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Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T

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Load Capacity:
2000 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC2 power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Seat mounted hydraulic minilevers
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300) Long forks (length: 1,000mm)
Long forkbar (length: 920mm) 3-way valves
Wet disc brakes Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres
Digital Multifunction Display with wheel indicator Memory tilt steering column
Excellent turning radius Unmatched truck stability
Excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height High lifting and driving performance
Available with Lithium-ion battery



Redefine Your Efficiency with The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T

Elevate your operations with the power and precision of Toyota today.

In the world of material handling and storage solutions, businesses constantly find themselves on the prowl for one key thing. They want equipment that effortlessly combines durability, efficiency, and innovation. To that end, we introduce the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T. This is the epitome of Toyota’s commitment to pioneering excellence in electric trucks. The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is not just another addition to the inventory; it’s a revelation in material handling. It’s designed to keep in mind modern businesses’ daily challenges. With its powerful electric drive, the Traigo ensures your operations are not just swift but sustainable. It’s a solution that aligns with global trends towards clean energy and reduced emissions.

At Locators, our commitment has always been to ensure businesses have access to the best tools for their operations. Our partnership with Toyota stems from a shared vision. We want to empower businesses with equipment that’s not just top-of-the-line but transformative. By choosing the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T, you’re not just opting for a truck but a trusted partner. Our team will be dedicated to streamlining your operations and bolstering your efficiency. But why make the shift? Well, a significant pivot in industry standards is a move towards sustainability. Or, better still, sustainability that doesn’t compromise on efficiency. The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T does precisely that. Every cog, wheel, and circuit ensures your things are smoother, faster, and more environmentally responsible.

Moreover, with Locators as your supplier, you get more than just a product. You receive an assurance of quality, a commitment to service, and a relationship built on trust. Toyota’s technical brilliance and our deep-rooted understanding of business needs ensure one thing. Every Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T we deliver is more than just machinery — it promises unmatched performance. The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T stands as a beacon of what’s possible when technology meets determination. It’s an emblem of what your business deserves — the best. And with Locators at the helm, you’re not just investing in a truck but in the future of your operations.

So, make the move, and let’s redefine efficiency together.


The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T

Unlock the full potential of your operations with Toyota.

    1. Efficient & Eco-friendly

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T operates on a powerful electric drive. This makes it not just energy efficient, but a green solution that aligns with your sustainability goals.

    2. Superior Load Capacity

      With a remarkable load capacity of 2,000 kg, the Traigo 8FBE20T stands as a heavy-duty champion. It ensures that no task is too big for your operations.

    3. Enhanced Stability & Safety

      The Traigo comes equipped with Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS). This means your operations are not just smooth but safe and secure too.

    4. Unrivalled Speed & Performance

      With impressive travel and lift speeds, the Traigo 8FBE20T enhances productivity. Your operations are quicker, and your efficiency sees new heights.

    5. Premium Operator Comfort

      The truck features an Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat and operator presence sensing system. This ensures that every ride is comfortable and every task is a breeze for your operators.



How the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T Elevates Your Business

Experience the innovation and intelligence of Toyota’s expertise.

One thing can make all the difference in the fast-paced, high-demand world of material handling. That one thing is a strong, reliable, and efficient piece of machinery like the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T. This emerges as a game changer, as it’s meticulously crafted not just to meet but exceed the expectations of modern businesses. The Traigo 8FBE20T does not merely perform tasks — it powers through them. It offers a range of innovative features and state-of-the-art technology under the trusted banner of Toyota.

Imbued with Toyota’s commitment to excellence, the Traigo 8FBE20T streamlines operations, thanks to . . .

🟧 | Its robust electric drive system
🟧 | Impressive load capacity
🟧 | Superior safety mechanisms
🟧 | And thoughtful focus on operator comfort

It is a machine born from the need to drive productivity to new heights and reduce energy consumption.

Here’s how it does so without compromising on the well-being of those who operate it . . .


Unleashing Power with Efficiency

A robust electric drive system is at the heart of the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T. The truck offers incredible power while remaining energy-efficient. It strikes the perfect balance between performance and sustainability. Its 48V battery delivers the drive and lift power necessary for heavy-duty operations. All while keeping energy consumption minimal, showcasing Toyota’s commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions.


Exceptional Load Handling

The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is built to handle heavy loads with ease. With its impressive load capacity of 2,000 kg, the truck is designed to tackle demanding tasks without faltering. The model’s well-balanced distribution of weight aids in the efficient handling of goods. It makes your operations smoother and more efficient.


Advanced Safety & Stability

Safety and stability remain at the core of the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T. Equipped with the innovative Toyota SAS, the truck ensures optimum load control and stability. Such optimisation minimises the risk of accidents. The automatic parking brakes and wet disc brakes add to the truck’s safety profile, promising productivity and peace of mind.


Elevated Speed & Performance

The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is designed to deliver high performance without compromising on speed. The model exhibits impressive travel and lift speeds, even with heavy loads. So you can ensure that your operations remain swift and your productivity stays high.


Comfortable Operation

With the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T, operator comfort is not an afterthought. It has features like the ORS seat, operator presence sensing system, and adjustable tilt steering column. Along with its electric power steering, it makes operating the truck an effortless experience.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T truly stands apart in the realm of material handling, with its extensive capabilities and its potent mix of . . .

🟧 | Power
🟧 | Efficiency
🟧 | Safety
🟧 | And comfort

But it is more than just its features that make it such an outstanding choice. It’s how these features blend seamlessly to deliver a machine that can handle any challenge. All while being gentle on the environment and the operator. Choosing the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T isn’t simply selecting a product. It’s making a conscious decision to embrace excellence, efficiency, and enhanced productivity. It’s a declaration that your business deserves nothing but the best. And at Locators, we’re here to ensure you receive just that. We understand businesses’ unique needs and challenges and offer solutions to help you outperform them. With its exceptional capabilities, the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is the perfect ally in this endeavour.

Pave the way towards a future of unparalleled operational success with Locators and Toyota today.



The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is a Material Handling Marvel

Transform business outcomes with technological superiority.

Choosing the right equipment is the difference between mundane tasks and stellar productivity. The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is a symbol of such advancement. It brings with it a collection of features that inspire efficiency and productivity. When discussing this forklift, we’re talking about more than just a tool for material handling. It’s a partner poised to redefine how your operations are carried out. This industrial marvel stands as a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation. It’s meticulously designed with the sole aim of enhancing your business’s operational efficiency.

So, let’s deep dive into the intricate details that make the Traigo 8FBE20T an unbeatable choice for your material handling needs . . .


High-Performance Electric Drive

Harnessing the power of an efficient electric drive motor, the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T is a green powerhouse. Its robust motor runs on a formidable 48V battery with a significant nominal capacity of 660V/Ah. This combination ensures the truck doesn’t falter, even amidst demanding, high-intensity tasks. Furthermore, it adds a feather to your business’s cap by driving sustainability. Working with a Traigo 8FBE20T means enhancing productivity while stepping towards environmental responsibility.


Superior Load Handling Capabilities

Regarding material handling, the ability to manage heavy loads is paramount. The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T rises with an impressive load capacity of 2,000 kg. Coupled with its balanced axle load distribution, your operations will stabilise. That’s even when the truck is fully loaded. This feature offers you peace of mind in knowing that productivity and safety are balanced in all your operations.


Advanced Safety Measures

Safety is the cornerstone of efficient operations. And this belief is reflected in the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T’s wide range of safety features. Toyota’s renowned System of Active Stability (SAS) is at the heart of these. This actively monitors and controls the truck’s operations to mitigate risks. Extra features, like automatic parking brakes and wet disc brakes, enhance the truck’s safety profile. With the Traigo 8FBE20T, your operations are efficient and securely guarded.


Unrivalled Speed & Performance

Speed and performance are pivotal in maintaining operational efficiency. With this in mind, the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T doesn’t disappoint. Offering impressive travel and lift speeds, it’ll ensure your productivity stays consistently high. So, do you intend to transport goods across the warehouse or stack pallets? No matter which, the Traigo 8FBE20T’s efficient performance ensures all operations are finished on time.


Comfort-Centric Design

Efficient operations depend on the comfort of their operators. That’s why the Traigo 8FBE20T has been designed with a strong emphasis on operator comfort. The Toyota ORS seat provides a comfortable seating arrangement. Meanwhile, the operator presence sensing system (OPS) ensures its safety. Furthermore, the electric power steering eases the manoeuvring of the truck. This makes operations smoother and more comfortable. The Traigo 8FBE20T isn’t just designed to deliver outstanding results. It also ensures that the journey to these results is comfortable and rewarding.


The Traigo 8FBE20T brings together a range of features that work to enhance your operational efficiency and safety, such as . . .

🟧 | Superior load-handling capabilities
🟧 | Advanced safety measures
🟧 | High-performance drive
🟧 | Unrivalled speed
🟧 | And operator-centric design

At Locators, we realise the crucial role of the right equipment in shaping your business operations. That’s why we are bringing you the Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T. This product isn’t just a forklift — it is a reliable partner engineered to elevate your operations. The Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T epitomises Toyota’s commitment to technological innovation. It reliably promises performance that will help your business reach new heights. How? By combining Toyota’s engineering prowess with the convenience of modern technology.

Let the Traigo 8FBE20T be your partner in growth, enabling you to easily traverse the path of efficiency, safety, and success.

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