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Alltrista Plastics’ extensive manufacturing capabilities help design innovations the world needs now. From the first spark of an idea, through the design of the mould, to the actual manufactured product, they create superior solutions. Alltrista Plastics integrate material science, machine, and automation manufacturing technologies for top results.
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Here’s what we provided:

The Aisle-Master is a forklift truck for narrow aisle storage facilities. It is characterised by its compact design and the ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces. This makes it ideal for use in warehouses and other storage facilities with limited space. The Aisle-Master typically features a compact design with a compact turning radius. This allows it to navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces with ease. It is generally powered by a battery, making it a quiet and environmentally friendly option for indoor use. Its over-articulation allows the operator to reach and retrieve pallets from high shelves easily. This makes it an efficient solution for storage and retrieval operations.

The Aisle-Master forklift truck is designed for use in indoor storage facilities

Having worked with us for 22 years, Alltrista Plastics sought to upgrade its Aisle-Master. Upon receiving the model, their team was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the refurbishment. The team was under the impression that they had received a brand-new truck, such was the standard of refurbishment. The new model, with its over-articulation, made operating in narrow aisles easier. It has since helped improve their overall efficiency. These facilities often have limited floor space and narrow aisles. As such, it makes it challenging to manoeuvre traditional forklifts. However, the compact design of the Aisle-Master allows it to operate effectively in these environments. It’s a great machine that enables you to store and retrieve goods and materials efficiently. The Aisle-Master can also be used in outdoor storage yards where space is limited, as it is equipped to handle a variety of terrains and conditions.

Aisle Master 20SE


48v articulated truck.

Load Capacity

1.5-3.0 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

15 m