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Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F

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Load Capacity:
1500 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7000 mm

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Technical Specification Features
Hydrostatic transmission Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability)
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,000 mm) Load backrest (Height: 1,220 mm)
Long forks (Length: 1,000 mm) Long forkbar (Length: 920 mm)
3-way valve (A400) Dual brake system
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
7” cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake Anti-restart ignition key switch
Headlights Rear combination lights
Combination meter including self diagnostic system Adjustable tilt steering column
Polycarbonate roof



Discover the Game-Changing Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F

Unlock unmatched efficiency and reliability with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F.

One name stands head and shoulders above the rest in the ever-evolving material handling landscape. It’s the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F. This isn’t just another forklift; it’s a potent solution to the challenges that every business in the sector grapples with. It embodies efficiency, sophistication, and robustness, all the things you’ve been searching for. So why should you opt for the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F, supplied by Locators? For starters, we’re the South’s leading fully integrated material handling and storage system company. As for the Tonero, it’s instrumental in helping you solve real-world problems. This machine tackles the age-old load capacity and speed issues without breaking a sweat. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F offers a rated load capacity of 1,500 kg. This makes it ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises that deal with heavy lifting on a daily basis. Its speed doesn’t lag behind, either. Whether loaded or not, it zips around at an impressive 19 km/h.

Then there’s the emotional peace of mind it offers. In an industry where time equals money, can you afford to be sidelined by sub-par equipment? With the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F, you can wave goodbye to unexpected downtimes and costly delays. And in doing so, you free up valuable headspace, allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best — running your business. Its LPG drive not only ensures a cleaner operation but also promises long-lasting service. Supported by the tried and true Toyota 4Y-ECS (V) engine, your business will gain an extraordinary partner. One that’s as committed to sustainability as it is to performance. Put simply, this isn’t just any engine; it’s one that’s been rated at a commanding 38 kW according to ISO 1585 standards. That means it can meet the demands of modern business while keeping an eye on environmental responsibilities.

Its state-of-the-art safety features make the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F even more appealing. It comes equipped with the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). So, you’re actively investing in a machine that’s been engineered to keep your workforce safe. In a domain where safety can never be compromised, these features are not just add-ons but necessities. This isn’t just a forklift. It’s a statement of intent. It says you’re committed to the best. Best in-class efficiency, unparalleled reliability, and uncompromising safety standards. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your operations and set a new benchmark for excellence, the choice is crystal clear. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F isn’t just a solution. It’s the solution, and it’s been optimally designed to meet your material handling and storage needs.

Trust us; your business deserves nothing less.



Elevate Your Operations with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F is where exceptional performance meets unrivalled reliability.

    1. Robust Load Capacity

      The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F offers an impressive load capacity of 1,500 kg. That means you can move more goods in less time, streamlining your operations.

    2. Unbeatable Speed

      Whether laden or unladen, this forklift speeds along at 19 km/h. It’s not just about lifting; it’s about getting your goods where they need to be and doing it faster.

    3. Safety First

      With features like Toyota’s SAS and OPS, this forklift puts safety at the forefront. Your team isn’t just working hard; they’re working safely.

    4. Eco-Friendly Operations

      Powered by an LPG drive and Toyota’s 4Y-ECS (V) engine, the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F is a nod towards sustainable business practices. Lower emissions mean a smaller carbon footprint for your operations.

    5. Unparalleled Versatility

      The compact yet robust design of the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F makes it the perfect fit for a wide array of work environments. From small stockrooms to expansive warehouses, this forklift excels wherever it goes.



How the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F Transforms Your Business

The following unveils the mechanics of efficiency, safety, and reliability.

When elevating your business, settling for mediocrity is not an option. You require equipment that aligns with your vision for growth, efficiency, and unyielding quality. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F is a forklift that redefines standards in the material handling industry. But you may ask, how can a single piece of machinery offer such a monumental shift?

The answer lies in its myriad features that have been painstakingly crafted to deliver . . .

🟧 | Safety
🟧 | Unparalleled performance
🟧 | And sustainability

This forklift isn’t merely about fulfilling tasks. It’s about transforming the way you approach your business operations. Prepare to unveil a new dimension in material handling, one where the machinery doesn’t just make your life easier; it makes your business better.

Here’s how the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F is the ultimate tool to revolutionise your enterprise . . .


Engineered for Power & Speed

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F is equipped with a formidable LPG drive system. Add an engine that generates 38 kW of power according to ISO 1585 standards, and what does this mean for you? Simple. You get a forklift that moves as fast as it lifts and effectively transforms your operational efficiency.


Designed for Safety

Safety isn’t an afterthought; it’s a built-in feature. The forklift boasts Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). This translates into a work environment that prioritises the well-being of your employees. With these advanced safety mechanisms, peace of mind comes standard.


Eco-Conscious Operations

In a world grappling with environmental issues, operating sustainably isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F makes this easy with its LPG drive and fuel-efficient engine. It’s a win-win; you don’t just save the planet, you also save on operational costs.


Versatility in Application

From narrow aisles to expansive units, its compact dimensions offer unparalleled versatility. The machine’s design enables it to navigate through different spaces effortlessly. Your business environment poses no limitation to what the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F can achieve.


A Suite of Standard Equipment

Standard doesn’t mean basic when it comes to the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F. Its features include full hydraulic power steering, LED headlights, and a multi-function display. Each component is strategically integrated to amplify your operational prowess.


The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F transcends the category of ‘just another forklift’. It emerges as an integrated solution. One that’s designed to not only simplify your operations but also elevate them to unparalleled heights. In an age where competition is fierce — and the room for error is minimal — opting for anything less than the best places your business at a disadvantage.

This forklift is more than just a wise choice — it’s a declaration of your commitment to excellence thanks to it’s . . .

🟧 | Unmatched speed
🟧 | Conscientious safety features,
🟧 | And dedication to eco-friendly operations

But beyond the specifications and the features, it’s about what this tool can bring to your business. It’ll increase productivity, ensure your workforce’s well-being, and help positively impact our planet. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F doesn’t just provide an immediate solution; it offers a pathway to long-term success. Investing in this forklift is like securing a partnership with progress, efficiency, and quality. Don’t just stay ahead of the curve; redefine it. Choose the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F, and let your business become the standard by which all others are measured.

Your future self will not just thank you; it will applaud you.



What You Get in The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F redefines material handling, one feature at a time.

Are you still considering making a strategic addition to your material handling operations? The choice of forklift can significantly impact your business’s efficiency, safety, and bottom line. Nonetheless, The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F stands out as an optimal choice. It’s apt for those wanting to enhance their workflow and ensure a safe, productive environment. This section will delve into the key specifications and features that make this forklift a cut above the rest. From navigational prowess to fuel efficiency, this truck is engineered to meet the needs of modern-day operations.

Let’s break down the specifics that make this forklift a powerhouse . . .


Navigating through tight spaces and sharp corners is a breeze with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F. Its turning radius of 1,990 mm and internal turning radius of 575 mm demonstrate an uncanny agility. This is not merely about manoeuvrability; it’s about maximising workspace. Say goodbye to the logistical nightmares of the past; this machine is adept at getting around without causing disruptions.


Rider Comfort & Ergonomics

Long hours behind the wheel can be draining, but the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F changes the game with its Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat. Designed to provide optimal comfort and safety, it significantly reduces operator fatigue. The seat itself is not just a chair; it’s a cockpit for productivity, setting the stage for prolonged work periods without strain.


Advanced Braking System

In any fast-paced work setting, an effective braking system is a must. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F doesn’t disappoint with its hydraulic service brake. It’s not just about coming to a stop; it’s about ensuring safety while maintaining the flow of operations. With these brakes, you get a feature that serves a dual purpose — security and efficiency, neatly rolled into one.


A Symphony of Sounds

While forklifts are not known for their aural qualities, the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F is different. With a sound level at the driver’s ear of just 77 dB(A), this machine contributes to a more pleasant and focused work environment. Less noise means less fatigue. In turn, this translates into enhanced concentration and productivity.


High-Octane Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F runs at a fuel consumption rate of only 2.6 kg/h, marking it as an emblem of efficiency. The low fuel consumption not only means that the machine is easier on your budget but also signifies a smaller carbon footprint. You’re not just saving money but contributing to a greener planet.


This is your solution to a more efficient, effective, and productive business operation. However, the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F isn’t just a catalogue of features. It’s a compilation of solutions to real-world business challenges. This forklift doesn’t just tick boxes; it eliminates them. It transforms barriers into pathways and challenges into stepping stones.

You’re not just buying a forklift; you’re investing in a promise — a promise of . . .

🟧 | Quality
🟧 | Reliability
🟧 | And performance

You get more than a machine; you get a silent business partner that works as hard as you do. Make the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F your choice today and take the first step towards a future of limitless possibilities. This is not the end; it’s just the beginning. Welcome to the next level.

Welcome to the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG15F.