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Toyota BT Tyro SHE100

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Load Capacity:
1000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
3600 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts


The Toyota Pedestrian Stacker Truck is a versatile and efficient material handling equipment designed for various warehouse and industrial applications. It is also known as a pedestrian-operated stacker or a walkie stacker. Here are some key features and details about this piece of equipment:

  1. Design and Mobility: The Toyota Pedestrian Stacker Truck is designed to be operated by a pedestrian, which means the operator walks behind or alongside the stacker while controlling its movement. This design allows for precise maneuverability, making it suitable for tight spaces within warehouses.
  2. Lifting Capacity: These stacker trucks come in various models with different lifting capacities, ranging from a few hundred kilograms to over a ton. The choice of model depends on the specific needs of the warehouse or facility.
  3. Mast Options: They typically have a vertical mast that can be raised and lowered to lift and lower pallets or other loads. The mast may come in various configurations, such as duplex or triplex, which determines the maximum lifting height.
  4. Battery-Powered: Most Toyota Pedestrian Stacker Trucks are powered by batteries, which are rechargeable. This makes them environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use. The battery life can vary depending on usage and the specific model.
  5. Safety Features: These stacker trucks are equipped with safety features such as anti-roll-back systems, speed control, and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of both the operator and the goods being handled.
  6. Versatility: They are commonly used for tasks such as stacking and destacking pallets, loading and unloading trucks, and moving materials within a warehouse or distribution center. They are particularly useful for operations that require frequent lifting and transportation of loads over short to medium distances.
  7. Ergonomics: Toyota focuses on ergonomic design to ensure operator comfort during extended use. The control handles are easy to grip, and the stacker’s operation is user-friendly.
  8. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep these stacker trucks in optimal working condition. Toyota provides service and maintenance guidelines to ensure the longevity and reliability of their equipment.

In summary, the Toyota Pedestrian Stacker Truck is a valuable asset for warehouses and industrial settings, offering efficiency, versatility, and safety in material handling operations. Its design and features make it well-suited for various tasks, contributing to smoother warehouse operations.