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Toyota Tracto TWE120

Load Capacity:
1200 kg


  • Introducing a pedestrian towing tractor designed for effortlessly moving roll cages, trailers, and other wheeled logistics solutions. This innovative tool streamlines the transportation of your goods, prioritizing ergonomic comfort.
    1. Standard Hook
      • Versatile compatibility with a wide range of trolleys, thanks to its customizable settings.
      • Adjustable height on the trolley: 70-190 mm.
      • Trolley profile width: Up to 52 mm.
    2. Electrical Locking Hook (Optional)
      • Ideal for uneven terrain and slopes, ensuring secure transport.
      • Convenient button on the handle for locking/release.
      • Adjustable height on the trolley: 100-220 mm.
      • Trolley profile width: 20-120 mm.
    3. Ergonomic Handle
      • Empowers operators with precise control over all functions.
      • A dedicated low-speed button enhances safety, especially in confined or crowded environments.
    4. Non-Puncture Wheels
      • Provides superior traction, especially when handling heavy loads and making turns.
      • Unlike air-filled wheels, these wheels don’t compress excessively, maintaining stability.
    5. Battery Solutions
      • Choose between AGM batteries (with battery change availability) or Lithium-ion batteries to suit your needs.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Compact and maneuverable design.
    • Ergonomically designed handle for operator comfort.
    • Durable rubber wheels filled with foam.
    • Adjustable steering arm for flexibility.
    • Optional electrical and mechanical locking hooks.
    • Optional pincode keypad.
    • Availability of Li-ion batteries for extended use.
    • Battery replacement option for AGM batteries.

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