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Toyota BT Tyro LHE130

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Load Capacity:
1300 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
195 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Specification Detail Status
Model LHE130 Included
Energy package Lithium-ion Battery 24V / 36Ah, Charger 12Ah Included
Start up With pin code Included
Drive wheel Polyurethane Included
Castor wheel Polyurethane Included
Fork wheels Bogie Polyurethane Included
Fork carriage 540 x 1.150 mm Optional



The Toyota LHE130 Transforms Your Logistics Game

The Toyota LHE130 offers efficiency and reliability in one powerful package.

In today’s fast business world, success or struggle often depends on how well your material handling systems work. To succeed in their industry, businesses must improve their logistics operations. This may happen due to complex supply chains, high customer expectations, and inventory management. However, the Toyota LHE130 is a BT Tyro powered pallet truck (PPT) designed to meet these exacting standards and help you get ahead of the curve. The Toyota LHE130 isn’t just another piece of machinery in your inventory; it’s an investment in the future of your business. Timing is crucial when handling heavy loads. This electric PPT is excellent at making your workflow more agile and efficient. With a load capacity of 1,300 kg and an optimal load centre of 600 mm, it’s a workhorse engineered to deal with the most demanding logistics tasks. But it’s not just the heavy lifting where the Toyota LHE130 shines; it’s also about the minutiae. This truck ensures safety and comfort for operators by allowing precise control of materials. This BT Tyro model features DC speed control and a sound level below 70 dB. You can maintain a fast travel speed to ensure timely operations, even when the truck is empty. Here at Locators, we understand the complexities of your operational needs. That’s why we’ve partnered with Toyota Material Handling to offer you a solution for demanding environments. The Toyota LHE130 is not just eco-conscious with its low energy consumption rates but also light on operational costs. This makes it a win-win solution for any business looking to boost its bottom line while reducing its carbon footprint. So, why choose Locators as your provider for the Toyota LHE130? The answer is simple — we don’t just deliver a product but a comprehensive solution. We provide services to help you before and after your purchase, ensuring a successful investment. When you choose the Toyota LHE130, you’re not just upgrading your equipment. You’re elevating your entire operation to a new level of excellence. That’s because the Toyota LHE130 isn’t just a tool. It’s an asset that can redefine the efficiency and effectiveness of your material handling operations. Switch to this powerful pallet truck today and experience how it can transform your logistics.

Position your business for a more productive and profitable future.



Benefits of The Toyota LHE130 PPT

Experience the Future of Material Handling with the Toyota LHE130.


    1. Unparalleled Load Capacity

      The Toyota LHE130 boasts a load capacity of 1,300 kg. This makes it a game-changer for handling heavy loads with ease.

    2. Precision & Control

      DC speed control ensures you’re always in command. Coupled with a sound level below 70 dB, the Toyota LHE130 takes operator comfort and safety to a new level.

    3. Optimised Operational Efficiency

      The Toyota LHE130 has impressive travel speeds, both loaded and unloaded. It is designed to keep your operations running smoothly — so you can meet tight schedules without a hitch.

    4. Environmentally Responsible

      The electric drive motor and low energy consumption make this pallet truck a green choice. Investing in the Toyota LHE130 is a step towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

    5. Total Cost of Ownership Advantage

      Not only does the Toyota LHE130 excel in performance, but its low operational costs make it a cost-effective choice. Enhanced durability means you’ll save on maintenance and extend the lifespan of your equipment.



Engineering Your Success with the Toyota LHE130

A closer look at the features that make the Toyota LHE130 a standout choice.

In an industry where the margins for error are narrow, the choice of equipment can make or break your logistics operations. In this high-stakes arena, the Toyota LHE130 emerges as a masterstroke in engineering and functionality. Designed for precision and power, this electric PPT is a fulcrum around which your entire logistics operation can pivot. This isn’t just another machine. This solution combines all material handling parts to create a smooth, efficient process.

The Toyota LHE130 showcases the power of smart engineering in material handling solutions, whether you are in . . .

🟧 | Warehousing
🟧 | Distribution
🟧 | Or retail

Let’s dive into the key features that contribute to this exceptional performance . . .


Feature-Rich & User-Friendly Design

Getting to grips with the Toyota LHE130 is a breeze. It’s pedestrian-operated, meaning you don’t need specialised training to get started. Simple controls keep the focus on the task at hand. And yes, it’s electric — so you can say goodbye to cumbersome and costly fuel expenses.


Unwavering Performance Metrics

Speed is of the essence in any logistics environment. The Toyota LHE130 delivers this in spades, with a travel speed of 4.6 km/h with a load and 4.8 km/h without. But it doesn’t stop there. The lift speed is optimised to keep your operations running like clockwork, whether lifting 1,300 kg or just the forks.


The Safety First Approach

Logistics isn’t just about speed and efficiency; it’s also about ensuring the safety of your staff. The Toyota LHE130 scores high here, too. The electromagnetic service brake offers you extra security when it matters the most. It’s a safeguard for your peace of mind and comes as standard.


Eco-Friendly Yet Powerful

Amid discussions about climate change and the environment, it is crucial to make eco-friendly choices. The Toyota LHE130 rises to the occasion. It’s electric, which means zero emissions. But that’s not all; it’s also designed for low energy consumption, making it sustainable without compromising performance.


In today’s logistics industry, companies need equipment that goes beyond expectations. Your pallet truck choice needs to be an extension of your operational ethos. It should reflect your commitment to efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. The Toyota LHE130 embodies various features that place it head and shoulders above the competition. When you opt for this pallet truck, you’re not just adding another piece of machinery to your arsenal. You’re making a strategic choice that will reverberate positively throughout your business. The design is easy to use, safe, and good for the environment. It’s perfect for companies that want to be excellent at handling materials and logistics.

When you invest in the Toyota LHE130, you’re making a crucial decision that puts your business ahead.



Transform Your Operations with the Toyota LHE130

A comprehensive breakdown of the Toyota LHE130’s specifications.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing logistics and material handling landscape, the equipment you choose can serve as the linchpin for your entire operation. With the Toyota LHE130, you’re investing in more than just a machine. You’re investing in an engineered solution designed to meet the industry’s highest demands. Toyota has considered everything to make a pallet truck that stands out.

From the ground up, every aspect of the Toyota LHE130 has been fine-tuned to offer optimum . . .

🟧 | Performance
🟧 | Durability
🟧 | And ease of use

Let’s delve into how the Toyota LHE130 stands out and why it’s the choice for any organisation committed to logistical excellence . . .


In-Depth Dimensions

The Toyota LHE130 has carefully designed dimensions for easy manoeuvring and operation. The wheelbase measures between 1134 and 1185 mm, allowing for a tight turning radius of 1283 mm when the forks are raised. With an overall length of 1,530 mm and a width of just 540 mm, this truck can effortlessly navigate narrow aisles and crowded warehouse spaces. Plus, the lift height of 195 mm ensures that you can easily manoeuvre over various surface conditions. This makes it versatile for different environments.


The Weight Factor

The weight distribution of the Toyota LHE130 is nothing short of brilliant. The total weight of the device, including the battery, is 137 kg. This makes it a lightweight option, allowing easy operation and control. The axle load is meticulously balanced at 410 kg with load for the drive wheel and 977 kg for the fork wheel. Without the load, the distribution is 93 kg for the drive wheel and 30 kg for the fork wheel. When you operate it, the weight is evenly distributed for better control and stability. This is especially important when carrying loads up to 1,300 kg.


Wheels That Keep You Moving

The wheels on the Toyota LHE130 are not your average set. They are made from polyurethane, a durable material known for its low rolling resistance. The front wheel size is 210×70 mm, while the rear wheels measure 80×70 mm. There are additional wheels with dimensions of 80×30 mm. This setup provides for a smoother ride and contributes to the machine’s overall manoeuvrability. Whether on a smooth warehouse floor or a more challenging surface, these wheels are built to keep you moving efficiently.


A Study in Performance

Regarding the actual numbers, the Toyota LHE130 doesn’t disappoint. It offers a travel speed of 4.6 km/h when loaded and slightly faster at 4.8 km/h when unloaded. The lift speed metrics are equally impressive, coming in at 0.020 m/s with a load and 0.025 m/s without. Lowering speed stands at 0.05 m/s with a load and 0.04 m/s without. The machine can even handle gradients, with a maximum gradeability of 6% when loaded and a whopping 16% when empty. These specifications guarantee fast and efficient operations, regardless of your challenges.


The Toyota LHE130 is not just a machine; it’s a game-changer in the logistics and material-handling sector. Its specifications contribute to a seamless, efficient, and high-performing logistical operation.

The Toyota LHE130 is the full package thanks to . . .

🟧 | Dimensions that offer easy manoeuvrability
🟧 | A balanced weight distribution that provides optimum control
🟧 | Resilient and efficient wheels
🟧 | And performance that meets and exceeds industry standards

It’s more than an asset. It’s an investment in your company’s future, an essential tool in your logistical arsenal that will serve you reliably for years to come. If you want a robust and dependable pallet truck that works at its best, choose the Toyota LHE130.

This extraordinary machine helps you meet industry demands and sets a new standard for excellence.