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Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50

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Load Capacity:
5000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
80 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers
Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300) Long forks (length: 1,200 mm)
Long forkbar (length: 1,170 mm) Load backrest (height: 1,200 mm)
3-way valves Wet disc brakes
Wide brake pedal Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres
Full hydraulic power steering Digital Multifunction Display with wheel indicator
Memory tilt steering column Emergency stop button in armrest
Four wheels for maximum stability – ideal for high performance in heavy-duty applications Highly energy efficient for long working shifts in demanding operations
Excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height for safe and confident driving and load handling. Offering high residual capacities at 600 mm load center



Drive Your Future Forward With The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50

Locators offer your latest material handling powerhouse.

In a world where efficiency meets innovation, the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is a beacon of material handling excellence. This rider-seated electric truck has an impressive load capacity of 4,990 kg. It represents a future where reliability, safety, and top-tier performance are not just ideals. Instead, they’re tangible realities. The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is designed to resonate with a company’s mission. It mirrors their drive, ambition, and relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s not just a machine; it’s a partner, a helper, a piece of your team that carries its weight and then some. A feature like the Toyota System of Active Stability isn’t merely a technical add-on; it’s a statement of commitment to the safety of the operators. It’s a vow that every movement is controlled, every lift is stable, and every operation is handled precisely.

The Operator Restraint System (ORS) reflects a broader philosophy that puts the user at the centre. It’s an understanding that technology must serve people, not vice versa. As such, the ORS makes operations efficient, comfortable and secure. The electric motor has a consumption rate of only 12.2 kWh/h and is a nod to the future, where green solutions don’t mean compromising performance. Sustainability meets strength with the Toyota AC power system, translating into real-world advantages. The reliability ensures operations run smoothly, thus reducing downtime. Plus, the safety measures provide peace of mind, so you and your team know they are protected. Its efficiency means savings, both in time and energy costs. But why should you choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50, and why from Locators? Because, at Locators, we share Toyota’s vision. We understand the intricacies of material handling. We know that businesses are not just looking for machinery. They seek solutions, partners, and innovations that align with their goals.

We recognise that the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is not merely a product — but a game-changer. Its specifications, design, and very essence is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s about transforming challenges into opportunities, obstacles into stepping stones. And in providing this powerhouse, we’re not just offering a transaction. We’re providing a relationship, a commitment, and a partnership that goes beyond the sale. Our services ensure that the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 integrates seamlessly into your operations. It’ll become a part of your success story. Toyota remains a steadfast ally in a landscape where technology evolves, and business rules are often rewritten. It’s more than a product; it’s a vision, a philosophy, and a future waiting to be embraced. With Locators, you’re not just choosing a truck. You’re selecting a pathway to innovation, a road to success, and a journey towards a future where excellence is the norm.

Locators and the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 invite you to drive the future, one load at a time.



The Benefits of The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50

Empower your business with intelligent solutions.


    1. Unparalleled Efficiency

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 offers an outstanding travel speed of 18 km/h, both with and without load. Its energy consumption of just 12.2 kWh/h ensures you achieve more with less, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

    2. Unmatched Safety

      Equipped with Toyota’s SAS (System of Active Stability), the 8FBMT50 prioritises the safety of operators. Features like seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers and an emergency stop button only enhance operations.

    3. Superior Performance

      With a drive motor rating of 25.2 kW and a lift motor rating of 25.5 kW, the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 delivers power when needed. Its ability to navigate gradients of up to 23% without a load speaks of its resilience and agility.

    4. Robust Flexibility

      The many specifications make the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 adaptable to different terrains and needs. Its impressive turning radius of 2,686 mm ensures optimal manoeuvrability in any setting.

    5. Total Comfort & Control

      The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is designed with the operator in mind. The Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) offers comfort. Plus, its digital multifunction display offers effortless control. The Memory tilt steering column further adds to the ease of use, allowing you to focus on what matters.



How The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 Revolutionises Operations

Transform material handling challenges into triumphs with Locators and Toyota today.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is more than a piece of machinery. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the complex and varied demands of modern material handling.

With the rise of tech advancements and the need for sustainable solutions, the industry calls for equipment that is . . .

🟧 | Efficient
🟧 | Environmentally friendly
🟧 | And exceptionally safe

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 responds to this call by offering a unique blend of performance and innovation. It’s built with features that enhance functionality and redefine the standards of quality and excellence in its field.

Here’s how its carefully engineered specifications deliver unparalleled value . . .


Intelligent Design

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is crafted with an intelligent design focusing on operator ease and efficiency. It has distinct features like a lowered mast height for easy navigation and a coupling height tailored for compatibility. As such, this is a machine that thinks with you.


Green Powerhouse

Equipped with an 80 / 840 V/Ah battery that weighs 2,178 kg, this electric drive truck offers performance without the environmental cost. Its energy consumption rate signifies a future where power and sustainability coexist effortlessly.


Superior Safety Measures

From the Toyota SAS to the emergency stop button, safety is embedded into the core of the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50. Every feature is a testament to a commitment that values life and ensures that every operation is handled carefully.


Performance Beyond Expectations

Lift speeds, drawbar pull, and acceleration times are not just numbers. They reflect a machine that understands the demands of modern businesses. The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 doesn’t just meet expectations; it surpasses them, time and time again.


Adaptability & Control

The truck features different tyre sizes, full hydraulic power steering, and a digital multifunction display. As such, the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 adapts to your needs. It’s not about fitting into a mould but creating one that fits you.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 stands as a remarkable achievement in the field of material handling. It encapsulates the essence of modern technology, integrating functionality with environmental responsibility. The thoughtful design and features ensure that it aligns with different businesses’ various needs and demands. From the electric motor to its safety measures, every aspect of this machine has been crafted with precision and purpose. It is not merely a tool but a trusted partner that promises to enhance productivity, safety, and sustainability. When you choose the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50, you are not just investing in a product.

You are embracing a vision of material handling that is . . .

🟧 | Efficient
🟧 | Responsible
🟧 | And future-ready

Experience the unmatched reliability and performance that comes with the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50. Take a step towards transforming the way your business operates with Locators today.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is more than a promise; it’s a path towards success.



Discover The Excellence of The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50

The Traigo offers a pathway to precision and productivity.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 resonates with efficiency, reliability, and innovation in material handling. This powerful, electric-driven, rider-seated truck is designed to suit your business’s diverse needs. From load capacity to energy consumption, every detail is sculpted to perfection. It offers the perfect blend of performance and comfort. With features that emphasise safety, efficiency, and sustainability, this vehicle is more than just a machine. It’s a solution designed for modern-day challenges in material handling.

The following delves into the Traigo 8FBMT50’s essential aspects that make it an unparalleled choice in its category . . .


Cutting-Edge Identification Features

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50’s identification features set it apart from the competition. A 4,990 kg load capacity and a 2,030 mm wheelbase define its robust capabilities. These specifications aren’t just numbers. They showcase how robust engineering can achieve high performance even under demanding conditions. The machine assures efficiency and comfort in every task. And it’s all thanks to its electric drive, rider-seated operator type, and precise load distance measurement.


Balanced Weight Distribution

The carefully considered balance of axle loads comprises 11,316 kg in the front and 1,406 kg at the rear when loaded. As such, it ensures stability and smooth operation. The 7,721 kg service weight and evenly distributed axle load without load show how handling heavy loads can be effortless and safe. This perfect balance is all about adding confidence to capability.


Tyre & Track System

It comes equipped with solid rubber pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres (SE) and precise track widths of 1,145 mm at the front and 1,113 mm at the rear. As such, this machine promises control and agility on various terrains. The specific tyre sizes, coupled with two front and rear wheels, ensure optimal traction and ease of movement. It’s not just about moving forward; it’s about moving forward seamlessly and securely.


Optimal Dimensions

Every dimension of the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 guarantees compatibility and efficiency. From the 5/10 degree tilt of the mast to the fork dimensions of 60/150/1200 mm, every millimetre is thoughtfully crafted. Plus, there’s its adjustable lift height, comfortable seat height, and overall length. This results in efficient space utilisation that doesn’t compromise functionality.


Performance-Driven Metrics

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 is built to accelerate your business’s growth. It offers impressive travel and lift speeds, both with and without load. The maximal drawbar pull and unique gradeability features — whether with an 8.8% slope with load or 15.8% without — make it suitable for various terrains. The mechanical/hydraulic service brake ensures safety. Meanwhile, the acceleration time adds to the overall efficiency.


Electric Motor & Energy Efficiency

The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 embraces green technology, and its electric motor boasts ratings of 25.2 kW for the drive motor and 25.5 kW for the lift motor. Its 80/840 V/Ah battery supports long operating hours while ensuring low energy consumption of just 12.2 kWh/h. This environmentally conscious choice doesn’t compromise on power and performance. As such, it represents a responsible choice for the future.


Safety & Comfort Measures

Beyond performance, the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 ensures the well-being of your operators. This is all thanks to features like the Toyota SAS, the operator presence sensing system (OPS), and the ergonomic Toyota ORS seat. Plus, the armrest’s wide visible mast and emergency stop button provide additional safety measures. It blends efficiency with comfort for all-day productivity.


Standard Equipments for Enhanced Functionality

Every addition to the standard equipment list, such as wet disc brakes and full hydraulic power steering, is a step towards excellence. Its memory tilt steering column, and multifunction display with wheel indicator, enhance functionality. These features make the 8FBMT50 a machine that aligns with your need for control, information, and efficient operation.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 isn’t merely a vehicle. It’s a manifestation of what state-of-the-art engineering can achieve. Its robust build and design, matched with optimal weight distribution and high performance, mark it as an industry leader. The advanced electric motor system aligns with today’s environmental needs. Meanwhile, the safety and comfort measures speak of a user-centric approach.

When you invest in the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50, you are investing in . . .

🟧 | A legacy of quality
🟧 | A promise of efficiency
🟧 | And a future of endless possibilities

From standard equipment to specs that cater to specific business needs, it will take your operations to the next level. Contact Locators, the South’s leading integrated material handling and storage system company, today.

Let the Toyota Traigo 8FBMT50 redefine your material handling experience.