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Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T

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Load Capacity:
8000 kg
Load Centre:
600 mm
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
6500 mm
Max Battery Capacity:
80 volts



Technical Specification Features
Load Capacity: 8.0 tonnes at a 600 mm load centre Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability)
Toyota AC2 power train Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing), Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
Seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers Wide visible mast [V3,300 mm], Load backrest [height: 1,220 mm]
Long forks [length: 1,200 mm (9FBM60-80T), 1,800 mm (9FBH80T)] Automatic parking brake, Wet disc brakes, Wide brake pedal
4-way valve Electric power steering (EPS)
Digital multifunction display with wheel indicator Telescopic & tiltable steering column
Pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres [single (9FBM60T); dual (9FBM70-80T, 9FBH80T)] Floating driver compartment
Shockless landing lift Drive unit protector, Overhead guard protector
Double assist grip Handles heavy loads with ease
Powerful and energy-efficient Reliable in tough conditions
Strong lift performance High maneuverability and safety



Transform Your Business with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T

Unlock efficiency and innovation by experiencing the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T today.

In a world where agility and efficiency are paramount, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T emerges as a game-changer. Designed to meet the demands of modern industry, it’s an electric-powered, driver-seated behemoth. This truck offers an unparalleled load capacity of 8,000 kg and a level of control that redefines the standards of material handling. As the South’s leading material handling supplier, we proudly introduce you to this engineering masterpiece. But why the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T? The answer lies in combining cutting-edge technology with Toyota’s commitment to excellence. Take the 80/1120 V/Ah battery, the energy consumption of just 14.8 kWh/h, and a sound level at the driver’s ear of only 65.8 dB(A). These are just a few hallmarks of its eco-friendly design — but it doesn’t stop there. With the Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) and AC2 power train, this machine is not only green but resilient, dependable, and safe.

It’s not just a forklift; it’s a promise to elevate your business to new heights. So, if you need to move goods in a bustling warehouse or transport heavy loads across a manufacturing facility, get in touch. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T has a 17/19 km/h travel speed with and without load and a 3,005 mm turning radius, ensuring agility and precision. With Locators as your partner, you’ll gain more than a state-of-the-art product. You invest in a relationship backed by comprehensive support, tailored solutions, and a shared vision for success. At Locators, we understand your challenges. Our decades of experience in material handling and storage systems enable us to recognise innovations. You can trust us when we say that the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T will have a transformational impact on businesses like yours.

With Toyota, it’s not just about moving objects from point A to point B. It’s about reimagining workflows, reducing downtime, and empowering your team with a tool designed for the future. Imagine a workplace where efficiency is the norm, not the goal. Picture a team empowered by technology that complements human intelligence, not replaces it. Envision a partner like Locators, committed to your growth and success through products like the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T. Unlock efficiency. Unleash innovation. Take a step towards a future where your business is not just performing but excelling. Let the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T be the catalyst for that transformation. Locators are here to guide you through every stage of this journey. Embrace the future with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T, and redefine what’s possible in your industry.

It’s more than a machine; it’s a movement towards excellence, and it starts with you.



The Benefits of The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T

Transform efficiency and experience innovation when you embrace the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T.


    1. Unparalleled Efficiency

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T’s electric drive offers an energy consumption rate of only 14.8 kWh/h. This means lower operating costs for your business, translating into savings that can fuel growth and innovation.

    2. Cutting-Edge Safety Features

      The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T sets a new standard in safety. Toyota’s SAS (System of Active Stability) and its unique design prioritise the operator’s comfort and control. So your team can confidently operate, knowing they’re backed by the best in the industry.

    3. Agility & Precision in Handling

      The 3,005 mm turning radius and travel speed of 17/19 km/h with/without load make the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T an agile performer in any environment. As such, its handling capabilities ensure efficiency and productivity in tight spaces or open areas.

    4. Robust Environmental Credentials

      Powered by an 80/1120 V/Ah battery and producing a mere 65.8 dB(A) at the driver’s ear, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is committed to green operation. It’s a forklift that not only meets the demands of your business but aligns with a sustainable future.

    5. Customisable Performance with Locators

      When you choose the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T through Locators, you’re not just purchasing a product. You’re forming a partnership. Locators offer support and customisation options tailored to your specific needs. We’ll ensure the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T integrates seamlessly into your operation.



Elevate Your Business with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T

Meet the innovation that is the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T and master your material handling.

In a rapidly changing world, the need for superior material handling solutions has never been greater. We operate in spaces where efficiency, agility, and responsibility are no longer optional but vital. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is a game-changing electric forklift that will redefine your business. Its powerful specifications are not just numbers on a data sheet. They represent a future vision where technology and human ingenuity combine to create something extraordinary.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T will elevate your business to new heights, whether that’s thanks to . . .

🟧 | The impressive load capacity
🟧 | The cutting-edge safety features
🟧 | Or the eco-friendly drive

But how exactly does it achieve this?

Let’s explore the aspects of this machine that make it an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking operation . . .


Power & Efficiency Redefined

With a robust electric motor featuring a 2x 21.2 kW drive motor rating and an 80/1120 V/Ah battery, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T epitomises efficiency. Your business can now enjoy powerful performance that doesn’t compromise on environmental responsibility. The future of forklifts is here, and it’s electric.


The Ultimate in Safety Technology

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T not only boasts the revolutionary Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability). It also comes equipped with other premium safety features like an automatic parking brake and wet disc brakes. These innovative technologies ensure that your team can operate with the highest levels of safety. In doing so, it keeps both personnel and materials protected.


Agile & Precise Operations

With a turning radius of 3,005 mm and travel speeds of 17/19 km/h with and without load, the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T promises unparalleled agility. Its design supports precise handling from the warehouse to the factory floor. Such precision makes it an indispensable tool in any material handling environment.


Custom Solutions with Locators

Locators are not just a supplier but a partner committed to your success. With the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T, we offer custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Are you in need of specific attachments, service packages, or support? We’re here to ensure that your Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is a perfect fit.


Sustainable & Sound Choice

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T’s commitment to eco-friendly operation extends to a sound level of just 65.8 dB(A) at the driver’s ear. This is more than just a machine; it’s a conscientious choice that aligns your operations with values that resonate with the modern world.


Choosing the right material handling solution is not merely a decision. It’s a declaration of your business’s values, goals, and vision. The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T isn’t just a forklift but a manifestation of excellence in engineering. It’s a pledge to environmental stewardship and a tool designed to empower your team like never before.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T’s specifications are tailored to provide the perfect balance of . . .

🟧 | Power
🟧 | Precision
🟧 | Safety
🟧 | And sustainability

These set it apart as a leader in its class. And with Locators as your trusted partner, the journey towards this new era of efficiency is supported every step of the way. Our expertise and unwavering support ensure the 9FBM80T integrates seamlessly into your operations. This is not just an investment in a machine; it’s an investment in a brighter, more prosperous future for your business. Together with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T, we’re not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. We’re not just keeping up with the times but defining them.

Your success story starts here, and the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is ready to write it with you.



The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T Is a Revolution in Material Handling

Transform your operations with a new era of performance and reliability — the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern material handling. It’s not just equipped with advanced technology and constructed with the end-user in mind. This machine offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their operations.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T stands as a reliable option for those seeking both performance and efficiency, thanks to its . . .

🟧 | Electric drive,
🟧 | Load capacity of 8,000 kg
🟧 | And a host of safety and comfort features

Let’s delve into the heart of this remarkable product and uncover what sets it apart as the ultimate material handling solution . . .


Dynamic Performance

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is engineered for excellence in every task. With electric drive motor ratings at 2x 21.2 kW, its power is more than just a number — it’s a revolution in performance. Travel at speeds up to 19 km/h without a load, lift with grace, and handle materials with finesse. With an energy consumption of just 14.8 kWh/h, efficiency is the new norm, and every operation is transformed into a seamless workflow. The balance between power and efficiency is finely tuned. It thus ensures that productivity never comes at the cost of sustainability.


Unmatched Safety

Safety isn’t an option with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T; it’s a fundamental design principle. From Toyota’s SAS to seat-mounted hydraulic minilevers, every aspect of this machine is crafted to protect. Look at the automatic parking brakes, wet disc brakes, and the overhead guard protector. These all reinforce the machine’s robust build. The innovative features, such as the Toyota Operator Presence Sensing (OPS), ensure your team is not just performing tasks. Instead, they’re executing them with the utmost confidence and security.


Customisable Comfort

Toyota recognises that the best performances come from a comfortable and tailored environment. From a seat that adjusts to the perfect height to a tiltable steering column, every detail of the 9FBM80T is designed for ergonomics. The floating driver compartment and pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres ensure a smooth ride. This thereby minimises fatigue and maximises productivity. Long hours no longer have to be a strain; they become a breeze, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters.


Precision Handling & Control

Precision is not merely an advantage with the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T; it’s a defining feature. With a turning radius of just 3,005 mm and an internal turning radius of 753 mm, navigating through tight spaces becomes effortless. Its pneumatic-shaped cushion tyres, along with electric power steering (EPS), grant unprecedented control. Such control makes it perfect for handling delicate materials or managing heavy loads. The combination of control and agility turns every movement into a statement of mastery. It stands as a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets practicality.


The Locator’s Promise

Choosing the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is more than a purchase; it’s a partnership with Locators. We have a reputation as the South’s leading fully integrated material handling and storage system company. As such, our commitment goes beyond just delivering a product. We not only understand your needs but go out of our way to provide custom solutions and unwavering support. Our relationship transcends traditional customer service. It’s a collaboration aimed at success, built on trust, expertise, and shared values. With the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T, you’re not just investing in a machine. You’re embracing a brighter future, guided by a partner dedicated to your triumph.


The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T offers a robust and comprehensive solution for material handling needs. It represents a reliable and efficient option for businesses of all sizes. Its various features — from dynamic electric motors to customisable comfort settings — cater to diverse requirements. This helps ensure that the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T adapt to different operational contexts.

Choosing the Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T means investing in a product that . . .

🟧 | Prioritises your business’s unique needs
🟧 | Aligns with industry best practices
🟧 | And is backed by a reputable supplier

It’s a decision that signifies a commitment to quality, sustainability, and long-term success. From its detailed specifications and the thoughtfulness of its design, one can see that it’s more than just a piece of equipment.

The Toyota Traigo 9FBM80T is a vital asset that supports and enhances every aspect of your material handling operations.