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Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T

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Load Capacity:
1800 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC2 power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Seat mounted hydraulic minilevers
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300) Long forks (length: 1,000mm)
Long forkbar (length: 920mm) 3-way valves
Wet disc brakes Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres
Full hydraulic power steering Digital Multifunction Display with wheel indicator
Memory tilt steering column Operates indoors and outdoors with ease
Unmatched truck stability Excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height
High lifting and driving performance Available with Lithium-ion battery



The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is a Powerhouse of Efficiency

Experience superior handling, advanced safety, and efficiency with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T.

Efficiency, reliability, and performance are paramount in the bustling material handling world. Each cog in the machine is vital, each decision has a ripple effect, and the right choice can be the difference between success and mediocrity. That’s where Locators steps in, armed with a solution that’s more than just a piece of machinery — the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T. But why should you choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T? The answer is simple yet powerful: this electric forklift is designed to be a seamless extension of your team. It’s not just about shifting loads from point A to point B. It’s about empowering your business with a solution that works tirelessly, efficiently, and smartly. It’s about a partnership that supports your growth, enabling you to meet the ever-changing demands of your operations.

Choosing a forklift isn’t a decision to be taken lightly — the health of your operations depends on it. The wrong choice can lead to downtime, inefficiency, and increased operational costs. However, with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T, you’re choosing a tool designed to deliver results. Moreover, it’s driven by the guarantee of a globally trusted manufacturer — Toyota. Toyota’s reputation for quality, durability, and reliability precedes it. As a world leader in the automotive and machinery sectors, they understand the nuances of engineering. They understand it must be the perfect blend of performance, safety, and efficiency. The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is a testament to their commitment to excellence. It embodies their dedication to customer satisfaction, productivity, and workplace safety. At Locators, we align ourselves with these values. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best material handling and storage systems. As a leading supplier in the South, we pride ourselves on our ability to handpick solutions that drive operational success.

With the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T, we offer more than just a forklift. We’re offering for your business to enhance efficiency, improve safety, and maximise productivity. Investing in the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is investing in your business’s future. You could be running a bustling warehouse or a precision-oriented production line. It wouldn’t matter. This reliable and robust electric forklift can handle the challenge. Its presence in your operations will set the stage for unprecedented growth and success. Yet, the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T offers more than a commitment to exceptional performance. It offers a commitment to your team’s safety and, most importantly, a commitment to the long-term success of your business. It’s more than just a forklift; it promises excellence and efficiency, a steadfast partner for your operational needs.

The choice is clear. Choose wisely; choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T

Harness the power of efficiency, safety, and performance with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T.

    1. Exceptional Efficiency

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is an efficiency powerhouse. It reduces operational downtime and boosts productivity with fast travel and lift speeds.

    2. Superior Safety Features

      Safety is never compromised with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T. The Toyota SAS and ORS seat maximise operator safety, preventing potential workplace accidents.

    3. Robust Performance

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T’s performance sets it apart. Whether loaded or unloaded, it maintains its speed and lift capabilities. So you can be assured of consistent operational output.

    4. Energy Savings

      Operating the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T results in significant energy savings. Its low energy consumption rate reduces costs, making it a budget-friendly choice for any business.

    5. Versatility in Application

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T’s design makes it perfect for diverse settings. Whether you operate in a compact warehouse or a large production facility, this forklift delivers results.



Achieve New Heights with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T will drive business success through unparalleled efficiency and performance.

The crux of successful logistics and material handling operations is not just having equipment that works. It’s about partnering with a tool that raises the bar that sets a benchmark in efficiency, safety, and performance. Such a powerhouse should blend seamlessly with your business vision. It should propel your productivity levels and embed itself into your operations as an indispensable ally. This isn’t a feat any forklift can achieve; it takes a special kind of partner. It takes the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T.

This meticulously engineered machine isn’t just designed to elevate your operations; it is destined to, and here’s how . . .


Exceptional Efficiency & Energy Savings

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T isn’t just about power; it’s about delivering that power efficiently. Boasting an impressive travel speed of 20km/h, whether loaded or not, your workflow remains uninterrupted. Plus, its low energy consumption rate of 4.8 kWh/h means more work done for less, so your business can cut down on energy costs.


Advanced Safety for Peace of Mind

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T comes equipped with top-of-the-range safety features. These include the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Restraint System (ORS) seats. These features enhance operator safety, minimising the potential for accidents and injuries. That means your team can work confidently, knowing their safety is a priority.


Reliable Performance for Consistent Output

Performance is where the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T truly shines. With its fast lift speeds, robust drawbar pull, and high gradeability, it doesn’t just perform—it excels. The result? Your operations run smoothly, and your output remains consistent regardless of the demands.


Versatility in Design for Wider Applications

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is designed with versatility in mind. As such, it can effortlessly navigate through diverse operational settings. Is your business situated in a spacious warehouse or a more compact facility? The truck’s dimensions, coupled with its turning radius, allow it to manoeuvre seamlessly. So it’s a perfect fit, no matter the environment.


In the grand scheme of your business operations, the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T isn’t merely a piece of machinery—it’s a strategic asset. This game-changing piece of equipment will nudge your business towards unprecedented success.

It encapsulates everything that makes Toyota a world leader . . .

🟧 | Unwavering reliability
🟧 | Cutting-edge innovation
🟧 | Commitment to excellence

It then packages it into a robust and high-performing forklift designed to over-deliver. But choosing the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T isn’t merely about ensuring a job well done. The forklift itself is a statement that your business refuses to settle for anything but exceptional. It’s a testament to your foresight. A commitment to your team’s safety and a dedication to operational success defines your business. With Locators as your trusted supplier, you’re not just purchasing a forklift. You’re embracing a vision of operational excellence and efficiency. And with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T at the heart of your operations, that vision becomes a reality.

Choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T. Choose unparalleled success.



Delve into the Details of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T

Discover the fine engineering and innovations that make the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T stand out.

Every product that makes a difference in the world is the result of brilliant engineering. It’s driven by an attention to detail that sees every piece and part as an opportunity to refine, improve, and excel. The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is a shining exemplar of such meticulous engineering. Its union of advanced technology and superior functionality redefines the forklift’s capabilities. But what makes this machine a trailblazer in material handling and logistics?

Let’s delve into the heart of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T and unpack the intricate details that set this beast apart from the rest . . .


Superb Specifications for Unrivalled Performance

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T isn’t just another forklift — it’s an electric marvel. At its core is a robust electric motor. This offers a silent, emission-free operation that contributes to a sustainable working environment. But this forklift is about more than just doing its part for the environment — it’s redefining your performance. It comfortably lifts and moves loads up to 1,800kg. Meanwhile, its finely tuned hydraulics provide smooth, rapid lifting and lowering speeds. So you can achieve peak efficiency at all times. With such force and speed at your disposal, every task becomes a triumph.


Advanced Safety Systems for Operator Protection

Safety isn’t an afterthought with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T — it’s a guiding principle. Toyota’s SAS, or System of Active Stability, monitors forklift operations to reduce the risk of accidents. Then, there’s the Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat, which is comfortable and designed with safety in mind. Toyota’s commitment to safety extends to the very design of the forklift. Its mast and overhead guard ensure maximum visibility. These safety features work together to create a work environment where operators don’t just feel secure. Instead, they can focus on their tasks with complete peace of mind.


Dedicated Controls for Enhanced Usability

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T excels in performance, safety, and usability. The armrest features a direction switch and an easy-to-reach control to change the forklift’s direction. Meanwhile, the seat-mounted hydraulic mini levers ensure precise control over the forklift’s movements. The digital multifunction display with a wheel indicator also provides vital real-time information. These serve to enhance operator awareness and facilitate informed decision-making. When it comes to the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T, power is truly in your hands.


Versatile Design for All-round Application

Versatility is vital in fast-paced, evolving workplaces, and the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T delivers just that. Its compact design and exceptional turning radius make it manoeuvre easily, even in tight spaces. Are you attempting to navigate narrow warehouse aisles or operating in larger factory settings? No matter which, the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T demonstrates flexibility. The pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres ensure a smooth ride on all kinds of terrain. Meanwhile, the adjustable steering column with memory function guarantees a comfortable operator experience.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is not just another piece of machinery in your inventory. It’s a game-changing addition that makes a tangible difference to your operations. The thought behind each specification, design choice, and interface converge to surpass expectations. It’s a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets practicality. It showcases what happens when raw power is harnessed with finesse and when a product is designed not just to meet a need but to redefine a standard. Choosing the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is about choosing a tool that doesn’t compromise safety or efficiency. It’s about choosing one that offers versatile applications and promises robust performance. It’s an investment in a tool that aids in meeting your business’s objectives in a smarter, safer, and more effective way. With Locators as your trusted partner, you can be assured of the unparalleled quality and service that comes with the Toyota name. Experience the profound impact the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T can bring to your operations.

Choose better. Choose smarter. Choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T.

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