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Warehouse Shelving


🟪 | Clothing inventory storage
🟪 | Food product organisation
🟪 | Small parts management
🟪 | Consumer goods display
🟪 | Archive document filing

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Feature Specification
Clothing Inventory Storage Optimises space for various garment types
Food Product Organisation Ensures easy access and proper ventilation
Small Parts Management Facilitates quick retrieval and sorting
Consumer Goods Display Enhances visibility and accessibility
Archive Document Filing Provides secure and orderly storage



Transform Your Warehouse Efficiency with Specialist Shelving

Revolutionise storage with our tailored warehouse shelving that simplifies operations and enhances productivity.

When it comes to warehousing, every minute counts, and every square metre matters. That’s why at Locators, we focus on delivering shelving solutions that do more than hold items — they revolutionise the way you work. Our designs prioritise accessibility and efficiency. They enable your team to locate and retrieve items swiftly, reducing downtime and boosting throughput. This direct approach to smart storage sets us apart and elevates your operational capability.

Tailoring our systems to your warehouse environment means we address your challenges head-on. Do you manage a multitude of small parts or bulky goods? If so, our adjustable shelving solutions can ensure optimal organisation and safety. The correct setup prevents clutter, uses space well, and keeps employees safe. This trifecta makes your warehouse safer and more productive.

When you choose Locators’ warehouse shelving systems, you’re making a key decision for your business. It’s not just about investing in metal and hardware; it’s about committing to smoother operations and cost savings. Our systems don’t just improve layout and organisation. They speed up picking, enhancing inventory management, and cutting operating costs. Give your workforce the tools to succeed and witness your business grow. Soon, it will become far more efficient, making your customers happier.

Experience superior space management and quicker access with our expertly engineered and uniquely designed shelving units.



The Benefits of Warehouse Shelving

Boost efficiency and streamline your operations with our cutting-edge warehouse shelving solutions.


    1. Increased Storage Capacity

      Warehouse shelving optimises your space, allowing more inventory to be stored neatly. This means you can hold more stock on-site, ensuring a quicker response to demand without expanding your footprint.

    2. Enhanced Efficiency

      Efficient shelving reduces the time it takes for your staff to find and retrieve items. Streamlined operations mean faster order processing and a boost in daily productivity — which translates directly to happier customers.

    3. Improved Safety

      Well-organised warehouse shelving minimises risks associated with overstocking and disorganisation. Stable, robust shelving prevents accidents, making your warehouse safer for your team to operate.

    4. Scalability

      As your business grows, your storage needs will evolve. Warehouse shelving can be easily adjusted and expanded to meet changing demands. So you can ensure your infrastructure grows seamlessly with your business.

    5. Cost Effectiveness

      Investing in quality warehouse shelving reduces the need for frequent replacements due to damage. It also reduces lost time and enhances inventory control, lowering overall operational costs.



Optimise Your Space with Professional Warehouse Shelving

Unlock the full potential of your storage space with our expert warehouse shelving services.

At Locators, we understand that effective warehouse management starts with optimal shelving. We focus on making the most of space. Our comprehensive approach to storage maximises space while ensuring efficiency and safety. Here’s how we can help you transform your warehouse into a highly functional asset.



We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your storage needs and challenges. Our experts analyse your space and workflow. We’ll propose the most effective shelving solutions tailored to your requirements.


Custom Design

Based on our assessment, our team will design a bespoke shelving layout that maximises every inch of your warehouse. Our designs consider both current needs and future growth. We’ll ensure the longevity and adaptability of the installations.



Our skilled technicians handle all aspects of the installation. Our team will ensure your new shelving is set up quickly and correctly with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We focus on safety and efficiency, adhering to the highest industry standards.


Ongoing Support

Even after installation, we’re still here to help. We can give you support and advice to help you maintain the best function of your shelves. Our team is always ready to assist with adjustments or expansions as your business evolves.


Partner with Locators for your warehouse shelving needs, and choose a path to a more organised, efficient, and safe warehouse. We are dedicated to helping you maximise the possible use of your space. Our input won’t only enhance your operations but also improve your profitability. Let us help you take the next step in optimising your warehouse efficiency.

Experience streamlined warehouse operations with top-tier shelving designed for your needs.



Warehouse Shelving FAQs

Have a question about warehouse shelving? You may find your answer below.


1. What types of warehouse shelving are available?


We offer many types of shelving, such as pallet racking, longspan shelving, and mobile shelving systems. Each type is made for different load sizes and operational needs.

2. How can I determine the best shelving solution for my warehouse?


Our team conducts an on-site evaluation to understand your requirements and workflow. This ensures that the recommended shelving maximises space and enhances operational efficiency.

3. Are there customisable options for shelving?


Absolutely! We can tailor our shelving in size, capacity, and layout to meet the unique needs of your storage area and provide a truly custom solution.

4. How long does the installation take?


Installation times can vary based on the complexity and scale of your shelving system. However, we focus on efficient processes to minimise disruption to your operations.

5. What ongoing support do you offer post-installation?


We provide comprehensive aftercare. This includes maintenance checks and options to change your shelves as your business grows or needs change.

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