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Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T

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Load Capacity:
1000 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC2 power system
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) PVC seat (Grammer MSG20)
Wide visibility mast (V 3,270 mm) Large forks (Length: 800 mm)
Long forkbar (Length: 920 mm) 3-way valve
Driver side levers with direction switch Shockless landing lift
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
Multifunction display Memory tilt steering column
Emergency button



Experience Excellence with the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T

Elevate your business operations with unrivalled efficiency and performance.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, every business decision can tip the scales of success. Choosing material handling equipment is crucial for efficient operation and environmental responsibility. At Locators, we bring you the best in the business — the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T. This electric forklift perfectly blends power, precision, and sustainable performance. ‘Toyota’ is synonymous with exceptional quality, long-lasting durability, and unwavering reliability. It isn’t a globally trusted brand for no reason. Their commitment to innovation and technological advancement shines in every product they create. The Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T is no exception. This model promises to be a game-changer for your business, setting new standards for efficiency and productivity.

One of the key reasons to opt for the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T is its state-of-the-art electric drive. Businesses must reduce their carbon footprint, and this is an environmentally responsible solution. By choosing the Traigo 8FBES10T, you’re not just investing in a high-performance machine. You’re also embracing sustainable business practices. This electric drive system does more than just protect the environment. It also provides smoother operation and reduced noise pollution. So your operators can have a more comfortable working environment. But it’s not just about performance and sustainability. The Traigo 8FBES10T is built to deliver on every front and offers an impressive load capacity of 1,000 kg. This is a forklift that can handle the demands of most operations without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re in manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution, make the right choice. The Traigo 8FBES10T will significantly improve your business’s productivity and operational efficiency.

When you choose Locators as your supplier, you choose more than just a product; you choose a partner dedicated to your success. With our extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure of one thing. Every piece of equipment you purchase from us will be backed up with impeccable service and support. You can trust us to be with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to after-sales service. Our relationship doesn’t end with the sale; we’re here to support your business long-term. So why choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T? Because it’s more than just a forklift. It symbolises your commitment to efficiency, performance, and sustainability. It’s a testament to your dedication to providing the best for your business and your team. With the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T, you’re not just investing in a machine; you’re investing in a future of success.

Choose the Traigo 8FBES10T, and let Locators power your business to greater heights.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T

These five power-packed benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T will fuel your success.


    1. Unmatched Quality & Reliability

      Toyota’s legacy shines brightly in the Traigo 8FBES10T. Renowned for longevity and robust performance, this is a forklift you can trust.

    2. Exceptional Performance

      The Traigo 8FBES10T excels in its load capacity of 1,000 kg. Handle the demands of your operations with ease, increasing productivity.

    3. Sustainable Solution

      An eco-conscious choice, the electric drive of the Traigo 8FBES10T reduces carbon footprint. Embrace efficiency and sustainability in one powerful package.

    4. Advanced Technology

      Featuring Toyota’s innovative systems like SAS and OPS, it offers enhanced safety and efficiency. Empower your operators with cutting-edge technology for superior performance.

    5. Backed by Locators’ Unrivalled Support

      When you choose Locators, you invest in more than just a product; you invest in a partnership. Benefit from our industry-leading service and support, designed to drive your business forward.



How does the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T Outperform the Competition?

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T is the secret behind unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Want to elevate your material handling capabilities? If so, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T should take centre stage.

To help you surge ahead of the competition, this exceptional forklift harnesses . . .

🟧 | Advanced technology
🟧 | Innovative features
🟧 | And a robust build

Let’s break down the features that make the Traigo 8FBES10T your superior choice for material handling . . .


The Power of Innovation — Toyota’s Unique Systems

At the heart of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T lies an array of bespoke systems. Each of the following systems is innovatively designed to maximise safety and efficiency.

    1. Toyota’s SAS (System of Active Stability)
      Keep your forklift stable when navigating through challenging terrains or handling heavy loads. It automatically adjusts to provide maximum stability, enhancing safety and performance. This intelligent system is your assurance that every operation is as smooth as it is safe.
    2. Toyota’s AC Power System
      This advanced system provides consistent, reliable power to keep your forklift running optimally. Its implementation translates into longer operating times and higher productivity. No longer will battery life limit your operations; with the Traigo 8FBES10T, you’re in control.
    3. Toyota’s Operator Presence Sensing (OPS)
      This system adds another layer of safety to your operations. It ensures the forklift only operates when the driver is correctly seated. With OPS, you can rest easy knowing that your team’s safety is prioritised.


Comfort Meets Performance — Designed with Operators in Mind

The Traigo 8FBES10T is designed with operator comfort in mind. It creates an environment that fosters productivity.

🟧 | From the spacious cab and ergonomic controls
🟧 | To the multifunction display and adjustable seat

Every detail is refined to provide a comfortable and productive work environment. Remember, happy operators equate to efficient operations.


Unrivalled Load Handling Capabilities

The Traigo 8FBES10T shines in its impressive load capacity of 1,000 kg. Coupled with its load-handling features, it ensures efficient, secure, and fast material handling — regardless of the task at hand.

🟧 | From the extended forks
🟧 | To the intelligent load sensing system

Each feature is designed to maximise productivity and safety.


In conclusion, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T outperforms the competition. It combines innovation, comfort, and impressive load-handling capabilities. This electric forklift offers more than just a means to transport materials. It provides a comprehensive solution to elevate your operations, empowering you to reach new heights of success. Choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T, where advanced technology meets robust performance.

Drive your business forward with Locators by your side.



What Makes the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T the Superior Choice for Your Business?

The distinctive features of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T offers unrivalled efficiency and performance.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T is more than just a forklift. It’s a masterful integration of innovative technology, robust design, and unparalleled performance. All of which are aimed at driving your business to new levels of efficiency and productivity.

As we delve into the distinct features of the Traigo 8FBES10T, you’ll discover how its design makes it the best choice for your operations . . .


A Closer Look at the Robust Structure

The Traigo 8FBES10T has a substantial service weight of 2,516 kg. This showcases unwavering stability that enhances performance under any working condition. Its precise balance of axle loads, with or without cargo, guarantees smooth operation and stability. No matter what load is being carried.


Eco-Friendly Performance

The world has become increasingly conscious of its environmental impact. Fortunately, the Traigo 8FBES10T shines as an eco-friendly solution. Its efficient electric motor ensures lower energy consumption and reduces your carbon footprint. Enjoy excellent performance without compromising sustainability.


Precision Engineered for Superior Handling

The Traigo 8FBES10T has an impressive load capacity of 1,000 kg. Coupled with its finely tuned performance metrics, this makes it a beast at handling your business’s rigorous demands.

To ensure that your operations are carried out swiftly, smoothly and safely, the forklift offers . . .

🟧 | The quick acceleration
🟧 | Commendable travel speed
🟧 | And remarkable lift speed


Enhanced Safety with Innovative Technology

Safety is ingrained in the DNA of the Traigo 8FBES10T thanks to features like . . .

🟧 | Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS)
🟧 | Operator Presence Sensing (OPS)
🟧 | And full hydraulic power steering,

This remarkable machine is efficient and secure, fostering a safe and productive work environment.


Comfort & Convenience

From the height of the overhead guard to the seat height and shockless landing lift, every detail is designed for the operator’s comfort. Enhancements like the memory tilt steering column and the assist grip add to the ease of operation, making it a pleasure to work with this machine.

Every element of this forklift is tailored to meet your business’s unique demands, whether it’s . . .

🟧 | The eco-friendly performance
🟧 | The precision handling
🟧 | Or the enhanced safety measures


Make the Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T your choice and revolutionise your operations. The Traigo 8FBES10T combines high-end features, forward-thinking technology, and a robust structure. Its synergy helps elevate your business’s efficiency and productivity. Experience the blend of power, precision, and innovation that only Toyota can deliver.

Let Locators guide you on your journey to achieving unparalleled operational excellence.

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