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Toyota Tonero 8FG35F

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Load Capacity:
3500 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6000 mm



Technical Specification Features
Hydrodynamic transmission Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability)
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,000 mm) Load backrest (Height: 1,220 mm)
Long forks (Length: 1,000 mm) Long fork bar (Length: 1,170 mm)
3-way valve (A400) Dual brake system
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
Cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake Headlights
Rear combination lights Combination meter including self-diagnostic system
Adjustable tilt steering column



Why Your Business Deserves the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F

Elevate efficiency, safety, and performance with Toyota’s premier forklift.

In the fast-paced world of material handling and storage, businesses face daily challenges that test their limits. Operational efficiency, safety, and maximising productivity are not mere buzzwords. Instead, they’re the backbone of your enterprise. In this high-stakes environment, choosing the right equipment is crucial. It’s about selecting a machine that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them. It’s not just about transforming your workflow but your entire operational ethos. Imagine having an asset so robust and reliable that it becomes synonymous with your values. We’re talking about efficiency, safety, and robust performance. We’re talking about a game-changing forklift, one so advanced and versatile that it serves as the linchpin of your operations. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F isn’t just any forklift; it embodies innovation and dependability in one seamless package.

The importance of a reliable forklift cannot be understated in today’s competitive market. Pallets don’t move themselves. Freight doesn’t organise itself in neat rows, ready for dispatch. A forklift is an extension of your workforce. It’s the muscle behind every moved product and the driving force that ensures your business stays ahead of competitors. However, not all forklifts are created equal. That’s why settling for anything less than the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F would be a compromise too costly to entertain. Your forklift needs to be more than just a utility. It needs to be an investment that pays off not just in lifted weight but in lifted spirits. It should pay off in workers who feel safe and empowered and in operations that run like clockwork.

It’s not just about moving things from Point A to Point B. It’s about moving your entire business towards a future of unprecedented growth and success. Locators offer you a chance to redefine what a forklift means for your business. We don’t merely sell you a product; we offer you an opportunity to enhance your operations in a way you never thought possible. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is not just a tool but a business asset, ready to transform your operational landscape. Your future begins with the right choices today. Choose the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F, and in doing so, choose unparalleled excellence for your business. Because when the stakes are this high, nothing less will suffice. Would you like to explore how the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F can revolutionise your industry?

Keep reading to discover the extraordinary features that set this machine apart.



The Benefits of the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F

Drive your business forward with the unmatched versatility and efficiency of the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F.


    1. Unparalleled Load Capacity

      The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F boasts an impressive load capacity of up to 4,000 kg. It’s not just a forklift; it’s the heavyweight champion of your warehouse.

    2. Safety First with Advanced Systems

      It is equipped with features like the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Toyota Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). It’s cutting-edge safety engineering you can count on, day in and day out.

    3. Efficient Fuel Consumption

      The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F features an engine that efficiently sips fuel at a rate of 3.7 kg/h — maximise operations without emptying the tank, literally.

    4. Agile & Versatile Manoeuvrability

      Its advanced steering capabilities and tight turning radius of 2,610 mm make navigating congested spaces a breeze. This is agility and control hand-in-hand.

    5. Unbeatable Operational Speed

      With travel speeds of up to 24 km/h and lift speeds ranging from 0.56 to 0.57 m/s, this machine never keeps you waiting. It’s about doing more and doing it faster every single time.



How the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F Transforms Your Game

The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F engineers precision and reliability in every task.

Within the scope of warehouse management, the choice of forklift can drastically affect your bottom line. This machine doesn’t merely offer a set of impressive features. It acts as a comprehensive solution designed to meet the many needs of contemporary businesses.

The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is an essential tool for any organisation looking to achieve high levels of . . .

🟧 | Efficiency
🟧 | Safety
🟧 | And performance

Here’s how every aspect of the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F has been engineered with your operational success in mind . . .


Performance Mastery

Operating a forklift is not just about lifting loads; it’s about optimising performance. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is built for unparalleled performance. It features travel speeds of up to 24 km/h and a lift speed that barely shifts whether loaded or empty. When time is money, remember this machine delivers on both.


Safety Innovation

Safety is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. This machine has integrated safety systems like Toyota’s SAS and OPS. Yet, these don’t just safeguard the operator but also the cargo and surrounding environment. With safety assured, your team can focus on what truly matters — efficient operation.


Fuel Efficiency for the Future

Fuel is an ongoing operational cost that can add up swiftly. The Tonero 8FG35F’s engine is crafted to offer maximum power while consuming fuel at a modest rate of 3.7 kg/h. This is economy paired with performance, a feat only Toyota can deliver.


Turning Radii & Space Optimisation

Space is a valuable commodity in any storage or material-handling setting. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F boasts turning radii so precise that it can navigate spaces as tight as 2,610 mm. This is about getting the most out of every square metre of your valuable real estate.


Customisable Utility

The Tonero 8FG35F is far from a one-size-fits-all machine. With optional long forks and fork bars, this forklift can adapt to your unique operational needs. It’s not just a forklift; it’s your forklift, tailored to your precise specifications.


The bottom line is that the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is a multi-dimensional solution for your business needs. It merges vital capabilities into a single, reliable, and efficient machine. One engineered to perform at its best under various working conditions. The advantages of investing in such a forklift extend beyond immediate operational gains.

It influences long-term business strategies by . . .

🟧 | Driving down operational costs
🟧 | Reducing downtime
🟧 | And enhancing workforce productivity

Opting for this machine is a proactive step toward future-proofing your operations. You can ensure that as your business grows, your material-handling capabilities can scale in tandem. If you want to create a seamless, efficient, and safe operational environment, then the Tonero 8FG35F should be your first choice.

It’s not just an investment in a forklift but in the long-term success and reliability of your entire operation.



What Makes the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F Your Ultimate Choice

Take a detailed look at the features of the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F that elevate your operations.

When it comes to the material handling and storage industry, one thing is sure. The right choice of equipment can drastically shape your operational efficiency and bottom line. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is not just another forklift, as it meets the most challenging industrial requirements. It’s designed with a potent blend of reliability, efficiency, and ergonomics. With a commitment to quality, Toyota has engineered this forklift to address many operational needs. This machine offers a plethora of advantages that go beyond lifting and moving cargo.

The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F encapsulates what it means to be a high-performing, versatile piece of machinery from its . . .

🟧 | Impressive load capacity
🟧 | Ergonomic design
🟧 | Operator comfort

Here’s how Toyota ensure it can seamlessly integrate into any fast-paced working environment . . .


Built for Hefty Tasks

When you invest in a forklift, you’re investing in the muscle of your operation. With a whopping load capacity of 4,000 kg and a strategic load centre of 500 mm, the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is your workhorse. It can lift heavy cargo, freeing up your staff for other tasks that demand human finesse. But it’s not just about raw power. It’s about calculated strength that ensures stability and safety while managing these heavy loads. So, you’re not just getting a forklift; you’re getting peace of mind knowing your heavy lifting is handled securely and efficiently.


Pneumatic Tyres for All Terrains

The types of surfaces a forklift can traverse can directly impact your workflow. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F comes fitted with pneumatic tyres. These are designed to grip various surfaces, from slick warehouse floors to uneven outdoor terrain. These tyres offer exceptional durability. As such, it reduces the frequency of replacements, thereby decreasing downtime. Your operations keep rolling smoothly, and you can count on the Tonero 8FG35F to move as effortlessly on a gravel path as on polished concrete.


A Throne for Your Operator

Let’s be honest; a comfortable operator is a productive operator. The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F has an ergonomically designed seat and control layout. It reduces fatigue and improves focus over long shifts. Simple controls mean fewer errors. Plus, comfort features like the Toyota ORS seat ensure operators can focus on the task at hand. So there’s no more having to shift to find a comfortable position. In essence, you’re not just buying a forklift. You’re investing in the well-being and productivity of your most valuable asset — your people.


Quiet Operations, Please

Noise is more than just a minor annoyance; it’s a distraction that can hinder productivity and well-being. With a sound level at the driver’s ear of just 80 dB(A), the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F operates at a decibel level that minimises auditory stress. This makes it easier for operators to focus and collaborate and can even help extend the length of productive work shifts. Low noise levels also make adhering to occupational health and safety guidelines easier. So you can save yourself potential hassle down the line.


Efficient Fuel Consumption

Fuel efficiency might not be the first thing you consider when choosing a forklift, but it should be high on your list. The engine on the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is a marvel in fuel consumption, operating at just 3.7 kg/h according to EN16796 standards. This efficiency directly translates into reduced operational costs over the machine’s life. More importantly, it signals a commitment to sustainability. So you can reduce your carbon footprint and make your operations more eco-friendly.


One thing is clear after a comprehensive look at the distinct features and advantages of the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F. This forklift is in a league of its own.

It excels on all fronts, whether you consider its . . .

🟧 | Robust load capacity
🟧 | All-terrain pneumatic tyres
🟧 | Operator comfort
🟧 | Low noise levels
🟧 | Or fuel efficiency

This is more than a simple utility vehicle. It’s a long-term investment that promises to deliver not only operational efficiency. It will also provide reliability and safety, which is crucial in any industrial setting. Choosing the Toyota Tonero 8FG35F means choosing a future of seamless operations. Expect maximised productivity and a commendable commitment to the well-being of your team.

The Toyota Tonero 8FG35F is ideal for any forward-thinking material handling operation.