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Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T

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Load Capacity:
7000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
80 volts



Technical Specification Features
Load Capacity: 7.0 tonnes at a 600 mm load centre Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability)
Toyota AC2 power train Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing), Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers Wide visible mast [V3,300 mm], Load backrest [height: 1,220 mm]
Long forks [length: 1,200 mm (9FBM60-80T), 1,800 mm (9FBH80T)] Automatic parking brake, Wet disc brakes, Wide brake pedal
4-way valve Electric power steering (EPS)
Digital multifunction display with wheel indicator Telescopic & tiltable steering column
Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres [single (9FBM60T); dual (9FBM70-80T, 9FBH80T)] Floating driver compartment
Shockless landing lift Drive unit protector, Overhead guard protector
Double assist grip Handles heavy loads with ease
Powerful and energy-efficient Reliable in tough conditions
Strong lift performance High maneuverability and safety



The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T Embodies Efficiency

Locators supply innovations that meet your business needs.

Why should the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T be the next addition to your business’s material handling and storage system? The answer lies in understanding the core of what your business needs and how it aims to grow. At Locators, we recognise that the machinery you invest in is not merely about technical specifications. It’s about connecting the right tools to your company’s values, goals, and future. That’s how we’ve grown to become the South’s leading fully integrated material handling and storage system company. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is not just another electric forklift. It’s a symbol of reliability, a benchmark for efficiency, and a testimony to Toyota’s innovative excellence.

With a load capacity of 7,000 kg and driven by an advanced electric motor, it’s for businesses that refuse to compromise on quality and performance. But why should you choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T? Each one of its features speaks to the modern business’s need for agility, sustainability, and productivity. Its electric drive not only reflects an awareness of environmental responsibility. It also ensures smooth operation with less noise and lower energy consumption. With the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T, you get more than just a piece of equipment. You invest in a partner that understands your business’s pace and ambition. It also comes equipped with Toyota’s System of Active Stability and Operator Presence Sensing. Such state-of-the-art features are tailored to provide safety without sacrificing efficiency.

Partnering with Locators to bring the 9FBM70T into your space means choosing a solution that resonates with your values. It means selecting a product that’s engineered to facilitate growth. One that’ll enhance productivity and contribute positively to your bottom line. In a world where time is money and efficiency is paramount, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is a beacon of innovation. It stands ready to drive your business forward. However, it’s not just what this forklift can do; it’s about what it represents. That being a commitment to excellence, a dedication to performance, and a vision for the future. Choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T, and choose a pathway to success. It’s a triumph crafted meticulously by Toyota and brought to you by Locators.

Your success is our success, and together, we can build a future where nothing is out of reach.



The Benefits of The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T

Elevate efficiency and drive success with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T.

    1. Unparalleled Efficiency

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is designed with energy efficiency in mind, offering reduced energy consumption at 13.4 kWh/h. This translates to cost savings and a more sustainable approach to your operations.

    2. Robust Performance

      With a load capacity of 7,000 kg and top-of-the-line electric motor ratings, this forklift easily handles even the most demanding tasks. Its hydraulic service brake ensures safety, making the Traigo 9FBM70T a trustworthy workhorse.

    3. Superior Safety Features

      Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) mean that the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is as safe as it is powerful. These ensure that your team can work confidently, knowing that the latest safety technology protects them.

    4. Unmatched Comfort & Control

      It redefines comfort thanks to the seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers and its floating driver compartment. Every detail of the 9FBM70T is crafted to ensure operators can perform their best, making long working hours less strenuous.

    5. Flexible & Adaptable Design

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a flexible tool that can be adapted to your needs. With the likes of pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres and a variety of fork lengths, it offers plenty of customisation.



How The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is in Action

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is built for tomorrow’s challenges but is ready for today’s demands.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T doesn’t just represent a breakthrough in material handling. It provides a solution synonymous with efficiency, safety, and innovation. But what sets it apart in a market filled with competition? How does this exceptional forklift translate a series of specifications into real-world excellence? The answer lies not just in its features but in its philosophy. It’s evident in how it’s been conceived, designed, and executed to meet the unique challenges of today. In a world where efficiency and adaptability are paramount, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is more than an answer; it’s an assurance of quality.

Let’s explore how it embodies the values that drive modern businesses to new heights . . .


Dynamic Design

The design of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is a symphony of innovation and functionality. It ensures seamless navigation even in tight spaces with an overall width of 2,004 mm and a compact turning radius of 3,005 mm. Its ergonomic features are crafted to offer unparalleled comfort and control.


Intelligent Technology

The Traigo 9FBM70T has state-of-the-art technology like the Toyota AC2 power train and power steering. These features make it a delight to operate and ensure that energy consumption is optimised. Toyota’s SAS and OPS systems offer intelligent safety mechanisms that adapt to the operator’s needs.


Robust Performance

Driven by a dual electric motor with a 2x 21.2 kW rating, the Traigo 9FBM70T can handle loads up to 7,000 kg. Its travel, lift and lowering speeds are calibrated to offer peak performance. Better still, it does so without sacrificing efficiency. It’s a powerhouse ready to take on any task, no matter how demanding.


Environmentally Friendly

Electric operation means the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T aligns with sustainable practices. It offers eco-friendly operations with a nominal battery capacity of 80/1120 (-1240) V/Ah and energy consumption of 13.4 kWh/h. Better yet, it does so without compromising on power. It’s a vehicle for the present, designed with the future in mind.


Customised Solutions

With options like different fork lengths and pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres, the 9FBM70T can be tailored to your needs. Whether it’s an adjustment to fit your storage space or a modification to handle unique materials — it doesn’t matter. This forklift is ready to be your personalised solution.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is not just a product. It promises uncompromising quality, relentless performance, and mindful innovation.

It stands as a symbol of what’s possible when engineering meets empathy through its . . .

🟧 | Dynamic design
🟧 | Cutting-edge technology
🟧 | Robust performance
🟧 | Eco-conscious construction
🟧 | And adaptability

Locators are not merely presenting a forklift; we’re offering a partnership. A partnership that understands your needs, shares your vision, and strives to help you achieve your goals. By choosing the Traigo 9FBM70T, you’re not just acquiring a tool. You align with a tradition of excellence that will empower your business to soar. With the Traigo 9FBM70T, you’re investing in a future where challenges are opportunities and success is a journey shared. It’s not just the next step in material handling; it’s the next step in your business’s growth. It’s time for the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T, and it’s time for you.

Join us, and let’s build the future together.



Unpacking the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T

When it comes to Toyota, Locators is where specifications meet success.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is a machine engineered to transform the way material handling is approached. This is a truck that addresses every facet of your business needs, as it’s not just designed with precision. It’s powered by state-of-the-art electric technology and backed by Toyota’s reputation for reliability. Meanwhile, the specs of the 9FBM70T reveal a product built to deliver performance, efficiency, and durability. It’s not just about moving goods; it’s about enhancing productivity and ensuring a safe and smooth operation.

Each aspect of the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T has been thoughtfully crafted to serve a purpose, whether it’s . . .

🟧 | The detailed construction
🟧 | The intelligent use of tyres
🟧 | Or the extensive list of standard equipment

The following explores the integral components that define this exceptional machine . . .


Sturdy Structure

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T’s robust structure is a testament to superior engineering. With a load capacity of 7,000 kg, it can easily handle substantial weights. The 2,300 mm wheelbase and well-balanced axle loads ensure stability in every operation. It’s a combination that makes the most demanding tasks feel effortless, offering confidence in your every move.


Efficient Tyres

Control and efficiency define the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T’s tyre system. Fitted with pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres (SE) of uniform size 8.25-15, both front and rear, it guarantees a smooth ride. This design not only aids in precise handling but also reduces wear. It provides a long-lasting solution that keeps your operations flowing seamlessly.


Optimised Dimensions

Space management takes the forefront with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T. Every dimension has been considered, from the adjustable mast heights and fork lengths to the turning radius. The flexibility in design ensures that it fits effortlessly into various operational spaces. In doing so, it maximises efficiency without compromising performance. It’s a machine that moulds itself to your needs.


Performance Unleashed

Performance is where the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T truly shines. Travel speeds of up to 20 km/h without load, precise lift and lowering speeds, and responsive acceleration time make it an agile beast on the floor. The hydraulic service brake adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring control at every turn. This is a performance measured in numbers and felt in every task.


Powered by Innovation

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T’s electric motor system is a masterstroke of innovation. It offers unmatched efficiency with drive motor ratings of 2x 21.2 kW and an 80/1,120 (-1,240) V/Ah battery system. This is technology at its greenest, with reduced energy consumption, making it as eco-friendly and effective as possible. It’s a future-focused solution for today’s business.


Standard Equipment that Sets Standards

Every piece of standard equipment in the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is designed to elevate your experience. The wide visible mast, shockless landing lift, and 4-way valve are just a few features that add significant value to your operations. It’s a comprehensive package that meets standards and sets them.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T is not just another piece of machinery. It’s a statement of superior design, intelligence, and capability. The above indicates how each feature creates an entity committed to delivering excellence. The comprehensive nature of this product provides a reassuring presence in any environment. It offers both quality and efficiency in one unified design. With the Toyota Traigo 9FBM70T, you’re not just investing in a product. You’re investing in a promise of unyielding quality, durability, and performance that will stand by you in every daily task. It’s a choice that reflects an understanding of what truly matters in modern material handling.

Reliability, simplicity, and effectiveness.