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Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T

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Load Capacity:
3500 kg
Load Centre:
500 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
80 volts



Technical Specification Features
Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) Toyota AC power system
Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) Toyota OPS (Operator Presence System)
Seat-mounted hydraulic mini levers Wide visible mast (MFH: 3,300)
Long forks ([Length: 1,000 mm (9FBM(K)20-35T); Long forkbar (length: 1,070 mm)
1,200 mm (9FBH25-30T) Load backrest (height: 1,220 mm)
3-way valves Automatic parking brake
Wet disc brakes Wide brake pedal
Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres Fully floating driver compartment
Full-hydraulic power steering Multifunction touchscreen display with wheel indicator
Memory-tilt steering column Emergency stop button in armrest
Assist grip Shockless landing lift
Standard chassis, built for strength and durability Outstanding performance with zero emissions
Unmatched truck stability, indoors and outdoors Intelligent energy packs with lithium-ion battery solution
Ergonomic driver compartment for maximum comfort and productivity



Revolutionise Your Workflow With The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T

Discover efficiency, reliability, and innovation with Locators — your partner in material handling excellence.

In today’s demanding business environment, efficiency and reliability are no longer aspirations. They are an absolute necessity. Your choice of material handling equipment can make or break your workflow. Therefore, settling for anything less than excellence is not an option. That’s where Locators and the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T come into play. Locators grasp that all business is unique and requires bespoke solutions for complex challenges. As the South’s leading integrated material handling and storage system company, we are committed to providing the best. That’s why we proudly offer the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T — a forklift that embodies our core values and promises to drive your success.

But why should the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T? It’s simple. The 9FBM35T is not just a machine but a symbol of innovation, an epitome of reliability, and a beacon of efficiency. This driver-seated wonder is powered by a state-of-the-art electric motor, which offers an impressive 3,500 kg load capacity. Whether it’s a bustling warehouse or a dynamic construction site, the 9FBM35T is designed to adapt and perform. It’ll ensure that your operations run smoothly, day in and day out. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T also stands for sustainability. Its energy consumption is tailored to modern standards, so the forklift aligns with our commitment to a greener future. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about doing it responsibly without compromising our planet.

But there’s more to the 9FBM35T than just its technical prowess. It’s about the connection between man and machine. This is facilitated by the Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) and the ergonomic ORS seat. These features ensure that your team operates in a safe and comfortable environment. Such a workspace fosters productivity and well-being. And it’s all brought to you by Locators. Our dedication to quality and Toyota’s heritage of excellence makes Traigo the logical choice. It’s especially apt for any business seeking to elevate its material handling capabilities. From small details like the pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres to the game-changing wide visible mast — every element of the 9FBM35T is a testament to quality. So why should you choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T? Because your business deserves the best, and we’re here to provide it. Reach out to Locators today. We will revolutionise your workflow with a forklift that redefines material handling.

Let the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T catalyse your success today and tomorrow.



The Benefits of The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T

Experience the unmatched advantages of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T — designed for progress, built for success.

    1. Efficiency Redefined

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is engineered with an advanced electric drive. Its precise control and fast response deliver power without compromise. This translates into superior performance to elevate your workflow to new heights.

    2. Sustainability for a Greener Tomorrow

      With an intelligent energy consumption system and responsible engineering, it’s an eco-friendly innovation. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T not only powers your business. It does so with the consciousness of leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

    3. Safety Above All

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T ensures the operator’s safety without sacrificing productivity. It incorporates features like the Toyota SAS and a specially designed ORS seat. Toyota engineer forklifts add a layer of protection that translates into peace of mind.

    4. Versatility in Action

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is built to adapt and offers a wide range of features. These include the likes of full hydraulic power steering and a shockless landing lift system. No matter the task, this forklift adjusts, guaranteeing you always have the right tool for the job.

    5. Quality You Can Trust

      Backed by Toyota’s excellent legacy and our commitment to quality, the 9FBM35T offers reliability in every sense. With the assurance of a world-renowned brand and the support of a leader in material handling, it’s a choice that never lets you down.



Transforming Your Operations with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T

Uncover the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T — where innovation meets functionality.

Material handling demands precision, efficiency, and a commitment to innovation. With the ever-changing demands of industries, having the right equipment is no longer just necessary. It’s now a critical factor that determines success. This is where the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T comes into play. It’s a machine that stands as a symbol of engineering prowess and thoughtful design. It’s built on the principles that have made Toyota a globally recognised brand. As such, the Traigo 9FBM35T is crafted to meet the multifaceted challenges of modern businesses.

Each aspect of this forklift is aligned with the requirements of today’s fast-paced world, whether it’s the . . .

🟧 | Handling power
🟧 | Safety features
🟧 | Sustainability approach
🟧 | Ergonomic design

It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about doing it with finesse, effectiveness, and responsibility.

The following explores the details that make the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T an investment worth making . . .


Engineered for Performance

The Traigo 9FBM35T’s electric motor doesn’t just exhibit exceptional prowess. It stands as a testament to Toyota’s relentless pursuit of excellence. The drive motor rating, coupled with a lift motor rating ahead of the curve, ensures you have the power where and when you need it. It’s not just a forklift; it’s a powerhouse on wheels.


Designed for Comfort & Safety

The 9FBM35T cares for the operator as much as it does for the load. From the seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers to the full floating driver compartment, every detail is a mark of comfort. Add to this the Toyota SAS and the Operator Restraint System, and you have a machine that epitomises safety. Working hours become productive hours, all in a cocoon of unmatched security.


Eco-Friendly & Responsible

In a world striving for sustainability, the 9FBM35T stands tall as an emblem of responsible engineering. Its energy consumption figures set the standard, and its battery system is in harmony with nature — this machine gives back to the planet. It’s your contribution to a greener tomorrow, embedded in every task, every lift, every move.


Versatility at Its Best

From adjustable forks to multifunctional displays, the Traigo 9FBM35T is a marvel of adaptability. Whether a delicate lift or a rugged move, the 9FBM35T moulds itself to the task. Plus, it’s facilitated by features like the long fork bar and automatic parking brake. This truck is your answer to every challenge and your solution to every problem.


Supported by Locators’ Expertise

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is not just a product but a promise backed by Locators’ decades of expertise in material handling. From pre-sale consultation to post-sale support, our team are with you every step of the way. We’ll ensure that the 9FBM35T becomes integral to your success story. For us, it’s not just a purchase; it’s a partnership.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is not a mere forklift but a comprehensive solution for material handling. Its design results from years of research and development, guided by a deep understanding of industry needs. With Locators, you have the added assurance of our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction. As such, the 9FBM35T transcends being a product and becomes crucial to your business’s growth strategy.

This forklift doesn’t just perform; it excels, paving the way for . . .

🟧 | Enhanced productivity
🟧 | Reduced operational costs
🟧 | And a safer working environment

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is a clear choice for those seeking to elevate their material handling capabilities. It’s perfect for fostering innovation and aligning operations with global standards of excellence. After all, it’s more than a machine. It’s a symbol of where the industry is headed.

Make the decision today to invest in a future that’s not just promising but secured by the reliability and performance of the 9FBM35T.



What Makes The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T Your Next Material Handling Solution

Meet the future of efficiency — the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is precision engineered for your success.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is not just another forklift on the market. It’s a reflection of innovation, efficiency, safety, and sustainability. These traits have all been combined into a product designed to meet the diverse needs of the material handling industry. In a sector where precision, reliability, and versatility are paramount, this model is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to excellence.

Every aspect of the 9FBM35T has been meticulously crafted, whether it’s the . . .

🟧 | Identification
🟧 | Weight balance
🟧 | Tyre features
🟧 | Dimensions
🟧 | Performance data
🟧 | Energy efficiency
🟧 | Or standard equipment

What follows is an exploration into why this model is the ideal choice for businesses aiming to elevate their operations to new heights . . .


Identification & Specifications

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is a game-changer in the material handling industry. Electrically driven, with a driver-seated operator type, it offers a substantial load capacity of 3,500 kg. The design of this model features a load centre of 500 mm, and its load distance from the centre of the drive axle to the fork measures 440 mm. The wheelbase of 1735 mm further enhances stability and manoeuvrability. These specifications collectively make the 9FBM35T a versatile and robust solution perfect for various material handling needs.


Weight & Balance

Weight distribution is vital in ensuring that a forklift operates smoothly and effectively. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T boasts a service weight of 5,721 kg, and it meticulously manages axle loads both with and without loads. This precise balance ensures not just optimal performance but also adds to the safety factors. It’s a capable, dependable and robust equipment ready to tackle even the most challenging tasks.


Tyre Features

The tyre specifications of the 9FBM35T have been chosen to guarantee optimal performance. Using pneumatic-shaped cushion (SE) tyres ensures the truck adapts effortlessly to various surfaces. These tyres measure 315/45-12 at the front and 200/50-10 at the rear. The track width (1,009 mm front and 962 mm rear) doesn’t just add stability. It also enables the forklift to function in diverse conditions, reducing the risk of slips and ensuring a prolonged tyre life.


Dimensions for Versatility

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T stands out with its versatility in dimensions. It can tilt the mast/fork carriage forward and backwards at 4.25/8 degrees, offering a lift height of 3,345 mm. The overhead guard height, seat height, overall length and width are all tailored to provide maximum efficiency. Better still, it does so while ensuring comfort for the operator. From tight spaces to open warehouses, these dimensions make it suitable for many operational settings.


Performance Data

Performance is where the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T truly excels. With travel speeds of up to 19/20 km/h without load and impressive lift speeds, it’s built for speed without compromising control. The drawbar pull and gradeability figures are a testament to a machine that can easily take on steep terrains and heavy loads. Its acceleration and brake specifications underline that it’s designed to perform at the highest level. So you can ensure both efficiency and safety for your operations.


Electric Motor & Energy Efficiency

Equipped with a drive motor rating of 16.1 to 21.4 kW and a battery system offering 80/700 V/Ah, the 9FBM35T is designed with energy efficiency at its core. Using an AC type of drive control and an energy consumption rate of 7.6 kWh/h is not just about performance. It’s about a commitment to environmental stewardship. These figures reflect Toyota’s dedication to creating products that not only serve the present but are mindful of the future.


Safety & Standard Equipment

Safety comes standard with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T. For example, there’s everything from the Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) to the full hydraulic power steering. Every feature ensures that operators can do their jobs with the utmost confidence. The equipment list includes features like an emergency stop button in the armrest and a shockless landing lift. It also features an automatic parking brake and much more. These are not just features but commitments to making the 9FBM35T a machine that prioritises the well-being of those who operate it.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is more than the sum of its parts. Toyota has crafted a machine that aligns with the industry’s present demands and future aspirations.

The 9FBM35T is a product that resonates with excellence in every aspect, from the . . .

🟧 | Engineering of its identification and specifications
🟧 | Thoughtfulness in weight distribution
🟧 | Tire design that enhances adaptability
🟧 | Versatile dimensions for function in various settings
🟧 | Top-notch performance
🟧 | Prioritisation of safety and energy efficiency
🟧 | Integration of advanced technologies
🟧 | And its thoughtful design

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T is a forklift that understands the demands of modern material handling. Every feature and specification is engineered with precision. It’s designed for performance and built for reliability. With the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T, you’re not just investing in a machine. You’re investing in a vision of efficiency, sustainability, and excellence. Backed by Locators’ expertise and commitment, the 9FBM35T is more than a solution; it’s a strategic partner in your success journey.

Discover the difference today; embrace the future with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM35T.