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Action Pumps

is a leading UK pump distributor with a focus on Commercial Building Services projects. They offer completely bespoke pumping solutions utilising some of the most respected pump manufacturers. This way, they can ensure your liquids and fluids always flow smoothly.

Here’s what we provided Action Pumps:

Toyota Forklift 8FGF25 — with full cab and heater

Toyota 8FGF25 is a forklift model produced by Toyota Industries Corporation. It is a medium-duty forklift, suitable for use in warehouses, distribution centers, and other material handling applications. The 8FGF25 has a maximum lift capacity of 2500 kg, and is equipped with a 4-cylinder gas engine that provides power and reliability. It has a compact design, with a turning radius of just 2.1 meters, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The forklift is equipped with a hydraulic lift system that allows for smooth and precise control of the load, and has a top travel speed of up to 15 km/h. It also features a durable and comfortable operator’s cabin, with controls that are easy to reach and use. Overall, the Toyota 8FGF25 is a versatile and reliable choice for handling medium-duty loads in a variety of settings.

From consultation to arrival, Locators supplied this truck within two weeks.


Action Pumps is a nationwide specialist provider of professional and tailored solutions that meet and look after all pumping requirements. Eager to increase their workflow, they sought to replace their existing truck — so they contacted Locators.

The 8FGF25 has a powerful engine and can easily handle the heavy loads that Action Pumps frequently lift in its warehouse. The truck is also very manoeuvrable, making it easy for operators to navigate tight spaces and corners.