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Toyota BT Reflex RRE160HN

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Load Capacity:
1600 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
1000 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts


Looking for a versatile and efficient reach truck? The BT Reflex is designed for narrow spaces, block stacking, and drive-in racking. This high-performance truck offers several key features:

– **Intelligent Energy Packs:** Powered by Toyota’s high-density lithium-ion battery solution, these energy packs enhance performance, energy efficiency, and reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions.

– **Ergonomic Design:** The driver’s compartment is ergonomically designed with user-friendly features, including an easy-to-read color touchscreen display.

– **Connected Smart Truck:** Equipped with standard telematics hardware, these smart trucks can connect with Toyota’s I_Site, providing insights into battery management, geolocation, shocks, and more.

– **Totalview Concept:** The clean design of the mast and fork carriage, along with a transparent roof, offers the operator an excellent view of the load at all times, improving productivity and safety.

– **Cold Store Adaptability:** This BT Reflex truck can be adapted for cold store operations with an additional heated cabin, ensuring operator comfort in temperatures as low as -30°C. The transparent cabin door ensures high visibility and safety.

This reach truck comes with a wide range of technical specifications, including adjustable fork width, automatic deceleration, electronic braking systems, and more. As with all Toyota trucks, the BT Reflex reach trucks are built according to the Toyota Production System, ensuring the highest levels of quality, durability, and reliability.