toyota RRE160H improve safety?


The RRE160H features automatic deceleration, a driver detection system, and other safety features. These not only ensure operator safety but also significantly reduce workplace accidents.

3. What are the energy options for the Toyota RRE160H?


The Toyota RRE160H features intelligent energy packs, including lithium-ion battery options. These provide extended run times and quick recharging capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency.

4. How do Locators support the Toyota RRE160H?


Locators offer comprehensive support. Our expert team can help you select the correct configuration and provide maintenance and training. We'll ensure you get the most out of your RRE160H.

5. Why choose Locators for your Toyota RRE160H?


Locators stand out with our commitment to quality and customer service. We provide tailored solutions, expert support, and reliable equipment to meet your warehouse needs.