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Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T

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Load Capacity:
1250 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
24 volts



Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC2 power system
Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) PVC seat (Grammer MSG20)
Wide visibility mast (V 3,270 mm) Large forks (Length: 800 mm)
Long forkbar (Length: 920 mm) 3-way valve
Driver side levers with direction switch Shockless landing lift
Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres Full hydraulic power steering
Multifunction display Memory tilt steering column
Emergency button



Harness Efficiency with the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T will elevate your business productivity to new heights.

In the world of material handling and logistics, one thing is sure. Finding the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and reliability can be a formidable task. So, let us introduce you to your ideal solution: the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T. This truck symbolises innovation and versatility from Toyota, a brand synonymous with trust and quality in the global marketplace. We proudly present this machine as the South’s leading integrated material handling and storage system company. So, why should you choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T? The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is designed to increase your business’s productivity.

With its impressive load capacity of 1,250kg and an efficient electric motor, it can effortlessly handle large loads. Better still, it can do so without compromising on speed or manoeuvrability. Its compact design, complemented by a small turning radius, allows for optimum space utilisation. This means you can benefit from seamless navigation even in confined areas. Safety is a priority for any business, and the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T shines. It comes equipped with Toyota’s pioneering System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). These help minimise the risk of accidents, ensure the operator’s safety and preserve the integrity of your goods. The ergonomically designed operator seat and clear visibility mast further enhance safety. It does so by reducing operator fatigue and improving visibility.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T excels in providing cost-efficient solutions. It’s a well-known fact that operating costs can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. Fortunately, its robust electric drive system has a cleaner, quieter operation and reduces fuel costs. Furthermore, the durable build minimises maintenance requirements, translating into long-term savings. No two businesses are the same, and the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T respects that. So, does your business operate within retail, warehousing, or manufacturing? No matter which sector, this versatile forklift adjusts to your needs. Its ability to perform under various conditions makes it a valuable addition to any workplace. In essence, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T isn’t just a forklift. It’s a means to enhance productivity, ensure safety, and save costs, all while adapting to your specific business needs. This machine embodies Toyota’s commitment to quality and innovation. It offers a material handling solution that delivers robust performance day in and day out. Here at Locators, we recommend you choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T.

We recommend you choose efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T

Unleash unrivalled efficiency and reliability in your workplace with the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T.


    1. Unmatched Productivity

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T revolutionises your operations, increasing productivity. Thanks to its load capacity and agile design, it turns demanding tasks into effortless accomplishments.

    2. Top-Tier Safety

      Harness the power of advanced safety with this exceptional forklift. This truck comes equipped with state-of-the-art systems like Toyota SAS and OPS. Therefore, the Traigo 8FBES13T ensures safe and secure operations at every turn.

    3. Incredible Cost-Efficiency

      Embrace cost-effective operations with the electrically driven Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T. The forklift’s efficient design leads to lower fuel costs and minimal maintenance. So you can best optimise your return on investment.

    4. Versatile Application

      With the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T, you get a versatile workhorse ready to adapt to any situation. Whether you work in manufacturing or warehousing, this robust forklift is ready to conquer any challenge.

    5. Reliable Performance

      Experience the reliability of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T, a forklift that consistently delivers. This machine’s robust design and superior build quality promise unwavering performance. So you can ensure your operations never miss a beat.



Revolutionise Material Handling with the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T can transform your operations with unrivalled efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Imagine being in the driving seat of your material handling operations. You sit poised as you effortlessly manoeuvre through the intricate logistics of your business. Envision a system that doesn’t simply move loads but enhances the workflow. This machine promises unrivalled efficiency, safety, and reliability. Such a vision isn’t just a pie in the sky. It’s the tangible reality that the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T offers. Engineered by the globally acclaimed brand Toyota, this forklift is a marvel that’s set to redefine your expectations.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T will empower your business with its robust set of features purposefully designed to . . .

🟧 | Uplift your productivity
🟧 | Prioritise safety
🟧 | And maximise cost-effectiveness

Here’s how this extraordinary machine performs these feats and will revolutionise your operations one load at a time . . .


Unleashing Productivity

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is built to maximise productivity. An efficient electric motor powers its impressive load capacity. It’s this motor that enables the smooth handling of substantial loads. Meanwhile, its compact design and small turning radius guarantee superb manoeuvrability. So you and your team can make optimal use of your workspace.


Ensuring Safety

Prioritising safety, the Traigo 8FBES13T is equipped with the advanced . . .

🟧 | Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS)
🟧 | And Operator Presence Sensing (OPS)

These systems reduce the risk of accidents so that you can ensure the well-being of your operators and the integrity of your goods. The operator seat and clear visibility mast minimise operator fatigue and increase visibility. So you can further enhance safety in your workplace.


Optimising Cost-Efficiency

The Traigo 8FBES13T is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to providing cost-effective solutions. The machine’s electric drive system reduces fuel costs. Meanwhile, its robust build minimises maintenance requirements. This results in significant cost savings, significantly boosting your return on investment.


Promoting Versatility

The Traigo 8FBES13T is not just a machine; it’s a versatile solution designed to fit diverse business needs. Do you work in the retail sector or operate within a bustling warehouse? No matter which, this forklift can adapt to your specific requirements. It will perform efficiently under a wide range of conditions.


In the material handling world, there are machines that meet needs and then those that surpass expectations. The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T belongs to the latter category. It isn’t just a forklift. It testifies to Toyota’s dedication to innovation and quality and delivers on the promise the brand is renowned for. This forklift doesn’t just seamlessly blend power and precision. It’s wrapped in a package that boasts remarkable build quality and advanced features. It symbolises efficiency, ensuring your business operations are always at their peak, regardless of the workload. The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is the choice to revolutionise your material handling operations. With Locators, this robust solution is just within your reach. We are committed to empowering your business with the industry’s best because we understand that in your success lies ours.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T will drive you towards productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness.



A Deeper Dive into the features of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T

Experience the distinctive edge of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T in your operations

Stepping into the material handling world is akin to stepping into a complex maze, where every turn and path has unique challenges. It requires machinery that is not just capable but also adaptable, safe, and efficient. The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is just such a marvel of engineering. This Traigo was born from Toyota’s relentless commitment to innovation. Optimised by decades of industry expertise, it is a forklift designed to turn challenges into opportunities. We’ll delve into the distinctive features of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T to transform your operations.

These traits embody a dedication to excellence and a powerful tool for operational enhancement . . .


Advanced Safety Systems

In an industry where safety is paramount, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T stands out.

Its features advanced integrated safety systems, like . . .

🟧 | The Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS)
🟧 | And Operator Presence Sensing (OPS)

These systems work in harmony to provide a secure working environment. Features like speed reduction when cornering are not simply add-ons. These features are interwoven into the very essence of this forklift’s design. The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T ensures that each task is executed safely. It does so without compromising efficiency, so you can keep your team and operations in the safest hands possible.


Efficient Power Management

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is a powerhouse of performance. It’s equipped with a 6kW drive motor and an 11kW lift motor, providing a seamless blend of power and finesse. But it’s not just raw power; it’s power managed smartly. The energy consumption rate stands at an efficient 2.6kWH/h. This ensures that this forklift remains operational for extended periods. In turn, this makes it the perfect workhorse for your operations. In addition, the substantial battery capacity, adhering to the DIN 43535 A standard, affirms that power and endurance are at its heart.


Superior Load Handling

When tackling heavy-duty tasks, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T rises to the occasion. It doesn’t just have exceptional load-handling capabilities. It boasts a substantial load capacity of 1,250kg and an impressive lift height of 3,305mm. Therefore, this forklift is more than equipped to handle your most demanding tasks. Do you need to shift heavy crates in your warehouse or load sizeable goods onto trucks? The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T will navigate these challenges with remarkable ease and efficiency.


Versatile Functionality

The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T transcends the boundaries of conventionality with its versatile functionality. Equipped with long forks of 800mm and a long forkbar of 920mm, this forklift can accommodate a broad spectrum of load types and sizes. Beyond its lifting capabilities, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T elevates the user experience. It does so with a multi-function display that provides essential data at a glance. Also, it features a memory tilt steering column that caters to the comfort and efficiency of the operator. Every feature of the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T showcases Toyota’s commitment to user-centric designs. A design that doesn’t just move loads but also advances your operations.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is not merely a machine. It is a meticulously engineered solution that goes beyond basic functions to become an ally in your operations. This piece of machinery encapsulates Toyota’s promise of excellence. It showcases a thoughtful blend of safety, efficiency, power, and versatility. But more than that, the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T is a testament to how the right equipment can transform operations. It can elevate your business’s performance, safety standards, and cost-effectiveness. It embodies the belief that doing things better isn’t just about innovation. It’s about understanding needs and crafting solutions that fit them perfectly. At Locators, we are thrilled to bring you closer to this exceptional machine. Let the Toyota Traigo 8FBES13T drive your operations to new horizons of operational excellence.

Powered by the trusted name of Toyota and brought to you by the dedicated service of Locators.