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Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18

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Load Capacity:
1800 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7000 mm

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Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing)
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Orange seatbelt including seat belt interlock
Wide visible mast (V3,000 mm) Load backrest (Height: 1,220 mm)
Long forks (Length: 1,000 mm) Long forkbar (Length: 920 mm)
3-way valve (A400) Dual brake system
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
7” cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake Anti-restart ignition key switch
Long life coolant 50% LED Headlights
LED Rear combination lights Multi-function display II including self-diagnostic system
Travel speed control, engine auto stop and ECO mode Adjustable tilt steering column
Polycarbonate roof



Change The Game with The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 will revolutionise your warehouse workflow.

We operate in a world where efficiency and reliability aren’t just buzzwords. Instead, they’re necessities for keeping your business afloat. However, you may ask, “Is there a forklift truck that can truly meet all my operational needs?” The answer is a resounding yes, and it comes in the form of the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18. When you’re looking for a forklift that can handle a demanding work environment, you want one that’s powerful, safe, and durable. These aren’t just empty adjectives. They translate into fewer work stoppages, less downtime for maintenance, and a safer workplace for your employees. In essence, choosing the right forklift is not just a business decision. It’s an investment in your most valuable assets — your workforce and reputation.

Known for its quality and reliability, Toyota is at the centre of the demand for top performance in machinery. The brand’s standing is not just built on tradition but on a track record of delivering outstanding performance when it matters the most. When you invest in a Toyota forklift, you’re investing in a legacy of excellence. A legacy backed by years of research, development, and real-world application. So, why choose the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 specifically? Its load capacity of 1,750 kg and efficient LPG drive system allows for unparalleled lifting and moving capabilities. You’re getting a machine built to perform under pressure precisely when needed. Moreover, the truck features Toyota’s state-of-the-art safety systems. These include the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). Systems like these mean that the vehicle is designed to be as safe as it is efficient.

One of the most compelling reasons for the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is its focus on operator comfort and ergonomics. The seated rider operator type design ensures your workforce won’t just use a machine. They’ll partner with an asset that makes their job easier, safer, and more efficient. Choosing a forklift isn’t just about ticking boxes for specifications. It’s about selecting a machine that aligns with your core business values of safety, efficiency, and reliability. It’s about picking a partner that helps you meet your bottom line without compromising quality. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is more than just a forklift. It promises excellence in material handling and improves your operational performance. With the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18, you’re not just buying a forklift but investing in your business’s future.

So why settle for less when you can empower your operations with the very best?



The Benefits of The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is where unmatched efficiency meets industry-leading safety.


    1. Exceptional Load Capacity

      Lift, stack, and move with a powerful 1,750 kg load capacity. This is the machine you can rely on for heavy-duty tasks, day in and day out.

    2. Unbeatable Safety Features

      With Toyota’s SAS and OPS, safety is engineered into the core of the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18. Your workforce can focus on the task at hand, knowing they’re in safe hands.

    3. Optimal Fuel Efficiency

      Powered by an LPG drive system and featuring an engine with impressive fuel consumption rates, this is the efficiency you can bank on. Save costs without sacrificing performance every single shift.

    4. Superior Comfort & Ergonomics

      The operator’s seat isn’t just a seat; it’s a command centre designed for comfort. Your team will be more productive when comfortable, translating into a smoother operation.

    5. Industry-Leading Reliability

      Backed by Toyota’s reputation for quality and durability, the Tonero 02-8FGF18 is the long-term partner you need. Less downtime means more productivity, and that’s a bottom line any business can get behind.



Harness the Capabilities of the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 will power your operations to unprecedented heights.

Having a dependable forklift is crucial for warehouses and storage facilities. Forklifts play a vital role in material handling and inventory management. These machines often act as the backbone of an entire operation.

In choosing a forklift, decision-makers are often tasked with balancing multiple considerations, including . . .

🟧 | Safety
🟧 | Performance
🟧 | And cost-efficiency

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 stands out as a model that addresses these varied needs in one comprehensive package. It combines high-performance metrics with a range of safety features. Better yet, it does so while offering economic advantages that contribute to a more streamlined operation.

Here are some of the features integral to the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18’s reputation . . .


Operational Excellence

Achieving operational excellence is about more than just having a reliable forklift. It’s about having a forklift designed for peak performance. With a top travel speed of up to 19 km/h, this machine doesn’t just move; it glides. Its lift speed capabilities are equally important. These assure that you’re not just moving faster but smarter and more efficiently.


Safety Measures

In a fast-paced work environment, safety can’t afford to lag. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is equipped with advanced safety features like Toyota’s SAS and OPS. Add to that a multi-function display, including a self-diagnostic system, and you’ve got a machine that’s as smart as it is safe.


Economic Feasibility

Cost efficiency is critical in any business. That’s why the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 has an LPG drive system boasting impressive fuel consumption rates. Coupled with a robust hydraulic brake system, this forklift is designed with your balance sheet in mind.


Driver Comfort

The best technology and performance capabilities are wasted if your staff aren’t comfortable enough to make the most of them. It features an Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat, an adjustable tilt steering column, and a polycarbonate roof. These aren’t just features but investments in your team’s well-being.


Versatile & Agile

Your warehouse needs to change, and your machinery needs to adapt. With a turning radius of just 2,010 mm and the ability to operate in tight aisle widths, the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 brings agility to your operation. It’s not just about doing work; it’s about working well in any setting.


The decision to invest in a forklift like the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is an important one. The reason for this is its long-term implications for your business. It’s not just about the immediate needs of lifting and transporting materials. It’s about how those operations can be carried out in a way that maximises safety and efficiency. It’s about how it can thereby contribute to your business’s overall success and profitability. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is designed with these multifaceted requirements in mind. It is built to be a reliable asset that can handle the demands of a busy work environment, offering an optimal blend of speed, safety, and economy. By opting for this model, you are making a choice.

Align your choice with forward-thinking, efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to operational excellence.



Dive into the Details of the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is where specification meets aspiration.

In today’s fast-paced industrial world, a forklift is more than just a vehicle. It’s become the backbone of efficient material handling and warehousing. The right forklift can mean the difference between seamless operations and logistical bottlenecks. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 emerges as a top contender. Its features and specifications are for businesses striving for superior performance and reliability.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the core features that set this particular model apart . . .


Engine Capacity

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is propelled by a robust 38 kW Toyota 4Y-ECS (V) engine with a rated speed of 2570 1/min. It features four cylinders and a displacement of 2,237 cm3. This engine doesn’t just offer raw power; it promises reliable and consistent operation. With such a powerhouse at the core, you can rest assured that your forklift is prepared for even the most demanding tasks.


Tyre Dynamics

Navigating through warehouses and tight spaces requires more than just an agile operator; it demands tyres that can keep up. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 boasts pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres. These help ensure a smoother and more stable ride. With front tyre dimensions of 6,50 – 10 and rear ones of 5,00 – 8, these tyres are specifically engineered to work harmoniously with the rest of the vehicle. This results in unparalleled manoeuvrability and operational comfort.


Load Parameters

The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 can handle a substantial load of 1,750 kg, making it a go-to option for businesses with high-volume operations. But the forklift’s merits don’t end there. A load centre of 500 mm allows for even weight distribution, enhancing movement stability. The 1,485 mm wheelbase and 410 mm load distance from the centre of the drive axle to the fork provide leverage to handle heavy lifting with ease.


Acoustic Comfort

In industrial settings, loud noise can be more than just a nuisance. It can be a genuine disturbance that affects worker concentration and well-being. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 addresses this issue effectively, with a sound level at the driver’s ear of just 77 dB(A) according to EN 12 053 standards. This feature contributes to a more pleasant and focused work environment. It ensures that you’ll only hear the sound of productivity.


Fuel Consumption

Operational costs can add up quickly in any business, and fuel consumption is often a significant part. The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 also excels in this aspect, with a fuel consumption rate of just 2.1 kg/h according to EN16796 standards. This economical rate allows your business to function at peak capacity without excessive fuel costs. It underlines the forklift’s commitment to both performance and economy.


The Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18 is a reliable forklift that offers many benefits to businesses, for example it . . .

🟧 | Has a powerful engine
🟧 | Is comfortable to use
🟧 | And is fuel efficient

Each feature contributes to creating a vehicle that excels not just in one but multiple parameters. When you choose the Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF18, you aren’t just investing in long-term efficiency and performance. It will also help your business achieve operational excellence.

Positioned as a leader in its class, it serves as a comprehensive solution for material handling requirements.