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Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T

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Load Capacity:
2500 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
80 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Toyota OPS (Operator Presence System)
Orange Seat belt with lock recognition linked to OPS Seat-mounted hydraulic mini levers
Range of masts available Range of forks available
Long forkbar (option) Load backrest (option)
3-way valves Automatic parking brake
Wet disc brakes Wide brake pedal
Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres Fully floating driver compartment
Full-hydraulic power steering Multifunction touchscreen display with wheel indicator
Memory-tilt steering column Emergency stop button in armrest
Assist grip Shockless landing lift
Standard chassis, built for strength and durability Outstanding performance with reduced emissions
Unmatched truck stability, indoors and outdoors Intelligent energy packs with lithium-ion battery solution option
Ergonomic driver compartment for maximum comfort and productivity



The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is The Future of Material Handling

Elevate your business performance with the power, precision, and reliability of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T.

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, efficiency and reliability aren’t just aspirations but necessities. It’s there in every decision made, every piece of equipment chosen, and every operational process implemented. These all reflect the values and objectives of a business committed to excellence. Enter the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T — an electric drive forklift designed for the future. It’s a truck that aligns seamlessly with modern business values of sustainability, safety, and innovation. However, this is not just a machine. It reflects a philosophy that believes in enhancing productivity without compromising integrity.

So, why should you choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T? It’s a question that echoes the broader question of why you do what you do. The answer lies in the commitment to excellence, the drive to innovate, and the relentless pursuit of quality. It’s about selecting a product that resonates with these values. Ensuring every load carried and task completed is a testament to precision, reliability, and efficiency. Locators understand these values. We are the South’s leading fully integrated material handling and storage system company. Our team is committed to providing solutions that are products and extensions of your business philosophy.

By offering the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T, we extend our trust in a product that personifies the new era of material handling. It’s an era where every kilogram lifted, degree tilted, and kilometre driven is a step towards something more. It’s a step towards a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative future. So Choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T. Choose Locators. Embrace a future where material handling is no longer about mere functionality but an expression of who you are and what you stand for. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is not just a choice; it’s a statement.

Make yours today.



The Benefits of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T

Discover the innovation and efficiency of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T.

    1. Exceptional Efficiency

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T’s electric drive offers unmatched energy consumption rates. With every task, you save on energy costs, transforming your operations into a model of sustainability.

    2. Precision Handling

      With a load capacity of 2500 kg and its responsive design, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T ensures precise and smooth material handling. It’s not just about moving goods; it’s about moving them with accuracy and care.

    3. Safety-First Design

      Meet Toyota’s SAS (System of Active Stability) and ORS (Operator Restraint System). These are two systems that ensure your safety is never compromised. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T prioritises your team’s well-being, making every operation secure.

    4. Unparalleled Comfort

      A full-floating driver compartment and ergonomic seat design provide operators with unmatched comfort. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is where functionality meets comfort, so your team can work easily and efficiently.

    5. Reliable Partnership with Locators

      Locators stand behind the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T and offer our full support regarding its commitment to quality. When you choose this product, you’re not just choosing a machine; you’re choosing a partnership that values excellence as much as you do.



How You Can Unlock Potential with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T

Empower your business with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T — a tool designed to redefine efficiency, control, and comfort.

There’s a growing need for one solution in the rapidly evolving material handling world. A solution that encompasses reliability, efficiency, and ergonomics. Businesses across many industries seek tools that meet the demands of the present and align with a vision for the future. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is a forklift that reimagines what’s possible.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is designed to . . .

🟧 | Align with your objectives
🟧 | Adapt to your needs
🟧 | And accelerate your success

It integrates state-of-the-art technology with a user-centric approach. This forklift offers a material handling solution that speaks directly to the core needs of modern businesses. It’s great whether you require something energy efficient with precision handling. It’s also perfect for those after something with enhanced safety protocols and operator comfort.

Here’s how every aspect of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T has been carefully crafted to drive success . . .


Unmatched Efficiency

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T’s electric drive doesn’t just promise performance; it delivers it. Its intelligent energy consumption pushes each task towards a greener, more cost-effective operation.


Precision at Its Best

Handling materials is not just about lifting; it’s about lifting right. This truck features an intricate balance of weight distribution and a design that understands the need for control. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T makes every move a masterstroke.


Safety Beyond Standards

A safe workplace is a productive one. Toyota’s SAS and ORS are not just features; they’re commitments. Safety is not an option with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T. It’s guaranteed.


Comfort Redefined

Long hours don’t have to feel long. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T has a full-floating driver compartment and ergonomic design. As such, it turns every shift into a comfortable experience.


Partner with Excellence

Choosing the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T means choosing a partnership with Locators. It’s not just about purchasing a product. It’s about investing in a relationship that understands your vision, shares your values, and is committed to your success.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T responds to the challenges and opportunities of modern material handling. It’s a forklift that transcends the conventional. It’s a truck capable of providing tangible benefits that translate into real-world success.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T offers a proven solution, whether you are looking to . . .

🟧 | Improve operational efficiency
🟧 | Ensure workplace safety
🟧 | Enhance operator comfort
🟧 | Invest in a product that stands for excellence

When you partner with Locators, you not only gain access to this remarkable product. You also gain a support system that’s committed to your long-term success. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is not just a choice. It’s an investment in a vision, a commitment to growth, and a step towards a new future for your business. One where material handling is seamless, efficient, and aligned with the values that drive your business. It’s time to experience the tangible difference the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T can make. With Locators at your side, the path to achieving your business goals has never been more straightforward.

The future is waiting; let the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T help you reach it.



Unveiling the Features That Drive The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T embodies innovation, functionality, and reliability in material handling.

In the dynamic world of material handling and logistics, having a reliable and robust companion is not just necessary. It’s a game-changer. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T comes as a testament to this understanding. It combines innovative design, state-of-the-art technology, and performance metrics that set industry benchmarks.

This forklift embodies excellence in every way, whether it’s thanks to its . . .

🟧 | Robust electric motor
🟧 | Precision-crafted dimensions
🟧 | Meticulously engineered weight distribution
🟧 | High-performance tyres
🟧 | Standard equipment that feels anything but standard

In need of optimal handling, safety, efficiency, or sheer performance? The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T is built to exceed expectations.

Let’s delve into the intricate details that make this model a standout choice for businesses aiming for growth and excellence . . .


Efficient Electric Motor

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T’s electric motor is more than just an energy source; it’s the heart of efficiency and sustainability. Its drive and lift motor ratings showcase superior performance. Plus, its energy consumption rate prioritises environmental responsibility. As such, this electric motor translates power into productivity. Harnessing 16.1 to 21.4 kW of power and featuring a battery with a nominal capacity of 80/700 V/Ah ensures you always have the energy to get the job done.


Optimised Weight Distribution

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T balances performance with safety, and its weight distribution is thoughtfully engineered. Its service weight is 5,087 kg, and its axle load system strategically distributes weight whether loaded or not. As such, this forklift stands firm on any surface. It handles up to 2,500 kg of load with grace, and its precise balance ensures that your operations proceed smoothly, whatever the task.


Tyres Designed for Excellence

Traction, durability, and ride comfort perfectly blend in the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T’s tyres. It features pneumatic-shaped cushion (SE) tyres, with the sizes at the front and rear being 23×9-10 and 18×7-8, respectively. These have been carefully selected to offer a perfect grip. This is a forklift that moves with confidence and control on any surface. It’s all thanks to a track width that provides stability and wheels that are designed to endure.


Dimensions That Speak Precision

Every millimetre counts; the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T’s dimensions prove it. It has a height that accommodates various spaces and a lift height that reaches up to 3345 mm. Its fork dimensions are crafted for versatility, and it has clearances designed for adaptability. The bottom line is that every aspect has been calibrated for precise operation. Turning radius, aisle width, mast tilt — each dimension is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to functional perfection.


Performance Beyond Expectations

Speed, strength, and control. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T combines these in a performance package that sets new standards. Its travel speed reaches up to 20 km/h, and it’s lift speed is attuned to efficiency. The lowering control prioritises safety, and the drawbar pull showcases strength. Every performance attribute is designed to elevate your operations. Even in the steepest terrains, with gradeability reaching up to 29%, this truck moves forward with unstoppable momentum.


Standard Equipment — A Symphony of Innovation

In the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T, standard equipment means extraordinary features. Toyota’s SAS system ensures stability. The AC power system offers consistent energy. The ORS seat enhances operator comfort. All while the full-floating driver compartment adds to the ergonomic experience. It has features like long forks, a multifunction display, wet disc brakes, and an automatic parking brake. These all come together to create a driving environment that’s both efficient and enjoyable. Yet, these are not mere accessories. The essential components make the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T the ideal tool for modern material handling.


In a market saturated with choices, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T stands tall as a symbol of innovation, quality, and dependability. Every feature, every specification, and every design element converges. Doing so creates a product that is not just another piece of machinery but a strategic investment towards business growth.

Yet the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T leaves no stone unturned in offering the very best from its . . .

🟧 | Energy-efficient electric motor
🟧 | Adaptably crafted dimensions
🟧 | Safety-enhancing weight distribution
🟧 | Confidence-instilling tyres,
🟧 | Outstanding performance metrics
🟧 | User-friendly standard equipment

By choosing the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T, you’re not just opting for a forklift. You’re embracing a vision of efficiency, sustainability, and performance that parallels success. Let the Toyota Traigo 9FBM25T be the driving force behind your business’s success story.

Make the choice today, and let excellence become a standard in your operations.