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Toyota Simai TTE71

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Load Capacity:
7000 kg


Feature Description
Inching Buttons Allows for precise control and easy manoeuvring of the vehicle.
Operator Presence System Ensures the vehicle operates only when the operator is present.
AC Power System Provides efficient power for extended use.
Pneumatic Tyres Offers durability and a smooth ride over various surfaces.
Automatic Parking Brake Enhances safety by automatically securing the vehicle when parked.
Regenerative Braking Converts braking energy into power for the battery.
Head and Tail Lights, Turn Signal Lights Improves visibility and safety during operation.
Digital Display Offers easy access to vehicle diagnostics and operations status.
Compact Design Combined with High Tonnage Enables handling heavy loads in tight spaces.
Small Turning Radius for Narrow Applications Ideal for manoeuvring in confined spaces.
Robust Metal Chassis for High Durability Ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
Front Rubberised Steel Helical Spring, Rear Steel Helical Springs and Shock Absorbers Provides high comfort for the operator during use.
Inching Buttons for Quick and Safe Docking of Trailers Facilitates secure and efficient trailer docking.



Transform Industrial Mobility with The Toyota Simai TTE71

The Toyota Simai TTE71 offers precision, reliability, and the future of warehouse efficiency.

The key to every thriving warehouse lies in its efficiency, safety, and reliability. The Toyota Simai TTE71 embodies all of these principles. It provides a unified solution that powers through the demands of modern logistics with grace and strength. However, this electric tow tractor is not just a piece of machinery. It’s the heartbeat of warehouse operations, ensuring goods move smoothly, safely, and swiftly from point A to B.

Imagine a workspace where every task is streamlined, and every operation runs like clockwork. That’s the environment the TTE71 creates. Its electric drive system minimises emissions and delivers the power needed to handle heavy loads. This means less time worrying about operational capabilities. Instead, you can focus on meeting your business goals and exceeding expectations.

But it’s not all about power and performance. The TTE71 also prioritises the well-being of its operators. Its design ensures comfort during long shifts. Meanwhile, its advanced safety features guard against accidents. This makes it a responsible choice for businesses that value their team as much as their bottom line. In the competitive world of warehouse logistics, choosing the Toyota Simai TTE71 is not just an investment in machinery.

It’s an investment in a future where efficiency, safety, and reliability are guaranteed.



The Benefit of The Toyota Simai TTE71

The Toyota Simai TTE71 elevates efficiency and safety in every move.


    1. Enhanced Efficiency

      The Toyota Simai TTE71 boosts warehouse operations by moving goods faster and more reliably. Its electric drive ensures tasks are completed swiftly, increasing overall productivity.

    2. Unmatched Safety

      With features like an automatic parking brake and operator presence system, the TTE71 prioritises safety. It protects both operators and goods, reducing workplace accidents.

    3. Superior Durability

      Built to last, the Toyota Simai TTE71 withstands the rigours of heavy usage. Its robust design minimises maintenance costs, ensuring a longer service life.

    4. Operational Comfort

      Operators enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to its ergonomic design and advanced suspension. This reduces fatigue, enhancing productivity during long shifts.

    5. Eco-Friendly Operations

      The TTE71’s electric power reduces emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It contributes to a healthier workplace and planet.



Unlock Efficiency with The Toyota Simai TTE71

Bring advanced solutions to your warehouse with the Toyota Simai TTE71.

At Locators, we are dedicated to transforming your warehouse operations with the Toyota Simai TTE71. Our approach centers on integrating this advanced tow tractor into your workflow. This will streamline processes, enhance safety, and elevate efficiency.


Expert Consultation

We begin by understanding your specific needs. Our team of experts analyses your operations to recommend the best application of the TTE71, ensuring it aligns with your goals.


Tailored Solutions

The TTE71’s versatility allows us to tailor solutions that fit your unique environment. Whether it’s navigating narrow aisles or handling heavy loads, we configure the TTE71 to meet your challenges.


Comprehensive Training

Adopting new technology requires knowledge. We provide comprehensive training for your team. We ensure they can safely and effectively maximise the benefits of the TTE71.


Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end at purchase. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your TTE71 running smoothly. It guarantees long-term reliability and performance.


Partnering with Locators for your Toyota Simai TTE71 needs means investing in the future. One where your warehouse operations will be optimised for maximum productivity and safety.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your material handling capabilities.



Toyota Simai TTE71 FAQs

The Toyota Simai TTE71 is your key to enhanced warehouse productivity.


1. What makes the Toyota Simai TTE71 a must-have for my warehouse?


The Toyota Simai TTE71 stands out for its 7,000 kg load capacity and superior manoeuvrability. Its electric drive ensures efficiency, and its ergonomic design provides operator comfort. This makes it ideal for intensive warehouse operations.

2. How do Locators enhance the value of the Toyota Simai TTE71?


At Locators, we don't just supply the Toyota Simai TTE71. We also provide comprehensive support, including personalised consultations, tailor-made solutions, and extensive training. Our dedicated after-sales service ensures your equipment always operates at peak performance.

3. Can the TTE71 be customised to fit specific warehouse needs?


Yes, the versatility of the Toyota Simai TTE71 allows for various customisations. We work with you to tailor the TTE71 to meet your exact requirements. No matter whether it's adapting to specific load types or navigating unique warehouse layouts.

4. What safety features does the Toyota Simai TTE71 offer?


The TTE71 is equipped with advanced safety features. These include an automatic parking brake, regenerative braking, and an operator presence system. These features ensure a secure working environment for your team.

5. Why choose Locators as your Toyota Simai TTE71 provider?


Choosing Locators means partnering with a leader in material handling solutions. Our expertise, innovation, and focus on customer satisfaction set us apart from competitors. This makes us the preferred choice for businesses looking to elevate their warehouse operations.