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Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F

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Load Capacity:
3000 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7000 mm



Technical Specification Features
Hydrostatic transmission Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability*)
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,000 mm) Load backrest (Height: 1,220 mm)
Long forks (Length: 1,000 mm) Long forkbar (Length: 1,070 mm)
3-way valve (A400) Dual brake system
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
7” cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake Anti-restart ignition key switch
Headlights Rear combination lights
Combination meter including self-diagnostic system Adjustable tilt steering column
Polycarbonate roof



The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F Has Strength & Balletic Precision

Drive into the future of material handling with the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F, courtesy of Locators.

In a landscape flooded with material handling options, standing out requires more than just lifting loads. It demands lifting your entire operation to new heights. That’s precisely the sort of seismic shift the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F offers. You don’t just acquire a forklift; you harness a powerhouse that revolutionises your workflow. Locators are thrilled to be your gateway to this game-changing machine. With us, every specification isn’t just a number but a pledge of extraordinary capability. We know that when considering material handling equipment, it’s easy to get bogged down by horsepower, torque, and lift capacity. However, with the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F, the question isn’t what it can lift but what it can elevate. As your partner, Locators would like to emphasise that this machine is more than its mechanical components. It’s a marriage of engineering excellence and operational efficiency. But why should you procure it from us?

Here at Locators, we understand that a machine of this calibre isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in the very fabric of your business. What sets this Toyota Tonero model apart is not only its adherence to Toyota’s renowned manufacturing standards. It’s also right there in its suite of intelligent features. Take the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Toyota Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). These offer a harmony of safety and productivity that turns routine tasks into smooth operations. When coupled with our expert consultation and after-sales service, it’s clear that you’re not just acquiring a forklift. Instead, you’re forging a partnership with a machine built to shoulder your business goals.

Selecting the right machinery is a multi-layered decision. One that involves considering load capacity, fuel efficiency, and operational fluidity. With a 3,500 kg load capacity and an efficient Toyota 1ZS (V) engine, the Tonero 56-8FDJ35F makes that decision unambiguous. However, Locators have added another layer to this decision-making process — and that’s peace of mind. With us, you’re not only sourcing a forklift. You’re also aligning with a company synonymous with integrity, expertise, and unparalleled service. So select the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F and modernise your material handling operations. Remember, it’s not just about lifting products; it’s about uplifting your entire operation. Procuring it from Locators means choosing a seamless, cost-efficient, and future-focused transition. One that will take you and your team into a league of unmatched operational excellence. So, are you ready to turn the gears of your business with the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F?

Locators are ready to fuel your journey towards uncharted efficiencies and success.



The Benefits of the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F

The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F is a dream machine that can transform limits into possibilities.


    1. Ultra-Powerful Load Capacity

      The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F handles a massive 3,500 kg with ease. Your heavy lifting just became a walk in the park.

    2. Unyielding Fuel Efficiency

      Operational cost becomes a minor footnote with a Toyota 1ZS (V) engine consuming fuel at a measured 3.9 kg/h. Here, efficiency meets economy, and they get along famously.

    3. Safety First, Always

      Toyota’s SAS and OPS technologies make the Tonero a fortress of safety. This forklift thinks before you do, keeping mishaps off your daily schedule.

    4. Manoeuvrability Masterclass

      A tight turning radius of 2,490 mm turns narrow aisles and cluttered spaces into a playground. Your agility just got an upgrade, and it’s impressive.

    5. A Symphony of Intelligent Features

      This machine has thoughtful features — from hydrostatic transmission to a dual brake system. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife on wheels. It’s versatile, reliable, and indispensable.



Gain Operational Excellence with the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F

Let the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F shape your success story, one lift at a time.

The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F is crucial for various operational needs — from simple lifting tasks to complex logistical manoeuvres. Yes, it’s easy to focus on the individual features of this machine. Yet, it is essential to understand how these elements work together to offer a comprehensive solution for your business. The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F is a standout performer. It’s renowned for bringing your operations unmatched versatility, safety, and efficiency. This machine’s unique capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses. It’s apt for those looking to improve their bottom line and achieve operational excellence.

Here’s how this remarkable piece of equipment accomplishes these goals . . .


Redefining Load Management

The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F simplifies what used to be complex. With a rated load of 3,500 kg, you can tackle large projects without a hitch. It lifts more to achieve more, consolidating your steps into strides.


Engine Efficiency is The Unsung Hero

You won’t just move material; you’ll move mountains. Its state-of-the-art Toyota 1ZS (V) engine conserves fuel without sacrificing power. Translation? Longer hours of high-octane work with less idle time at the fuel pump.


A Safety Net That Thinks

Safety isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an ethos. With Toyota’s SAS and OPS, the Tonero thinks on its wheels. It reacts to the terrain, balance, and operator behaviour, averting dangers before they enter your radar.


Manoeuvring Through Mayhem

Limited space? Tricky corners? Forget the hassle. With its compact turning radius and intelligent design, navigating through tight spaces is a breeze. Your Tonero moves as if it knows your warehouse better than you do.


Your Cockpit of Convenience

Comfort enhances productivity, and the Tonero has this down to a T. The ergonomic operator seat and intuitive controls make it less of a machine and more of an extension of the operator. The easier the interface, the more you can achieve.


Locators are committed to delivering the best solutions for material handling. The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F stands as an embodiment of this commitment. From its fuel-efficient engine to its robust safety features, every aspect of this machine has been designed with the user in mind. It’s not just about meeting your immediate operational needs; it’s about investing in a tool that will adapt and scale as your business grows. So, are you in manufacturing, distribution, or any industry that relies on dependable material handling? No matter which, this is the forklift you can’t afford to operate without. We believe in its ability to redefine what’s possible for your business.

It can provide a bedrock of reliability and efficiency on which you can build a future of success.



The Nuts & Bolts of the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F

The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F is a tool where exceptional features create unmatched utility.

Welcome to the detail-oriented section of our exploration into the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F. Here, we’ll dive deep into the features that make this forklift an invaluable addition to your operations. We understand that investing in machinery is a critical decision for your business. It impacts immediate operations and sets the stage for long-term productivity and safety. In the following section, we will dissect the various features of the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F.

Here’s how each feature has been engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and reliability . . .


Diesel-Powered Might

The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F boasts a diesel engine crafted by Toyota themselves. With an engine power of 41 kW and a rated speed of 2,200 RPM, you have all the muscle you need to lift 3,500 kg payloads. Longer running times and fewer fuel stops translate into a day’s work done better and faster.


Tyre Choices for Optimal Handling

One of the critical factors in forklift operation is the type and quality of the tyres. The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F comes with pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres. These combine solid rubber’s durability and puncture resistance with the grip of pneumatic tyres. You’ll experience stable yet smooth drives, no matter the surface condition.


Advanced Hydraulic System

For those businesses requiring a variety of attachments — from clamps and forks to rotators and side shifters — the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F is ready. It operates at a hydraulic pressure of 147 bar with an oil volume of 65-80 l/min. As such, you can rest assured that whatever the attachment, the hydraulic system can handle it. This machine is all about versatility and adaptability.


Sound Level Control

Noise pollution is a growing concern in many industrial settings. The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F addresses this issue with a sound level of just 77 dB(A) at the driver’s ear. Not only does this improve worker comfort, but it also helps meet stringent health and safety regulations. It’s about making your work environment as welcoming as it is productive.


The Visibility Advantage

Visibility can never be compromised when it comes to forklift operations. The Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F is engineered with this in mind, featuring a wide visible mast and cutting-edge LED headlights. No matter whether you’re working in a well-lit warehouse or a darker environment, know this. Its excellent visibility ensures that you can operate safely and efficiently.


We hope this detailed look has given you insight into why this machine is the ideal choice for your business. The combination of power, efficiency, safety, and adaptability is rarely found in a single piece of machinery. In selecting the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F, you are not just buying a tool. You are securing a comprehensive solution for a range of operational needs. With Locators as your supplier, you gain confidence from partnering with a leader in the material handling industry. This isn’t just about meeting your needs today. It’s about anticipating and fulfilling your future requirements. Thank you for considering the Toyota Tonero 56-8FDJ35F.

We’re confident it will exceed your expectations and contribute positively to your bottom line.