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Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F

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Load Capacity:
2500 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7000 mm

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Technical Specification Features
Hydrostatic transmission Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability*)
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,000 mm) Load backrest (Height: 1,220 mm)
Long forks (Length: 1,000 mm) Long forkbar (Length: 1,020 mm)
3-way valve (A400) Dual brake system
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
7” cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake Anti-restart ignition key switch
Headlights Rear combination lights
Combination meter including self-diagnostic system Adjustable tilt steering column
Polycarbonate roof



Transform Your Workflow with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is where efficiency meets excellence.

When it comes to enhancing your operational efficiency, settling for anything less than the best is not an option. That’s where the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F comes into play. It’s a forklift designed to meet and exceed your most demanding needs. At Locators, we proudly supply this gem that symbolises the zenith of material handling capabilities. But why should you opt for the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F when plenty of other options are on the market? The answer is simple — it offers unparalleled performance, durability, and safety. Therefore, it presents itself as a game-changing investment for your business. One of the most striking features of this model is its impressive load capacity of 2,500 kg. With a drive powered by LPG and an operator type that’s rider-seated, it gives you the horsepower and comfort to manage extensive loads easily.

However, it’s not just about lifting but about lifting right. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this forklift promises a smoother, more productive workflow. Safety is a priority, too, and not just an afterthought with this forklift. It comes equipped with Toyota’s renowned System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). These help minimise the risk factors, allowing you to focus solely on the job. Add to that the Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System), and you’ve got a machine that cares as much about the operator as it does about the operation. Yet, what truly sets this model apart is its versatility. Its compact dimensions and superior manoeuvrability make it ideal for various industries. And let’s not forget the comprehensive range of standard equipment that comes with it. It features everything from hydrostatic transmission to hydraulic power steering and LED headlights. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is packed with features that make your work not just easier but more efficient.

But why should you choose to source your Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F from Locators? When you opt for us, you’re not just buying a forklift but investing in a partnership. We offer full-service support, immediate availability, and flexible payment plans. Our expert team is on hand to ensure you make your investment worthwhile. With Locators, you don’t just get a supplier; you gain a partner committed to your success. And the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is not just another forklift. It’s your pathway to unparalleled operational excellence. It embodies modern engineering with safety features, operational efficiencies, and high-performance metrics. Trust us when we say opting for this model is opting for a brighter, more productive future.

With Locators as your supplier, that future is closer than you think.



The Benefits of the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F

Elevate performance and transform your potential with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F.

    1. Unmatched Load Capacity

      With a 2,500 kg load capacity, the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is a workhorse in disguise. Trust it to handle your heaviest tasks with unprecedented ease.

    2. Safety First, Always

      Toyota’s SAS and OPS systems redefine what safety means in forklifts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing state-of-the-art safety features cushion your operators.

    3. Versatility at Its Best

      Compact dimensions meet unparalleled manoeuvrability. This model thrives in diverse industrial settings, making it the perfect fit for your varied needs.

    4. Efficiency Unleashed

      From hydrostatic transmission to full hydraulic power steering, its features maximise operational efficiency. Less time fussing means more time doing what you do best.

    5. Your Partner in Progress

      When you source this Toyota model from Locators, you invest in more than just a product. Benefit from our full-service support, immediate availability, and flexible payment plans.



How the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F Powers Your Operations

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is engineered for excellence and designed for your business.

When it comes to material handling and storage, few machines come close to the capability of the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F. Manufactured by a name synonymous with quality, it offers power, performance, and ergonomic design.

With features designed to meet the demands of modern industrial environments, it excels in . . .

🟧 | Load capacity
🟧 | Engine performance
🟧 | And safety

Do you operate in warehousing, logistics, or manufacturing? No matter which, this machine’s benefits translate into operational efficiency and bottom-line improvement. However, as we delve into the specific aspects of this exceptional forklift, you’ll find that each feature is not merely an addition.

Here’s how they are an integral part of a well-thought-out system to optimise performance and safety . . .


Engine & Drive System

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F features a high-performance Toyota 4Y-ECS engine with 38 kW of power and a rated speed of 2,400 1/min. What does this mean for your operations? Essentially, you can expect top-tier power output that maximises efficiency. Plus, the LPG fuel source makes this model more eco-friendly without compromising performance. Fuel consumption is remarkably efficient, ensuring you save on operational costs over time.


Ergonomic Design

Comfort is more than just a luxury; it is necessary for long operational hours. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F offers an OPS and ORS system, ensuring that the seat is not just a place to sit but a hub of safety and efficiency. The adjustable tilt steering column complements the ergonomics. It ensures that operators of all sizes can find their ideal driving position. Less physical fatigue means more focus and productivity, elevating your business operations.


Load & Lift Dynamics

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is no slouch for lifting and moving loads. With a load capacity of 2,500 kg and a lift height of 3,000 mm, it’s designed to tackle even the most demanding tasks. Ground clearance, turning radius, and aisle width specifications show this model is not just about brute force. It can manoeuvre effectively in tight spaces as well. Whether stacking pallets in a warehouse or moving heavy machinery, this forklift has you covered.


Safety Features

Safety is paramount, and Toyota leaves no stone unturned in this department. The System of Active Stability (SAS) is a unique feature that offers dynamic stability during lifts. The dual brake system adds an extra layer of security, ensuring immediate halting when needed. But it’s not just about the features; it’s also about the safety culture these elements instil among operators. When your team knows they’re operating a vehicle designed with their safety in mind, confidence and efficiency will follow.


Standard Equipment

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F comes with standard equipment designed to make life easier. Full hydraulic power steering offers ease of control. Meanwhile, the hydrostatic transmission ensures smooth operation. Plus, LED headlights provide clear visibility, an essential factor in any work environment. The multifunction display includes a self-diagnostic system. This system offers real-time updates and makes troubleshooting a breeze. Each piece of standard equipment has a role to play and collectively enhances the operational efficiency of your tasks.


The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F sets a high bar in the material handling industry. With an arsenal of features that span efficiency, comfort, and safety, it is built to serve diverse operational needs.

As we’ve seen above, each element has been carefully engineered to provide tangible benefits, be it in terms of . . .

🟧 | Cost-saving
🟧 | Productivity
🟧 | Or well-being

The collective impact of these features results in a forklift that not only performs tasks. Instead, it serves to enhance the overall operational quality of your business.

This is not just an investment in a piece of machinery; it’s an investment in the long-term success of your operations.



Unpacking the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F

The features are what make this forklift an unbeatable asset for your business.

When it comes to material handling and storage, having a forklift that you can rely on is a necessity, not a luxury. That’s where the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F comes into play. This machine is a standout in Toyota’s line-up. It offers a blend of power, efficiency, and safety features that elevate it far above standard industry offerings. So, are your business operations set in a warehouse, construction site, or large-scale manufacturing plant? No matter where you operate, the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is built to deliver performance that matches your needs.

Here’s what goes into making your daily operations smoother, safer, and more efficient . . .


Combustion Engine

The Toyota 4Y-ECS (V) engine that powers the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F isn’t your run-of-the-mill forklift engine. Delivering a mighty 38 kW of power at a rated speed of 2,400 RPM, this engine has been engineered for top performance. Furthermore, its four-cylinder displacement of 2,237 cm3 ensures you get a blend of power and efficiency. It’s a balance that is vital in today’s fast-paced industrial settings.


Load Capacity & Dimensions

The Tonero has been crafted to handle significant weights, with a capacity of up to 2,500 kg. But it’s not just the raw power that stands out; it’s also the engineering finesse. With a carefully calculated load centre at 500 mm and a load distance of 470 mm, the machine achieves optimal balance. This is crucial for safe and stable operations, allowing you to manoeuvre hefty loads without worrying about tipping or imbalance.


Tyres & Terrain Adaptability

A machine is only as good as its weakest link, and with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F, weak links are hard to find. Especially for its tyres, this model comes standard with pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres. These tyres are not only durable but are also adept at adapting to different terrains. Whether it’s the smooth factory floor or the rugged outdoors, these tyres ensure that your operations proceed without a hitch.


Safety Systems

Safety isn’t a mere afterthought with the Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F; it’s integrated into its design. Toyota’s patented SAS and OPS systems are part of the standard package. SAS actively engages to stabilise the forklift, reducing the risk of tip-overs. Meanwhile, OPS ensures the machine will not operate unless the operator is correctly seated. This adds a key layer of safety.


Operational Efficiency

The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F doesn’t just boast about its capabilities; it puts them into action in the most efficient manner. With a travel speed of 19 km/h, both with and without load, this forklift ensures you get your goods from A to B in no time. It even adjusts its lift speed based on whether it’s carrying a load, ensuring that the machine always operates at peak efficiency. Add to that a hydraulic service brake, and you have a machine designed for power and optimal operational efficiency.


The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F is more than just another forklift; it’s an investment in your business’s future that stands out thanks to its . . .

🟧 | Robust engine
🟧 | Carefully engineered safety features
🟧 | And adaptability across various terrains

This machine offers a compelling combination of features that can’t be ignored. If you want to upgrade your existing fleet or invest in new material-handling equipment, get in touch. The Toyota Tonero 06-8FG25F should be at the top of your consideration list. Thank you for taking the time to explore what this exceptional forklift can offer.

We’re confident it will exceed your expectations and contribute to your business’s ongoing success.