Toyota Electric Counterbalance Range (Traigo Range)

Full Details

Maximum Load Capacity: 8.0 Ton

Maximum Lift Height: 7 m

The TOYOTA range of electric powered forklift trucks has lifting capacities from 1000kgs to 8500kgs and feature a 3 year / 5000 parts and labour warranty as standard. There are 3 distinct models:

7FBEST is a 24 volt 3 wheel machine with capacities from 1000kgs to 1500kgs. These forklifts are well suited for warehouse and yard work due to their compact size.

8FBE/M are 48 volt 3 or 4 wheel machines with capacities from 1500kgs to 2000kgs. Fully waterproof and with larger batteries, these machines will often replace existing engine powered trucks.

8FBMT is an 80 volt range of 4 wheel machines ranging from 2000kgs to 8500kgs. These rugged machines give long shift times and the benefits of no emissions and fuel savings over engine machines.

With SAS (System of Active Stability) as standard, this is also the safest and most productive range of trucks on the market today.

  • self levelling forks
  • automatic tilt angle and tilt speed restriction in both directions
  • travel speed reduction with load raised
  • stabilising rear axle (speed reduction when cornering on 3 wheel)
  • synchronised power steering

With a range of further safety and productivity options including programmable performance and weight indicators, every machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.
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