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Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T

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Load Capacity:
2500 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
80 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Toyota OPS (Operator Presence System)
Seat-mounted hydraulic mini levers Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300)
Long forks ([Length: 1,000 mm (9FBM(K)20-35T); Long forkbar (length: 1,070 mm)
1,200 mm (9FBH25-30T) Load backrest (height: 1,220 mm)
3-way valves Automatic parking brake
Wet disc brakes Wide brake pedal
Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres Fully floating driver compartment
Full-hydraulic power steering Multifunction touchscreen display with wheel indicator
Memory-tilt steering column Emergency stop button in armrest
Assist grip Shockless landing lift
600 mm load center for larger load handling Outstanding performance with zero emissions
Unmatched truck stability, indoors and outdoors Intelligent energy packs with lithium-ion battery solution
Ergonomic driver compartment for maximum comfort and productivity



Powering Progress with Precision with the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T

Unlock the potential of seamless productivity with the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T.

In the world of material handling, choosing the right equipment is paramount. At Locators, we understand the undeniable impact that a reliable, efficient, and powerful forklift can make. More often than not, you’re after a machine that goes beyond mere functionality. You want something that integrates seamlessly with your business’s aspirations. In this case, the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T always stands out. The essential question isn’t about what a machine does; it’s about why it matters. The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T isn’t just an electric forklift. It’s a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation, safety, and unmatched performance.

Every aspect of this model is crafted to keep in mind the evolving demands of modern businesses. Our association with Toyota goes beyond a transactional relationship. We believe in delivering more than just machinery. We strive to provide solutions that amplify productivity. We offer solutions that reduce operational hitches and reinforce safety. The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T embodies these principles. We ensure that when you invest in this forklift, you’re not only elevating your operations. You are also taking a definitive step towards a future of efficiency, reliability, and growth.

But why should you choose Locators as your partner in this journey? Locators have years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As such, we’ve established ourselves as the South’s leading material handling and storage system company. Our ethos aligns with Toyota’s: providing businesses like yours with tools that are not just cutting-edge but are game-changers. The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T is a manifestation of this promise. In a rapidly changing industrial landscape, staying ahead requires tools to keep up with your ambition. The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T is more than a forklift; it’s a catalyst for growth, setting the gold standard in material handling.

Join us in embracing the future today.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T

Elevate efficiency, safety, and innovation — one lift at a time.


    1. Unparalleled Efficiency

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T is designed for speed and smooth operation. Its electric drive ensures optimal energy usage, enhancing your overall productivity.

    2. Cutting-Edge Safety

      Equipped with Toyota’s System of Active Stability and Operator Restraint System, safety is the bedrock of the Traigo 9FBH25T. Minimize risks and create a secure environment for your team.

    3. Remarkable Load Handling

      With a load capacity of 2,500 kg and a well-calibrated balance, this forklift easily handles heavy loads. Precise engineering makes complex tasks simple and efficient.

    4. Environmentally Responsible

      The electric motor of the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T embodies a commitment to sustainability. Lower emissions and efficient energy consumption make it a responsible choice for your business.

    5. The Locators’ Partnership

      Choosing the Traigo 9FBH25T through Locators means ongoing support and tailored solutions. We’ll ensure that this forklift integrates seamlessly with your operations, delivering consistent excellence.



The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T Engineers Excellence in Every Move

Where technology meets practicality — the Traigo is a revolution in material handling.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T isn’t just a piece of machinery. It embodies a profound understanding of the material handling industry. That and the challenges that professionals face every day. It represents a bold step forward that marries state-of-the-art technology with intuitive design. This creates a forklift that isn’t just efficient but highly responsive to your unique needs. From its electric drive to the intelligent safety features, every aspect of the Traigo 9FBH25T has been crafted with precision. This forklift is more than a machine; it’s a solution, an ally in your pursuit of excellence.

Let’s unravel the engineering brilliance that makes the Traigo 9FBH25T a game-changer . . .


Optimal Performance with Electric Drive

Harness the power of electric energy with the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T. Faster travel and lift speeds ensure maximum productivity. The balance of performance and energy efficiency is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to excellence.


Precise Load Handling

The Traigo 9FBH25T’s precise load-handling capabilities redefine what you can achieve. A load capacity of 2500 kg and a balanced load centre make it suitable for various applications. The expertise of Toyota’s engineering shines through in every lift, every move.


Safety First

Your team’s safety is our priority. It incorporates features like Toyota’s System of Active Stability and Operator Restraint System. These ensure that every operation is conducted with maximum safety and minimum risk.


Green Operations

With the Traigo 9FBH25T, you are investing in performance and a sustainable future. Take its electric motor and low energy consumption. These demonstrate how industrial excellence can be achieved without compromising the environment.


Seamless Integration with Locators

Locators provide more than just a product; we deliver a partnership. Get dedicated support and the customisable features of the Traigo 9FBH25T. Do it, and your business will be equipped with a tool that fits your unique operational needs.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T is not just a forklift but a promise of innovation, efficiency, and relentless performance. It’s a reflection of Toyota’s commitment to advancing technology. All while keeping a keen eye on the practical demands of modern industry. With the Traigo 9FBH25T, you’re not just buying a piece of equipment but investing in a vision of what material handling can be. Locators stand with you. We offer tailored support and expertise to ensure the Traigo 9FBH25T integrates into your operations. Your success is our mission. Transcend limitations and realise your potential with the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T. Step into a new future with us, guided by the innovation and reliability of the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T.

Your future is bright; let’s illuminate it together.



Unpacking The Details of The Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T

Every specification and every feature of the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T is a commitment to your success.

In the complex world of logistics, the demand for efficiency, precision, and reliability has never been higher. This is where the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T comes into play. It’s a machine designed with a profound understanding of your operational needs. It’s not just a forklift; it’s a statement of innovation, a performance pledge, and a commitment to unparalleled quality.

Every aspect of the Traigo 9FBH25T is crafted to perfection, from the . . .

🟧 | Power-packed electric motor
🟧 | Strategic weight balance
🟧 | Versatile tyres
🟧 | Meticulously engineered dimensions

It’s a seamless blend of technology, design, and ergonomics. All of which translates into an experience that’s not merely functional but transformational.

Here’s what makes the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T an industry-leading product that embodies the future . . .


The Power of Electric Drive

The Traigo 9FBH25T’s electric drive significantly advances handling and efficiency. It’s quiet yet incredibly powerful, offering smooth and responsive operations. Experience agility like never before, coupled with energy conservation. This electric marvel is not just about doing the job but redefining how it is done.


Weight & Balance

With a careful blend of service weight and axle load distribution, the Traigo 9FBH25T assures stability and control. Its weight configuration ensures optimal performance, no matter the task at hand. With Toyota’s precise engineering, you can always trust this machine’s balance and poise. It’s built for performance and steadfast reliability.


Tyre Specifications for All Terrains

Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres are at the heart of the 9FBH25T’s adaptability to diverse floor surfaces. Reliable and robust, they ensure smooth operations across various environments. Perfect for everything from warehouses to rugged terrains. Embrace a machine that understands your needs and aligns with them seamlessly.


Dimensions Crafted for Flexibility

From the tilting mast to the expertly designed forks, every dimension of the Traigo is fine-tuned. Precision, flexibility, and performance aren’t just words. They are the core principles that drive the design of the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T. Experience the satisfaction of a machine where every millimetre serves a purpose, and every purpose suits you.


Performance That Transcends Expectations

The Traigo 9FBH25T is engineered for excellence. With travel speeds, drawbar pull, and gradeability tailored to surpass industry standards, this isn’t just a tool. It’s a testament to what’s achievable. Your productivity is reimagined, redefined, and backed by a machine that doesn’t just perform but inspires.


The Electric Motor

The electric motor of the Traigo 9FBH25T is where cutting-edge innovation and efficiency come together. It reflects a commitment to environmentally conscious operations without sacrificing power or reliability. It’s a step into the future of material handling, where green technology meets industrial might.


Additional Features

From the sound level at the driver’s ear to the Multifunction Display, the Traigo 9FBH25T is all about comfort and functionality. Its wide array of features is designed to make your working life more productive and enjoyable. With the Traigo 9FBH25T, it’s not just about doing more; it’s about doing it with finesse, comfort, and a touch of elegance. Enjoy a machine that understands the subtleties of your work and caters to them with precision and grace.


The Traigo 9FBH25T is more than just numbers and specifications. It’s a philosophy of delivering beyond expectations. It’s about empowering your business to soar to new heights of efficiency, speed, and excellence. With the Traigo 9FBH25T, you’re not just investing in a machine. You’re embracing a partner that understands your ambitions and is geared to help you achieve them. The future of material handling is here, and it’s shaped like the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T. Its features are not merely add-ons but the building blocks of a new era in your industry. With this product, you’re not adapting to the market but leading it.

Choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBH25T, and let . . .

🟧 | Every challenge become an opportunity
🟧 | Every obstacle be a stepping stone
🟧 | And every day a triumph

Join us at Locators, the South’s leading fully integrated material handling and storage system company.

Become part of the revolution that is setting new benchmarks and redefining success.