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Warehouse Labelling & Signage

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Warehouse Labelling & Signage

Having worked in warehouses for over 3 decades, we know the best layouts for your warehouse. Plus, we only use the best materials for our products. For quick ease of use, we can install the labels to new racking or fit them to existing equipment.

The challenge

Do you need to maximise the density and accessibility for storage of your hand liftable items?
To be efficient, you also need to minimise travel distances and improve pick times for order picking. A well designed shelving system will save time and reduce your costs.

Typical Applications

Aisle & Bay Codes Floors
Frames Labels Markers
Racksack Tickets & Much More


The Locators Solution

Through years of working in warehouses we have developed experience of the best layout for locations, the best formats for accurate scanning and ease of use and the best materials for durability and removing if required to leave a clean surface ready for a new label. We can install the labels with the build or fit them to existing equipment.

Why Locators?

We have been designing all types of storage systems for over 30 years and we have the experience to make your warehouse more efficient and productive. We have a proven track record for facilitating growth by providing improved capacity and efficiency.

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