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Toyota Tonero 8FD40F

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Load Capacity:
4000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6000 mm



Technical Specification Features
Hydrodynamic transmission Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability)
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,000 mm) Load backrest (Height: 1,220 mm)
Long forks (Length: 1,000 mm) Long fork bar (Length: 1,170 mm)
3-way valve (A400) Dual brake system
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
Cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake Headlights
Rear combination lights Combination metre including self-diagnostic system
Adjustable tilt steering column



Why Your Business Deserves the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F

Empower your operations with the epitome of innovative material handling.

In the modern era of industry, efficiency and reliability govern success. Due to this, the choice of the right material handling equipment can be pivotal. That’s where the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F comes into play. It’s a forklift designed as a machine and a seamless extension of your business goals. But why should you choose the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F for your business? Because it embodies everything you aspire for in your operations. Precision, sustainability, safety, and excellence — it’s all achievable with the Tonero 8FD40F. Built by Toyota, a name synonymous with quality, this truck ensures your business is always on the move and always ahead.

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s about doing it right. With a robust diesel engine, it promises remarkable fuel efficiency. Better still, it does so while adhering to its commitment to environmental responsibility. The 4,500 kg load capacity allows you to handle any task with ease. Meanwhile, the unique Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) ensures that every load is safely handled. But what makes the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F stand out from the crowd? It’s the synergy of innovation and functionality. From the hydrodynamic transmission to the multifunction display, every aspect enhances operational effectiveness.

Locators are the South’s leading fully integrated material handling and storage system company. As such, we recognise the significance of having the right tools for the right job. We’ve chosen the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F because we believe in empowering your business with tools that reflect three key things — your ambition, your dedication to quality, and your relentless pursuit of excellence. In choosing the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F, you’re not just choosing a forklift. You’re embracing a philosophy of efficiency, innovation, and unparalleled performance. Partner with Locators, and let the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F become the driving force of your success. Propel your business to new heights and redefine what’s possible.

Empower your operations today with the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F — because you deserve the best.



The Benefits of The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is a tool of excellence tailored for your material handling needs.


    1. Unmatched Efficiency

      The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is engineered with a powerful diesel engine that ensures optimal fuel efficiency. Every detail — from the hydrodynamic transmission to the ECO mode — makes your operations smooth and cost-effective.

    2. Superior Safety

      Safety isn’t an afterthought with the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F; it’s a promise. It has features like Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) and the Operator Restraint System. Your team’s safety is prioritised without compromising on performance.

    3. Remarkable Load Capacity

      Handle any task easily, thanks to the 4,500 kg load capacity of the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F. It’s not just about lifting; it’s about lifting smartly and reliably, making it a trusted partner in your daily operations.

    4. Cutting-Edge Features

      The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is more than a forklift; it’s a technological marvel. Take the multifunction display, adjustable tilt steering column, and LED headlights. These all represent a fusion of innovation and practicality that enhance your workflow like never before.

    5. Partner with Locators

      Align your business with quality and excellence. Choose Locators, the South’s leading material handling and storage system company. We understand your ambitions and deliver tools like the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F that resonate with your drive to succeed.



How the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F Revolutionises Your Workflow

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F transforms challenges into opportunities with seamless efficiency.

Material handling and efficiency are key to success in today’s competitive business environment. The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F forklift represents a commitment to helping businesses achieve more.

It’s designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry thanks to its . . .

🟧 | Powerful engine
🟧 | Load capacity
🟧 | Safety features,
🟧 | And state-of-the-art technology

Its unique specifications provide businesses with the ability to handle various tasks with ease. By doing so, it allows you to not only improve your business’s productivity but also its sustainability. It’s a well-crafted piece of machinery created with an understanding of what businesses require — from reducing operational costs to ensuring maximum uptime.

Here’s how the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is not just about lifting but about lifting your business to new standards . . .


Unparalleled Performance

With its impressive 4,500 kg load capacity and hydraulic power steering, the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F symbolises agility and strength. It turns complex tasks into simple accomplishments and always performs these with precision. Boasting a fuel consumption of 4,1 l/h and equipped with an ECO mode, this forklift doesn’t just talk about sustainability; it lives it. It features a Toyota 1KD engine that works for your bottom line and the planet.


Safety Beyond Expectations

Safety is an absolute with the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F. The System of Active Stability and Operator Presence Sensing are not just features. They are guarantees that every movement is monitored and controlled. From the operator’s seat to the brake system, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure the safety of your team. Your well-being is our priority.


Advanced Technological Integration

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is a fusion of technology and functionality. LED lights illuminate the way, while the multifunction display serves as the control centre of your operations. Customisation is at the core of the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F. From adjustable steering to speed control, it conforms to your needs, becoming an integral part of your success story.


The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is a demonstration of what can be achieved when there is a focus on . . .

🟧 | Performance
🟧 | Technological advancements
🟧 | And safety

It is built to cater to various business requirements and is equipped to handle various tasks efficiently. Its specifications are more than just numbers. They translate into real-world benefits that can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. By choosing the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F, you are making a statement about your dedication to quality, efficiency, and safety. Locators is honoured to supply this remarkable product that has the potential to redefine your material handling.

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is not just a choice; it’s an investment in excellence.



What the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F Offers

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is where quality meets efficiency every time.

In logistics, achieving efficiency, reliability, and safety is paramount. Fortunately, the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is a forklift designed with these critical aspects in mind.

You’ll understand why it’s a leading choice among those aiming to optimise their operations as you explore the intricacies of its . . .

🟧 | Mechanical brilliance
🟧 | Intelligent design features
🟧 | And versatile applications

This forklift is more than just a tool. It’s a comprehensive solution that integrates power, functionality, and innovation. Whether a demanding construction site or a complex warehousing setup, the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F rises to the occasion.

The following delves into the specifics that make this machine an embodiment of excellence . . .


Mechanical Brilliance

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is a testament to mechanical engineering at its best. It features a highly efficient Toyota 1KD engine, producing 55 kW of power and boasting a 4-cylinder displacement of 2,982 cm3. The engine operates at a rated speed of 2,200 rpm, offering responsive control and an impressive fuel consumption of just 4.1 l/h. The hydrodynamic transmission ensures that the ride is as smooth as it is robust. In doing so, it provides a perfect balance between performance and comfort. The dual brake system adds an extra layer of safety, reinforcing the commitment to meet and exceed industry standards. With a service weight of 6,150 kg, it can handle loads of up to 4,500 kg. As such, the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F can manage heavy-duty operations without sacrificing efficiency.


Intelligent Design Features

Intelligent design is at the core of the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F. Each feature has been thoughtfully integrated to enhance performance — from the ergonomic Toyota ORS seat that adapts to the operator’s body to the wide visible mast that enhances visibility. Every element showcases that this forklift was built with the operator in mind. The pneumatic tyres offer a smooth and stable ride, effortlessly adapting to various terrains. LED headlights and rear combination lights ensure clear visibility in all working conditions. Meanwhile, features like speed control and engine auto-stop contribute to energy efficiency. The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is more than just a piece of equipment. It’s a carefully crafted tool that puts control, comfort, and efficiency at the forefront.


Versatility at Its Best

The Toyota Tonero 8FD40F understands the need for flexibility and adaptability. With a lift height of 3,000 mm and a turning radius of 2,660 mm, it’s designed to navigate tight spaces and reach greater heights effortlessly. The adjustable fork dimensions and ground clearance — coupled with various mast tilt options — allow it to handle a wide array of tasks with precision. It can navigate tight aisles with a clearance of 4,365 mm for crossway pallets. Plus, it can handle loads with various weight distributions, so you know this forklift is ready to adapt to your specific needs. Including features like a 3-way valve and full hydraulic power steering add to its versatility. These features make the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F a reliable partner for any challenge you may face.


Every aspect of the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F has been fine-tuned to meet the demands of modern-day material handling, including its . . .

🟧 | Engineering prowess
🟧 | User-centric design
🟧 | Adaptive functionalities
🟧 | Robust build

This is because the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F is not merely a product; it’s a strategic investment that can transform your business. With the Tonero 8FD40F at your disposal, you’re not just acquiring a piece of machinery. You’re embracing a partner that aligns with your goals and amplifies your potential. It’s a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation and quality. They have provided a product that resonates with the industry’s evolving needs. Invest in the Toyota Tonero 8FD40F and embark on a journey towards greater efficiency, productivity, and success.

It’s more than a forklift; it’s a key to unlocking new horizons in your business operations.