Toyota Powered Pallet Trucks (BT Levio Range)

Full Details

Maximum Load Capacity: 2.5 Ton

Maximum Lift Height: N/A

The BT Levio powered pallet trucks are available in different versions from pedestrian to rider-seated, as well as stand in trucks. They also offer different load capacities and lift heights. These models can be used for a wide variety of indoor applications such as loading/unloading, order picking and horizontal transport.

The TOYOTA range of powered pallet trucks has lifting capacities from 1300kgs up to 3000kg.

The walk behind TOYOTA powered pallet truck range starts with the 1300kgs capacity LWE1300. This machine has sealed gel batteries and is designed for lighter applications or even to travel in your delivery vehicle with your load. The LWE range extends to 2500kg and these machines are fitted with a normal traction battery as standard. All walk behind machines have TOYOTA castor link which automatically stabilises the truck and the load.

The LPE range is a more heavy duty machine and has folding platforms and sideguards designed for more arduous applications including dock levelling. It has speed reduction on cornering as standard and other options include adjustable height tillers and fixed side guards for operators. Its advanced active castor stabilisation makes it an extremely safe machine.

If you need to move loads over longer distances and even multi pallet handle, then you need the TOYOTA S or R series of stand in and sit on machines. Available from 2000kgs to 3000kgs capacity and with travel speeds up to 19.9km/h they are able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

With a range of further safety and productivity options including programmable performance and weight indicators, every machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.
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