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1st 4 Thirst

1st 4 Thirst began over a decade ago with a clear purpose — to quench the thirst of discerning companies across East England and London. Yet, they are more than just a water company. Their mission isn’t just to provide high-standard, flexible refreshment solutions. They also endeavour to maintain a low environmental impact through their sustainable practices.

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Here’s what we provided 1st 4 Thirst

🟪 | Toyota Tonero
🟪 | External Pallet Racking

Locators understood the growth vision and needs of 1st 4 Thirst. By analysing their operations, we recognised they needed a reliable material handling solution. Consequently, we provided the Toyota Tonero counterbalance truck. Known for its supreme versatility and performance, this solution allowed 1st 4 Thirst to progress. Now, they can easily manage their ever-increasing workload and deliver their promises promptly.

We also provided external pallet racking to maximise the client’s external space. By improving product accessibility and inventory management, they can now store more products. Having streamlined its processes 1st 4 Thirst can maintain its high-quality customer services. At Locators, we’re proud to have partnered with 1st 4 Thirst in their growth journey. Our team look forward to supporting them in their continued pursuit of operational excellence.

IC Counterbalance Truck

We provided 1st 4 Thirst with a Toyota Tonero counterbalance truck. This forklift is renowned for its robust performance, safety features, and eco-efficiency.

Its versatility made it ideal for 1st 4 Thirst’s varied operational needs.


The Toyota Tonero counterbalance truck enhances productivity through its exceptional load-handling capabilities. Its ergonomic design and ease of operation allow operators to manoeuvre with precision. Its safety not only minimises downtime, but it’s also fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. These qualities align with 1st 4 Thirst’s commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint. The result was an improved workflow, leading to more efficient operations and better customer service.

Toyota tonero range

Toyota Tonero range

The Toyota Tonero range is available with torque convertor or hydrostatic transmission, in engine or diesel.

Load capacity

8.0 Ton

Max lift height

7.0 m

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Adjustable pallet racking (APR) is a low-cost system with a modular design that can store different sized goods.

External Pallet Racking

For optimum use of space, we supplied 1st 4 Thirst with external pallet racking. This provided a robust, scalable storage solution.

It enabled the client to manage their growing inventory effectively.


Our external pallet racking system offers a flexible storage solution tailored to their specific needs. It is designed for outdoor use and can withstand weather changes, so 1st 4 Thirst’s products are well-protected. By increasing their storage capacity, we enabled the company to handle larger volumes of products. It will have a knock-on effect on improving their supply chain and ability to meet customer demands quickly. Implementing this system not only improved their operational efficiency. It also underscored their commitment to providing high-quality service to their customers. As the pallet racking is easy to assemble and reconfigure, it gives the flexibility needed for 1st 4 Thirst’s evolving needs. Such malleability can help them remain competitive in their dynamic business environment.