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Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T

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Load Capacity:
1600 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC2 power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Seat mounted hydraulic minilevers
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300) Long forks (length: 1,000mm)
Long forkbar (length: 920mm) 3 way valves
Wet disc brakes Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres
Digital Multifunction Display with wheel indicator Memory tilt steering column
Extra compact for narrow spaces Unmatched truck stability
Excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height High lifting and driving performance
Available with Lithium ion battery



The Power of Performance with the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T

Learn why the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T is the ultimate material handling solution for you and your business.

At Locators, we believe in equipping your business with the tools it needs to thrive in today’s fast-paced market. We understand that efficiency, safety, and reliability are at your operations’ core. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T. This electric forklift seamlessly merges efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our conviction lies in the power of innovation. This is the case regarding enhancing productivity and minimising operational downtime. We have a keen eye for material handling equipment that demonstrates exceptional performance. Better yet, we opt for those that also embody sustainability principles. The Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T fits this mould perfectly.

This robust forklift is not just another addition to your warehouse but a game-changer. It has an impressive load capacity of 1,600 kg, and a compact design ensures manoeuvrability even in tight spaces. It’s so impressive that it catalyses a more productive work environment. Our ethos has always centred around connecting businesses with solutions to bolster efficiency. In our professional assessment, the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T is just that. Its robust build, balanced with an operator-friendly design, delivers improved operational productivity. For this reason, we’re not just presenting the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T as a forklift. We’re presenting it to you as a partner in your journey towards operational excellence.

It features an array of equipment, like the Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability), Toyota AC² power system, and operator presence sensing system (OPS). Put simply, this forklift is designed to adapt to your needs and ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible. In addition, we believe that the future is electric. With its energy-efficient operations, the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T aligns seamlessly with this vision. It allows us to supply you with an environmentally friendly yet powerful solution to reduce your carbon footprint. At Locators, we value your success as much as our own. Our team see beyond the transaction. We focus on the transformative impact the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T can have on your business operations. Choose this remarkable electric forklift, and embrace power, performance, and efficiency.

Together, we can move towards a future where your productivity knows no bounds.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T

Experience the unparalleled power and performance of the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T.

    1. Enhanced Productivity

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T is a powerhouse of efficiency. It accelerates your operations with a substantial load capacity and quick lifting speed.

    2. Superior Safety

      Equipped with Toyota’s SAS and OPS systems, the Traigo 8FBEK16T puts safety first. These systems work to prevent accidents, ensuring both your employees and goods are protected.

    3. Sustainable Operations

      Being an electric forklift, the Traigo 8FBEK16T promotes eco-friendly operations. It leaves a smaller carbon footprint, helping your business meet sustainability goals.

    4. Operational Flexibility

      With its compact design and turning radius, the Traigo 8FBEK16T excels in manoeuvrability. It can navigate narrow spaces with ease, enhancing productivity in compact warehouses.

    5. User-Friendly Interface

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T doesn’t just boast an ergonomic design. It also has seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers and a digital multifunction display to enhance ease of use.



How the Traigo 8FBEK16T Can Empower Your Business

Transform your workflow with the exceptional efficiency of the Traigo 8FBEK16T.

Every moment is a valuable asset in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. The key to success is efficiency. The ability to translate each fleeting second into tangible progress, one operational stride at a time. And at the core of this relentless march towards efficiency lies the right equipment — equipment like the Traigo 8FBEK16T. The Traigo 8FBEK16T isn’t just an electric forklift. It’s a strategic ally, a power-packed performer that seamlessly slots into your operations. It won’t just amplify your productivity; it will redefine the benchmarks of safety and sustainability. It’ll harmonise with your workflow, complement your mission, and align itself with your vision. This incredible machinery does not simply function within your workspace — it transforms it. It’ll infuse your environment with an infectious energy that spurs your team to reach new heights of operational success.

Let’s delve deeper into the mechanisms of this force and discover how the Traigo 8FBEK16T is set to revolutionise your operations . . .


Remarkable Performance

The Traigo 8FBEK16T delivers unmatched performance. Its robust 1,600 kg load capacity and swift lift speed ensure your tasks are completed swiftly and safely. Less time loading means more time progressing.


Innovation & Safety

Safety is paramount with the Traigo 8FBEK16T. Thanks to Toyota’s cutting-edge SAS and OPS systems, the risk of workplace accidents is significantly reduced. Innovative safety means peace of mind for your team.


Green Operations

As an electric forklift, the Traigo 8FBEK16T champions environmental responsibility. By reducing carbon emissions and conserving energy, it supports your sustainability agenda. Better yet, it does so while delivering top-tier performance. Lowering your carbon footprint has never been this straightforward.


Efficient Manoeuvrability

Navigating tight spaces is a breeze with the Traigo 8FBEK16T. Its compact design, coupled with an impressive turning radius, provides superior manoeuvrability. It’ll help you optimise your warehouse space use. Compact yet powerful, it’s the smart choice for your business.


User-Centric Design

The Traigo 8FBEK16T is designed with operators in mind. It has ergonomic features, like seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers and a digital multifunction display. These ensure enhanced comfort and ease of operation. Its user-focused design also results in higher productivity and reduced operator fatigue.


In a world where the line between success and obscurity is defined by efficiency and innovation, the Traigo 8FBEK16T stands alone. It’s not just a tool; it’s a testament to the prowess of modern engineering, designed to understand and meet your operational needs. It encapsulates what makes a business stand out — the ability to synergise, adapt, and excel. The Traigo 8FBEK16T is a dynamic symbol of efficiency, safety, sustainability, and satisfaction. A partner that does not shy away from challenges but faces them head-on, empowering you to push your boundaries and set new benchmarks.

It’s a forklift, yes, but it’s also a promise — a promise of . . .

🟧 | Unwavering support
🟧 | Exceptional performance
🟧 | Commitment to your success

So, invite the Traigo 8FBEK16T into your operations and witness the transformation it brings. Embrace this journey of reinvention. Allow the Traigo 8FBEK16T to chart your course towards new horizons of achievement. After all, running a business isn’t just about surviving the competition.

It’s about spearheading a revolution — and the Traigo 8FBEK16T is your perfect accomplice.



The Unmistakable Presence of the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T

Explore the future of material handling with the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T.

What separates an effective material handling solution from an extraordinary one? Is it a simple matter of performance? Or perhaps it’s the promise of unwavering reliability? Maybe it’s the forward-thinking infusion of technology that redefines what’s possible? With the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T, you don’t have to choose. It encompasses all these elements and more. It epitomises Toyota’s relentless pursuit of excellence in material handling. With its superb specifications and features, it is a monument to Toyota’s vision and craftsmanship. Each facet of the Traigo 8FBEK16T drives operational efficiency and workplace safety to new heights.

Yet, to fully appreciate the operational advantages the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T can bring to your business, let’s delve into its specifics . . .


A Benchmark in Performance

The Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T isn’t merely a tool; it’s a powerhouse that redefines material handling. Armed with a substantial load capacity of 1,600 kg, this forklift handles even the most demanding tasks with remarkable ease. It pairs this carrying prowess with a swift lift speed. This enables seamless load transitions that bolster your productivity. The Traigo 8FBEK16T is a testament to performance. It forges ahead with relentless momentum even under your heaviest operational demands.


Safety Innovations

Safety isn’t an afterthought with the Traigo 8FBEK16T — it’s an intrinsic part of its design philosophy. Toyota offers a cutting-edge SAS (System of Active Stability) and OPS (Operator Presence Sensing system). Their forklifts are always vigilant and ready to step in when needed. It does everything from detecting instability to preventing operation without the operator’s presence. These systems work tirelessly to ensure your team’s safety, instilling confidence and peace of mind in every operation.


Commitment to Sustainability

The Traigo 8FBEK16T is more than an electric forklift — it’s a herald of eco-friendly operations. It doesn’t just have an efficient design and responsible energy consumption. It also supports your commitment to environmental sustainability while driving down operational costs. When you choose the Traigo 8FBEK16T, you choose a future where efficiency and eco-consciousness walk hand in hand. It powers your operations while preserving our world.


Manoeuvrability Master

Every inch of your workspace counts, and designed for superior control and flexibility, the Traigo 8FBEK16T knows that. It moves with precision that turns even the tightest corners into operational opportunities. This forklift’s compact design and extraordinary turning radius ensure optimal manoeuvrability. So you can navigate through your workspace with confidence and ease.


Designed for Operators

The Traigo 8FBEK16T goes beyond performance — it prioritises operator comfort and usability. Features like seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers and a multifunction display offer an ergonomic setup. The Toyota ORS seat enhances comfort, reducing operator fatigue and boosting productivity. With the Traigo 8FBEK16T, every workday is a day of comfort, control, and exceptional productivity.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T is more than a material handling solution. It’s a statement of ambition, a promise of consistent reliability, and a beacon of innovative engineering. This forklift doesn’t just perform — it excels. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in material handling. It also sets new standards for safety, sustainability, and performance. At Locators, we believe in providing solutions that resonate with our dedication to excellence.

We’re proud to supply the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T — a forklift that seamlessly blends . . .

🟧 | Advanced technology
🟧 | Superior performance
🟧 | And safety innovations

Better still, it exemplifies our commitment to offering top-tier material handling solutions. Ultimately, it’s more than just choosing a product; it’s about investing in a solution that fuels the growth and success of your business. So why wait? Elevate your material handling operations to new heights with the Toyota Traigo 8FBEK16T.

It’s more than a forklift; it’s a significant step towards the future of your business.