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Toyota BT Levio LPE200

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Load Capacity:
2000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Max Lift Height:
205 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Specification Detail Value
Model LPE200 Included
Start up With pin code Included
Smart package Telematics hardware included Included
Castor wheel Prime Single D=125 mm Included
Drive unit Standard Included
Lift Height For pallet handling, 205 mm Included
Speed Transistor 8km/h Optional
Fork length 1,150 mm Optional
Drive wheel Prime W=70 mm Optional
Fork wheels Single Optional
Energy package Lead-acid battery 225Ah BFS with charger 30A Optional
Steering arm Manual steering Optional
Fork width Width over forks 550 mm Optional



Toyota LPE200 is Elevating Material Handling Efficiency

Experience unparalleled performance with the Toyota LPE200, your gateway to enhanced productivity.

We operate in an industry where precision, efficiency, and reliability are not just goals but necessities. The Toyota LPE200 is a testament to engineering excellence and meets the demands of modern material handling. This BT Levio-powered pallet truck represents more than just a tool. It’s a business catalyst. It can facilitate seamless operations and drive productivity in warehouses and distribution centres. The Toyota LPE200 distinguishes itself through its exceptional load capacity of 2,000 kg. This doesn’t just make it a powerhouse in material handling. This capacity ensures that businesses can move substantial quantities with ease. It reduces the considerable time and effort required for loading and unloading operations. Such capability is not just a feature; it’s a direct contributor to the operational throughput. As such, it enhances the overall efficiency of the workforce.

Moreover, the electric drive system of the LPE200 shows a commitment to sustainable practices. By integrating electric power, the LPE200 doesn’t just reduce emissions. It also cuts down on operational costs associated with fuel consumption. This aligns with the growing global emphasis on environmentally friendly business operations. Toyota is helping companies to achieve their green objectives while enhancing their bottom line. Safety is paramount in any operational environment, and the Toyota LPE200 is engineered with this as a priority. Its ergonomic design, featuring a stand-on/pedestrian operator type, ensures maximum operator comfort. Plus, it helps reduce the risk of fatigue-related errors. The truck features compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability. It allows for safe navigation even in tight spaces, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring staff well-being.

The LPE200 has advanced features. This includes the BT Powertrak traction system and electronic regenerative brakes. These features highlight its role as a facilitator of smooth and efficient operations. These features don’t only enhance the truck’s performance. It also contributes to lower maintenance needs and longer service life. Consequently, businesses benefit from reduced downtime and lower total cost of ownership. This makes the Toyota LPE200 a wise investment for any company looking to optimise its material handling processes. The Toyota LPE200 is a critical player in a competitive market. Operational efficiency is crucial for success in this market. Its combination of power, precision, and sustainability makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve. It’s perfect whether navigating the bustling aisles of a warehouse or the precise demands of a distribution centre. As such, the Toyota LPE200 is not just a machine but a partner in progress.

It’s time to propel your business towards its goals with unwavering reliability and efficiency.



The Benefits of The Toyota LPE200

Discover the power of efficiency with the Toyota LPE200.


    1. Unmatched Load Capacity
      The Toyota LPE200 boasts an impressive 2,000 kg load capacity. This strength allows for the swift and efficient movement of heavy loads. So you can enhance your overall operational productivity.
    2. Eco-Friendly Electric Drive
      Embrace sustainability with the LPE200’s electric drive system. This eco-conscious choice not only reduces emissions but also cuts operational costs. This makes it an innovative, green solution for your business.
    3. Ergonomic Operator Comfort
      Designed with operator comfort in mind, the LPE200 offers a stand-on/pedestrian option. This reduces fatigue and enhances safety, ensuring your workforce remains efficient and well-protected.
    4. Advanced Safety Features
      The LPE200 prioritises safety. It has electronic regenerative brakes and a driver detection system. These innovations minimise risk, ensuring a safe working environment for your team.
    5. Superior Manoeuvrability
      With its compact design and excellent manoeuvrability, the LPE200 excels in tight spaces. Navigate through crowded warehouses with ease. Ensure seamless operations and reduce the risk of accidents.



The Toyota LPE200 is Engineering Excellence in Motion

Step into the future of material handling with the Toyota LPE200 — where innovation meets functionality.

The Toyota LPE200 represents a breakthrough in the field of material handling. It’s a remarkable fusion of innovative technology and practical functionality. This powered pallet truck is not merely a piece of equipment. It’s a cornerstone of operational efficiency. One that revolutionises how businesses approach their material handling needs. From the moment you engage the controls of the LPE200, you step into a new world.

A world where every detail is engineered for . . .

🟧 | Safety
🟧 | Optimal performance
🟧 | And ease of use

The Toyota LPE200 is not just an advancement in technology. It embodies Toyota’s commitment to push the boundaries of what’s possible in material handling solutions. Its design reflects the challenges faced in modern warehouses and distribution centres. It offers solutions that are both innovative and intuitively practical. The LPE200 stands as a beacon of Toyota’s engineering expertise.

Here’s a glimpse into a future where efficiency and safety create the ultimate material handling experience . . .


BT Powertrak Traction System

At the heart of the LPE200 lies the BT Powertrak traction system, a hallmark of Toyota’s engineering prowess. This system ensures optimal grip and stability. It provides smooth, controlled movement across various surfaces. It’s the foundation of the LPE200’s reliable performance, enabling you to tackle any task confidently.


Fingertip Controls & Information Display

Precision is vital in material handling. The Toyota LPE200 delivers it via intuitive fingertip controls and has a clear information display. Operators have complete control at their fingertips, ensuring ease of use and reducing the learning curve. The display provides vital information in real-time, enhancing decision-making on the go.


Electronic Braking System

Safety is paramount, and the LPE200’s electronic braking system is a testament to this commitment. The system responds quickly and stops smoothly, minimising accident risk. It’s not just a feature; it’s peace of mind, ensuring the well-being of your staff and the integrity of your cargo.


Regenerative Braking & Driver Detection System

The Toyota LPE200 enhances safety with regenerative braking and driver detection. During braking, these features harness energy to extend battery life. They also ensure that the truck is only operational when manned safely. This dual approach maximises efficiency while upholding the highest safety standards.


Smart Truck Technology

Embracing the digital age, the LPE200 is equipped with intelligent truck technology. This innovative feature allows for seamless connectivity. It offers insights into battery management, operational patterns, and more. It’s not just a truck; it’s a data hub, providing valuable insights to optimise your operations.


The Toyota LPE200 is a symbol of Toyota’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of material handling. The LPE200’s thoughtful design and high-tech features will improve your operational capabilities. This powered pallet truck is not just a tool for today. It’s an investment in the future that ensures your business remains at the forefront of efficiency, safety, and innovation. The LPE200 is more than just a machine. It’s a promise of progress. It’s a guarantee that with Toyota, you can meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Embrace the Toyota LPE200 and experience the power of true engineering mastery at your fingertips.



The Toyota LPE200 is Excellence in Every Detail

It’s time to meet your ultimate partner in material handling, the Toyota LPE200.

The Toyota LPE200 has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation in material handling. It’s setting new benchmarks for efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. This powered pallet truck embodies Toyota’s relentless pursuit of perfection. The solution offered exceeds the usual limits of warehouse operations and logistical tasks. Every aspect of the LPE200 has been meticulously engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses. This makes it a pivotal asset for those who seek to streamline their operations and elevate their productivity. As a symbol of Toyota’s commitment to quality and innovation, the LPE200 is not just a piece of machinery.

Here’s what makes it part of a new era of material handling efficiency . . .


Robust Load Handling

The Toyota LPE200 excels in load capacity, supporting up to 2,000 kg with remarkable ease. This capacity empowers businesses to handle heavy and bulky materials. They can significantly enhance their productivity and reduce time spent on load management. Its robust design ensures reliability under various load conditions. This makes it a versatile choice for diverse operational needs.


Sustainable Electric Power

An advanced electric drive system is at the heart of the LPE200’s operation. This eco-friendly power source not only ensures a reduction in carbon emissions. It also promises lower running costs compared to traditional fuel-powered trucks. The electric drive makes operations quieter. This makes it ideal for indoor environments and noise-sensitive areas.


Operator-Focused Design

The LPE200 is designed with an ergonomic operator platform for comfort. The truck provides a stand-on option for enhanced visibility and control. It also features a pedestrian mode for quick dismounting and manoeuvring. This flexibility caters to different operational scenarios. It ensures operator comfort and reduces the risk of strain-related injuries.


Advanced Safety Systems

The Toyota LPE200 focuses on safety. It has electronic regenerative brakes and a driver detection system. The regenerative brakes provide controlled stopping power. They are efficient and contribute to the safety of the operator and environment. The driver detection system improves safety by ensuring the truck only operates when the operator is in the correct position. This prevents accidental movements and enhances safety.


Compact & Agile

The compact design of the LPE200 is a critical factor in its agility and ease of manoeuvrability. The agility is practical in cramped warehouses where trucks have trouble. The LPE200 can navigate narrow aisles and sharp turns. This reduces the risk of accidents and improves operational efficiency. It is perfect for space-constrained environments.


The Toyota LPE200 stands not just as a product but as a testament to Toyota’s vision of the future of material handling. The product combines strength, intelligence, and agility to improve businesses. The LPE200 is more than just a truck; it’s a strategic investment in your business’s efficiency and sustainability. By choosing the Toyota LPE200, you’re not just upgrading your equipment. You’re embracing a future where performance, safety, and environmental responsibility align. The LPE200 is the key to unlocking new productivity and operational excellence levels.

Set your business on a path to success in an increasingly competitive market.