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Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T

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Load Capacity:
2000 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
7500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
48 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC2 power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Seat mounted hydraulic minilevers
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300) Long forks (length: 1,000mm)
Long forkbar (length: 920mm) 3-way valves
Wet disc brakes Pneumatic shaped cushion tyres
Digital Multifunction Display with wheel indicator Memory tilt steering column
Operates indoors and outdoors with ease Unmatched truck stability
Excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height High lifting and driving performance
Available with Lithium-ion battery



The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T Features Superior Efficiency

Harness the potential of innovation with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is a beacon of intelligent workmanship in an era where time equals money and efficiency is vital to profitability. This forklift embodies why you should strive for nothing less than technological innovation. Choosing the right equipment for your operations is paramount, and it’s here that the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T truly shines. A reliable, high-capacity forklift is the difference between smooth operations and unexpected downtime. The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T has a load capacity of 2,000 kg, and its robust electric motor is designed to easily handle your hefty business tasks. But why choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T, and why purchase or hire one from Locators? Our shared commitment to providing superior quality, safety, and reliability is the answer. Toyota is a name that’s synonymous with automotive excellence. However, it’s continued its tradition of pioneering performance and innovation with the 8FBM20T. Likewise, at Locators, our mission is to bring you nothing but the best.

Toyota’s standards of safety are world-renowned. Every feature in the 8FBM20T — from the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) to the Operator Restraint System (ORS) — is a testament to this commitment. For businesses, this not only translates to a safer working environment. It also significantly reduces the risk of operational mishaps that could lead to costly repairs and delays. Another cornerstone of Toyota’s manufacturing ethos is quality, and it’s evident in the 8FBM20T. Every aspect of the 8FBM20T speaks to Toyota’s unwavering dedication to quality — from its solid build and high-grade materials to its advanced features like the AC² power system and wet disc brakes. Locators is a leading material handling and storage system company in the South. We’ll ensure that you get access to this top-notch product with our excellent customer service.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T also stands out in the realm of reliability. With a service weight of 3,261 kg and solid rubber tyres, this model offers exceptional stability and durability. Paired with the superior aftersales service from Locators, it’s clear why the 8FBM20T should be your preferred choice. Toyota’s manufacturing prowess and Locators’ unrivalled industry experience bring forth the 8FBM20T. It’s a product that embodies the future of efficient material handling. We share Toyota’s vision of creating value through innovation and progress. That’s why we confidently say that the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is more than just a forklift — a catalyst for your business success. The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T results from years of engineering excellence. It’s set to elevate your operations to unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety. Partnering with Locators is a strategic investment in progress, quality, and reliability. Harness the potential of innovation and make the intelligent choice today.

Choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T from Locators.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T

Step into the Future of Efficiency with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T.


    1. Exceptional Load Handling

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is built for heft, capable of supporting a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg. This powerhouse streamlines your workflow, effectively handling hefty operations with ease.

    2. Unmatched Safety Standards

      Toyota’s commitment to safety is brought to life with the Operator Restraint System (ORS) and the System of Active Stability (SAS). These safety measures protect your team and reduce the risk of on-site accidents and costly disruptions.

    3. High-Quality Craftsmanship

      The 8FBM20T boasts Toyota’s trademark quality, with every element perfectly crafted. From its robust build to its high-grade materials, this model embodies the durability your business can depend on.

    4. Superior Reliability

      The Traigo 8FBM20T delivers on reliability thanks to its service weight of 3,261 kg and sturdy, solid rubber tyres. This forklift ensures smooth operation and minimal downtime, keeping your business on track.

    5. Cutting-Edge Features

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T has advanced features like the AC² power system and the digital multifunction display. These elements enhance functionality and contribute to greater operational efficiency. So your day-to-day tasks are a breeze.



The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is Operational Excellence in Action

Transform your workflow with the power of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T.

Meet the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T, a masterclass in forklift engineering. This model is the outcome of Toyota’s commitment to shaping the future of material handling. It epitomises the best of the brand’s innovation, quality, and safety standards. The Traigo 8FBM20T is brought to your doorstep by Locators. We’re the leading supplier of material handling and storage systems in the South. Working with us and Toyota will take your operational efficiency to new heights.

This forklift is not just a tool — it’s a game-changer for businesses that value . . .

🟧 | Safety
🟧 | Productivity
🟧 | And operator comfort

Let’s explore the unparalleled features and capabilities of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T . . .


System of Active Stability (SAS)

At the heart of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is Toyota’s unique System of Active Stability (SAS). This advanced system actively monitors forklift operations to ensure optimal stability. It provides your operator with greater control and reduces the risk of accidents. It’s a modern marvel of safety engineering designed to protect your people and productivity.


Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS)

Further enhancing the 8FBM20T’s safety features is the Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS). This system automatically immobilises the forklift when the operator isn’t seated. It’s an intelligent way to ensure operations continue under your trained operators’ watchful eyes.


Toyota AC² Power System

One of the defining features of the 8FBM20T is the AC² power system. This Toyota-exclusive system is engineered for performance. It delivers smooth power delivery and exceptional energy efficiency. The result? Longer operational hours, reduced downtime, and significant savings on energy costs.


Enhanced Operator Comfort

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is not just about power and performance; it also prioritises operator comfort. The ORS seat ensures your operators can work comfortably for extended periods. It has features like seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers and an adjustable tilt steering column. This results in greater comfort, which equals greater productivity, an equation that leads to sizeable gains.


Efficient Load Handling

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T stands tall in the arena of load handling. With a load capacity of 2,000 kg, it’s a model built for heft. Plus, the 8FBM20T ensures safe and efficient load handling with the Toyota SAS and long forks. So you can streamline your operations like never before.


To wrap up, the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T goes beyond being a forklift. It’s a tool that aligns with your business needs, ensuring you keep your operations running efficiently and safely. Whether you’re focusing on safety, efficiency, or comfort, the 8FBM20T has it all. It’s not about working harder — it’s about working smarter, and the Traigo 8FBM20T embodies that principle. It combines Toyota’s innovative features to facilitate a smoother, more productive workflow. With the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T, you’re not merely investing in a machine. You’re investing in a solution designed to elevate your business success. Take your operations to new levels of productivity and efficiency with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T from Locators.

Unleash the power of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T today and see how it transforms your workflow for the better.



Exploring the Features of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T

Experience the power of performance with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T.

Welcome to a world where technology, functionality, and design merge to create the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T. This exceptional product is brought to you by Toyota, a leading manufacturer in the global market.

The 8FBM20T isn’t just another forklift—it’s a pioneering piece of machinery that promises to elevate your . . .

🟧 | Operational efficiency
🟧 | Strengthen your safety protocols
🟧 | And boost your business performance

It’s a product built with your business needs at its heart and tailored to thrive in diverse work environments. This makes it the smart choice for all businesses. However, it’s best for those seeking to optimise their productivity and streamline their processes. But before we delve into the features of the 8FBM20T that set it apart in a class of its own,

Here’s what makes this state-of-the-art forklift more than just a means to an end but a pivotal tool that drives your business forward . . .


Engineering & Design

No corner was cut in the design and engineering of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T. Its compact wheelbase doesn’t simply measure 1,561 mm. It also contributes to the exceptional manoeuvrability that simplifies navigation in tight spaces. Furthermore, the resilient design ensures durability, even in demanding operational environments. The end product? A forklift that can handle tough tasks with the grace of a dancer — strong, agile, and reliable.


Capacity & Performance

When it comes to handling substantial loads, the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T proves itself a titan. It has a load capacity of a whopping 2,000 kg, empowering your workforce to move hefty materials with ease. The impressive lift height of 3,300 mm also enables efficient handling of stacked goods. With such extraordinary performance, the 8FBM20T makes hefty loads feel light as a feather.


Advanced Safety Features

Safety isn’t just a feature — it’s a commitment that the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T embodies. It incorporates the renowned Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) and the Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat. These technologies work in unison to provide a safer operating environment. They reduce the risk of accidents and instil confidence in your operators.


Energy Efficiency

With the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T, efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. As an electric forklift, it ensures significant energy savings without compromising performance. How? It’s all thanks to the Toyota AC² power system. The result is a low energy consumption of 5.1 kWh/h, making the 8FBM20T a wise business choice and a friend to the environment.


Operator Comfort

Comfort isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity for enhanced productivity. The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T recognises this need and offers a comfortable ORS seat. This seat reduces fatigue and promotes operator well-being. Its adjustable tilt steering column with memory function offers a personalised, ergonomic space. The 8FBM20T seamlessly brings together comfort and productivity.


To wrap up, the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is more than just a forklift — it’s a manifestation of . . .

🟧 | Progressive design
🟧 | Advanced technology
🟧 | And unwavering functionality

It’s a trusted partner that’s built to endure, designed to perform, and engineered to excel. Every feature is meticulously crafted to align with your business needs. The 8FBM20T is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to delivering the best. It’s built for those who value efficiency, demand performance, and strive for excellence in their operations. Experience the transformative power of the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T for yourself. Let Locators guide you towards more efficient, safer, and productive operations. The future of material handling is here, and the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T powers it.

Make the smart choice today — choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T for a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.

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